Episode-2267- Akiva Silver on Tree Crops

Akiva Silver has a background in wilderness survival and nature awareness. He holds a deep appreciation for wildlife and trees. Akiva runs Twisted Tree Farm, 20 acres of diverse orchards and a nursery.

The nursery provides Akiva and his family of 5 with their full income. He believes in the trees that he raises so much that he sees them as a path forward for humanity and all of the ecosystems surrounding us.

Akiva joins us to discuss tree crops as an incredible path forward on multiple levels.   Akiva says that, “by understanding how we can partner with the plant world, we can stabilize and build soils, increase wildlife populations, feed ourselves, manage the carbon cycle, and provide ourselves with abundant income.”

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5 Responses to Episode-2267- Akiva Silver on Tree Crops

  1. Your conversation with Sir Silver really hit me in the heart.  I will will definitely be this mans customer and hope to get both his book and training as a goal.

    • Modern Survival

      Just a quick note on that, Akiva mentioned to me by follow up email that he won’t post this years inventory till September, when he does I will do a blog post letting ya’ll know.

      • That’s great! I was checking out his offerings and was bummed out when nearly everything was sold out. But I stayed to read his articles, they are filled with great info.

  2. Evelyn Mitchell

    So freaking awesome! Thank you, Jack, for having this guy on your podcast. I will have to listen a few more times but there were so many gold nuggets of information and knowledge, that I am excited to start collecting nuts today. Okay next month but this is wonderful.

    I live in the Ozarks and I’m very curious to see what trees are indigenous to this area and interact with them. Maybe even increase their number and the awareness of their benefit.

  3. What a great interview! I’m about an hour from Akiva; his nursery is well worth the drive for anyone close enough, especially for the Nut Bonanza event in the fall.

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