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SPECIAL NOTE – These are in fact to this day the BEST and I mean BEST shears I have ever found.  Sadly they are no longer made.  I now recommend Fiskars 7-Inch Take-Apart Shears for kitchen use.  They are also very good shears, I leave this page up in hope that one day RedYetiWare will bring these back.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is one of my favorite kitchen tools, RedYetiWare Kitchen Shears.  I kid you not that I went though almost a half dozen different shears to find the ultimate pair.  What I believe I have found is once again the best value to price ratio.

In this case though it is balanced to the value side, as these are better quality than items costing 2-4 times more.  Frankly I don’t even understand how an item this good sells for only 12.75.  They only have 8 reviews on Amazon but 100% are 5 stars.

There are a few things I require of shears if they are to be used in my kitchen.  They are power, quality steel, micro serrated and you must be able to take them apart.  Oh and as they must be able to come apart, they should also stay the hell together when being used.

Here is a break down of each area of concern…

  • Power – I want something that will remove the back bone of a large chicken or duck without working hard, these do that brilliantly.
  • Quality Steel – These are made of 2CR14 stainless steel.  This is not something a custom knife maker is going to use but for the application it is great steel.  I judge them on performance and so far they get an A+.  I have been using them a long time, they hold sharpness well, and 2CR14 seem to be a good quality steel for this level of tool.
  • Micro Serration – One blade of these is a strait edge the other has micro serrations.  This is why they are good at cutting though bones, joints, cartridge.
  • Take Apart – This is critical, if I am going to take apart raw chicken one day and cut salad vegetables the next, you must be able to 100% clean every part of it.  Take down shears are also easier to sharpen.  And critically these don’t accidentally come apart while using them, which I have seen very expensive shears do.

One great thing about the take apart feature, is that the part that retains the blades can be adjusted.  It simply has a small “acorn nut” on it, that can be loosened and reset then re-tightened.  I have never had to do this, but it is clear that you can.

They are also great for butchering quail.  Though I have gone to a new method I call “the dove hunter method” that requires no tools at all.  That said for those of you that butcher quail with shears, you will love the job these do.

Kitchen shears are a great tool, they are great for cutting herbs in the garden as well.  Here is the biggest endorsement I can give them, since I featured them in my “Pepper Kitchen Tools” episode, several hundred of you guys have purchased them, and none of you, not a single one has sent me a single complaint.

Once you get a good set of shears in your kitchen you will find they make a lot of tasks faster and quicker.  If you are in the market for some, check out, RedYetiWare Kitchen Shears and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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P.S. – Yes these have a bottle opener and a fish scaler on them and it says they can crack nuts.  Don’t buy them for that, such things are best done with tools specifically designed for the task.  I really don’t like “all in one” tools because they never excel at all their tasks.  However, these excel at being shears, so that is what I recommend them for.

14 Responses to RedYetiWare Kitchen Shears – Item of the Day

  1. Buy the quail egg scissors at the same time and save 8% on both.

  2. BTW that end-grain bamboo cutting board is now on sale for 39.99 on Amazon~~since I looked at it when you talked about it I got a pop up…$30 off is a great deal thanks!

  3. Loved mine. I use it outside more than in for trimming cuttings for my propagation bed.

  4. Hey Jack- just a thought, but it would be nice to have all your Amazon items of the day available to browse through in one spot (you may already have this and I just missed it)

  5. Michael Sparks

    Are they powerful enough to spatchcock a turkey?

  6. these look great, need a new set of kitchen shears i don’t have to be double jointed to get my fingers out of.

  7. A while back, like about last year, Jack mentioned these useful gizmos. (Like maybe November of last year, maybe?)
    I purchased two pair and gave one to my brother. He appreciates them and was kind enough not to try and get my pair as well, he likes them that much, and I plain, flat out find this is a great kitchen tool at about the best pricing point I can find.
    Thanks Jack.

  8. I bought these when you first announced them because the ones I always had broke. These are the shit!!!!

  9. Hey Jack,

    Item of the day? Fish descaler? Any thoughts, recommendations? Particularly, looking for dealing with blue gills.

    • Modern Survival

      Jason ask and you shall receive, I will put out a IOTD just for you on this request. Short answer though it is this one

      If you want the best when it comes to fish ask the Japanese. Simple, cheap and it works, scale them under water to avoid flying scales.

  10. I purchased 2 pair of these from Jack’s recommendation. I love them!

  11. Sold out. I’ve been meaning to purchase these for a while. My last pair rusted and didn’t separate. When Jack mentions something you better jump on it fast or they might sell out.