Nebo 6350 Larry Work Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Nebo 6350 Larry Work Light.  I have to say this is one of  the most unique ways I have ever come to learn about a product.

I received an email from a guy that said he found one of these up in a drop ceiling doing some work at a customers building.  Given it was long abandoned with dead batteries he took it home.  Found that it took 3 AAA batteries and popped a set in, his first thought were “man this thing is bright”, his second thought was I wonder how much they cost.  A simple web search led him to find this amazing little light is only about 8 bucks.  He then emailed me about it.

I ordered two, and now I will be ordering more.  This little thing is just slick, super light weight and fits in a shirt pocket easily enough.  The base is flat so it will stand up on any flat surface and the clip has a magnet so it will both stick to metal or you can hang it on anything convenient in the area.

Many years ago (like in the mid 90s) I did a lot of cabling work in buildings for computer systems, I can tell you exactly why this thing was up in a ceiling, it would be GOLDEN for work like that!

How bright is this thing, try 170 lumens with only three measly AAA batteries.  To really get how bright that is see the video below.

One note, for some reason the description of this light says it is made with aluminum and that the base is magnetic.  There are definitely errors there.  The body is a good quality plastic and the magnet is in the clip not the base.  I checked and there are other colors of this light on Amazon, there are also like 4 packs of various colors.  None of those listings have these errors.

So why am I linking to the one with errors?  First because I do believe it is an error not a deception.  I have learned that this light is very well known in the electronics and computer world so I doubt they are trying to trick anyone.

The bigger reason is because this one is the BEST PRICE I can find, that is why.  The price on this is 8.53 with free shipping.  All the other single listings are over 9 bucks.  So this is simply the best deal.

Well unless you want 4?  Pretty close to the same price but you can get a 4 pack in 4 different colors 32.99 with free shipping, which is 8.24  piece.  So the 4 pack would save you $1.13 on four.  Not huge but a buck is a buck and likely you are going to want 4 of these things, I think they should be in every tool box, tackle box, range box and glove box personally.

So whether you just want to pick up 1 or 2 for 8.53 a piece, or you want to get a 4 Pack for 32.99 check out the Nebo 6350 Larry Work Light, it deserves a place in your kit and on your homestead.

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13 Responses to Nebo 6350 Larry Work Light – Item of the Day

  1. I believe the description of the alum body and mag base is miss placed. Nebo also sells one that is aluminum and has a mag base its called the little larry.
    I own 2 of them and they rock for automotive work.

  2. These are also great for sticking (magnetic base model) on your work bench. I have a piece of metal from an older TV wall-mount that I placed on my work bench. It’s great when soldering to provide focused light on my electronics. I also use it on my drill press and various bench-top sanders. Highly recommended.

  3. I have the same design. We have them stuck next to the back door and next to the beds. They’re used almost every day. Very convenient, especially since they can be clipped to your shirt to leave your hands free.

  4. How many hours of use do you get from a standard set of AAAs? Looks like a great light, might even consider the Big Larry since it uses AAs like everything else I have for preps…

  5. The link is taking me to one that’s over $9

  6. 10-4, I see that now. The price on 4 is still good. Wally World also has them for 8.94 no tax, free shipping…

  7. I recently got the 4 pack. They are fantastic. One for my travel bag and one for each vehicle. I need another set for the house, my UTV and bug out bags. We’ll maybe I need 2 more sets, lol.

  8. I bought the 4-pack and they are awesome; BBQing late, cars, camping. They stand, clip, rest on their side – just a great broad range light.

  9. Hah, I do alot of wiring work in drop ceilings. Tools left up there are fair game.

  10. Warren’t these lamps first made famous by ‘Larry the LookOut’.

  11. I bought one of these in a hardware store one day because it was named “Larry” (my name). It’s a great little light with a better-than-average design. I have maybe half a dozen of the standard little 1-inch diameter tube lights because they are just SO cheap, and I use them mostly. But this is actually the better product.

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