Lanchez Dirty Water Submersible Pump – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Lanchez Q450B82V Submersible Dirty Water Pump.  I have run a few different pumps in my aquaponics and aquatics system and this one is by far the best.   First it is only 1/2 hp and yet it throws easily as much water as the previous low end 1 hp pumps we were using.

For the power it offers it is reasonably low draw.  While the manufacture does not provide the watts draw, the pump runs at 115V @60hz drawing 3.92 amps.  I ran a calculation rating the power factor at .5 (50% to be conservative) and came up with a draw of 390 watts which is again conservative, and I would say not bad for the water this thing moves.

How much water you ask, 3696 gallons an hour at 5 feet of lift which is about what I am running the two I am running right now, I have to throttle the one in my pond system back quite a bit.  The aquaponics system is running 16 discharge points with the furthest at 60 feet from the pump and it all runs like a clock.  Again with just a 1/2 hp pump!

Here are the gallons per hour are different lift heights…
I am just gonna say it, moving over 1000 GPH at 25 feet is pretty damn impressive.  This pump is well built, I have been running my oldest one now since February 24/7/365 and it is humming along like the day I installed it.  And man these things are quiet!

I absolutely love the integrated float valve and find the style of it to be much better than the detached riser style of many other pumps.

Rather than use the enclosed hose adapter I use a 1.5″ slip & thread PVC adapter, my main systems run on 1″ delivery pipes so I simply use a 1×1.5 bushing in the adapter and everything fits like it was designed to work together.  My second favorite pump is still the Danner 02660, it is a great pump but the Lanchez is like 3 times better and costs 8 bucks less!

Oh and of course you will need a separate float switch for the Danner.  The only reason I am running the Danner in my Timber Frame Pond is I already had it and it works, going forward I am standardizing 100% on the Lanchez Q450.

Oh and lets not forget the actual intended purpose of this pump, as a sump pump for things like a basement to prevent flooding.  If I had a basement, this pump would be in it!

So if you are building a new system of any of your aquatic/aquaponic systems, need an upgrade, or just need a great sump pump check out the Lanchez Q450B82V Submersible Dirty Water Pump today.  I have been testing out various pumps now for 4 years, and this is the best value I have found.

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4 Responses to Lanchez Dirty Water Submersible Pump – Item of the Day

  1. By throttling back, do you think it would affect the longevity of the pump or would it treat it like a higher elevation push?

    • Modern Survival

      Understand that I mean throttle back the flow, if anything it may shorten it because it ups pressure. I am actually going to plumb in some stuff this weekend to vent the extra pressure and create oxygen in the system.

      In the aquaponics system it is so large it isn’t an issue. In the ponds the newly installed one was done in an almost emergency, so I still have some plumbing to do. Remember agitation of water is always a good thing for a system.

  2. Thanks for this. We live in Houston and I wish we had one of these under our house right now!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had picked up a sump pump in the past, based on you recommendations Jack. Here it is in action following Houston flood.

    My home under construction on a new pier and beam didn’t have the underground drained hooked up yet and left a pool of water under my house.

    Game camera of flood