Hoosier Hill Farms Gourmet Paprika – Item of the Day

paprikaEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Hoosier Hill Farms Gourmet Paprika.  Eventually I will be posting all my favorite spices, seasoning and herbs.  Why?  First they are consumables, meaning you use them over and over and in this case often.  Two they are expensive in small quantities, the way most people buy them.  Three, they are incredibly easy to store in bulk.

In this case much like my favorite peppercorns, when you buy in bulk you get top quality and pay a lot less.  Try this next time you are at a grocery, find a good quality paprika in a 2-4 ounce bottle and work out the price per pound.

So how do I store bulk herbs, usually I put them in half pint jars then put them in my Vaccucanner.  I keep a jar in the cabinet and when it is empty I just refill it and order new stuff when I am down to say two jars left.  In this case though, I just put the big bottle up in the less accessed part of my kitchen pantry and keep a jar in my spice cabinet.

Why, first it stores for a long time with no real effort and no loss in quality.  Easily over a year.  Leading to the second reason, we use this stuff in almost every spice we mix up using our coffee grinder method, we use it as garnish, we use a LOT of it, hence a pound will never make it a year here.  So no need for longer term measures.

I find it interesting that many preppers have tons of food stored and often go to heroic measures to make it storable.  Yet herbs and spices can pretty much just be put in something airtight and store for years and yet they don’t buy in bulk or keep any storage of them.  I always say eat what you store and store what  you eat, well herbs and spices fit that perfectly.

And the best part, this is great paprika, it has 195 reviews at the time of this posting, and is 4.5 stars over all.  And yet it is only 13.99 on Amazon Prime.    I highly suggest every prepper build up a good spice and seasoning storage rotation.  I have worked out that buying high quality in bulk vs. high or even low quality in small amounts saves us about 10 dollars on average per pound in most spices and herbs, etc.  With even 10 herbs or spices you use a lot and go though on an annual basis that is 100 dollars back in your pocket.

So give Hoosier Hill Farms Gourmet Paprika a try next time you place an order on Amazon and really consider getting my highly recommend Tillicherry Black Pepper Corns too.

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