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timerEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Prime Wire & Cable Timer.  This is my favorite stye of timer to extend lighting for my animals or simply to have outdoor lights on until a set time after sundown.

Look I am a smart guy but one piece of tech that has always made me miserable are automatic timers.  They just seem needlessly complicated for some reason.  That is why I love this style of timer, it is dead simple.  Say you want your lights to come on at dusk and remain on for 4 hours, then shut off.

Okay plug this timer into the outlet, now plug in the device you want to run and turn it on.  Now push the set button, the device turns on.  Push it again, a light will show next to the 2hr mark, push again it shows up next to the 4 hour mark, stop.  In a few seconds the device will shut off that’s it!

And you can set the timer for anything from 2 to 12 hours or simply from “dusk till dawn”.  We use these for our ducks to extend laying in winter, I just set up two flood lights and say well if we are getting 8 hours of light and I want twelve okay, that is 4 extra hours.

Like most things I recommend, this one just works, and always works and is easy to use.  It is also frankly cheap, under 14 bucks with free shipping.  And yea it isn’t time yet but these are THE BEST for Christmas lights, no jacking around with dials, and times, just push a button, select your duration and walk away.

The ONLY downside is if your outlet loses power you do have to reset the timer.  Of course it only takes a second but if the outlet is part of a circuit with say a wall switch, you do have to remember to do it.

We also use these for exterior lighting, simply set up some outdoor lights and when you come home after dark you have a nice lit up front to your house, but the timer never forgets to turn them off later in the evening.  This can be simple, take a nice string of LED Christmas Lights (white of course so you don’t look like an idiot in June) and put them along the eave of a front or back porch.  Plug in a timer and you are good to go.

This way you always have enough light to see, it keeps would be burgles thinking well, someone is likely home and if you can work a staple gun, a button and plug in a extension cord you qualify to do this installation.

So check out the Prime Wire & Cable Timer and get the most basic form of automation helping out at your homestead.

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4 Responses to Prime Wire & Cable Timer – Item of the Day

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I noticed this item of the day was for $13.84 on Jack’s link provided. When I searched for this term “Prime Wire & Cable TNOLED02 2-Outlet LED Countdown Pigtail” two listings popped up and showed one for $13.84 and the other for $5.65. I purchased the $5.65 one, right after purchase I refreshed the link and it showed there was only 5 left and the price now was for $22.51 (the other link stilled showed a price of $13.84)! I’ve never seen this kind of automatic inventory pricing before on Amazon…maybe Jack knows how this is handled, but if you watch the links the price might drop back to below $6 for budget-minded individuals. Have a great weekend all! 🙂

    • Modern Survival

      Steven Harris mentioned this before but many items are not Amazon items on Amazon. You can sell your stuff on Amazon, it is called FBA, fulfilled by Amazon.

      Sellers have items in inventory at Amazon warehouses and Amazon charges them a set amount to handle everything. Over time they get reviews, top listing in Amazon search results, etc. BUT if they sell out, as in go to zero they lose it all and have to start over. So when inventory get low they often jack up the price. They will keep going until when they have one item left the item is so stupid high no one will buy it. They keep it there till they get new inventory in. Keep in mind sometimes inventory is on a ship coming from China, Taiwan, etc.

  2. Jack, do you still get credit if the item purchased is a FBA item?