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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Matiz Gallego Sardines and you can get them in  a 2 count pack or if you want the best value get a 12 count pack for only 33.99 which is only 2.83 a can.  Oh dear friends the reasons these items are being featured are many, let us take a look at a few.

First I try to feature items not just of good quality but stuff I use, and I eat these a few times a week.  Due to the fact that I like them and that they are a good source of Omega 3 fats, which the average person is largely deficient in.  I eat them strait from the can, wrapped in lettuce with yogurt cheese, on Flax Crackers or as part of a lunch time salad.

Secondly lets talk about those Omega 3s.  Sardines and herring are about the best source of them on the planet.  Because these small fish are very low in the food chain.  So while fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon are great for Omega 3, they also carry a fair load of mercury and other toxins.   Not enough to never eat, you body can deal with some exposure to toxins, it it couldn’t’ we would all be dead.  But you need to eat something like this about 3-4 times a week for a good omega 3 vs 6 balance and you should not rely on large ocean predator fish that often.

Third is quality.  I am a sardine connoisseur, I love the little guys!  So I scoured the net for others reviewing sardines and one name constantly was at the top of most lists, Matiz.  When I tried them I found out why.  These are not your cheapo sardines that would be better as cat food.  There are only 3 to a can, because they are beautiful plump little guys!  Yes gutted and deheaded but skin and bones on as good sardines have.  Mild smelling compared to other sardines, caught in the waters off northern Spain and Portugal, where the best of the best come from.

Fourth, no junk!  No extra preservatives, no garbage, Here is the entire list of ingredients, sardines, olive oil, sea salt.  Fantastic.  Never and I mean never buy sardines with mustard sauce, soy bean oil, etc.  Packed in their own oils and olive oil is best, just like these guys.

Fifth this is a perfect prepper storage product!  Think about where preppers struggle to keep a good storage up.  That would be high quality fats and meats, with nutrient dense caloric yield.  Well the ones that just came in have an expiration date of 2023!  You know I say eat what you store and store what you eat, well with this even if you only eat them a few times a month, that is no problem.  In each can you get 228 calories, 130 in high quality fats and 98 from one of the best sources of protein on the planet.

So why not give Matiz Gallego Sardines a shot?  Pick up a 2 count pack to give them a try or if you know you like sardines get the 12 count pack and save a bunch of money.

Do let me caution, these are the best sardines I have ever eaten but they are still canned sardines.  They are not magical, they don’t taste like chicken, they taste like small ocean fish.  So if you in general do not like sardines at all, you likely will not like these either.  However if you “sort of like them”, this may change your entire sardine world.  Far less fishy tasting, more clean smelling, nice firm flesh and man they go good with a bit of avocado.

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P.S. – I brought these around again today because of one of my favorite new YouTube personalities.  His name is Alex the French Guy and Patrick of MT Knives introduced me to him.  I was binging his channel and found these two videos on cooking with sardines.

You guys know me I love to cook so I am now playing with variations of his ideas and I am even playing with doing an eel style sushi with sardines, it was kind of like a duh moment for me as I saw some of the other stuff he was doing.

And can you even imagine frying a sardine out of a can!  I thought the guy was nuts until I saw what he did with it.  Again as prepper one thing we struggle to store in quantity in high quality is fat and protein and especially in long term shelf stable things that fit store what you eat and eat what you store.

Well, the French Guy just blew up the options for using sardines for that purpose, so check it out and give it a try.  You can do it with any sardine of course but again Matiz has become my go to with a quality that nothing else touches.





14 Responses to Matiz Gallego Sardines – Item of the Day

  1. Can you tag this as a TSP Amazon Item of the day. It makes searching for birthday presents easy. Thanks.

  2. I tried these after hearing you recommend them on an earlier show and they’re great!
    I got the 5-pack and so far I tried them just plain out of the can to test them out and also substituted them for salmon in some salmon patties.
    It’s a great deal for a quick healthy snack

  3. Makes me wonder about Freshwater Sardine Aquaculture?

  4. James Stevens

    These are on point as far as sardines go, Jack is not overselling. The best part for me is that I don’t get the typical office complaints when I eat them at lunch because the smell is subdued compared to the stuff off the grocery store shelf.

  5. The last good sardines I have eaten was the possum brand. I am ordering some of these. Can’t wait to try them.

  6. Same ‘item of the day’ as 8/10/16, but hey, if they’re that good, then why not give them another go around with the audience.

    Not sure if you care or not, Jack, but thought I’d mention it.

    • Modern Survival

      At this point 1-2 items a week sometimes three are encore items. You can always tell just by looking at the URL.

      Given I only recommend items I own, have purchased or at least personally used, there is a limit to how many items I can post.

      Quality and integrity over quantity.

  7. I’d like to also recommend the Season brand of sardines and mackerel which can be found out Costco and Wal-mart for less than $2/can depending on when you buy them. They are also packed in olive oil. Delicious and a little less costly. They go on sale at Costco for $7/6 pack a couple of times a year. I stock up for the year. Great recommendation.

  8. Bought these and love them. Thanks jack!

  9. Does not appear that the 25 pack link works, it links to the 5 pack. Search of Amazon doesn’t find a 25 pack option.

  10. Duncan MacDuff

    Sardine Pizzas
    This is a recipe that I grew up with and it comes from my mother who learned it from a lady in California many years ago. My mother also once served this to a lady that did not like sardines (not allergic, just did not like them). The lady thought that they were delicious.
    2 english muffins
    ~2 TBS ketchup
    1 can sardines (4 sardines / 3.75 oz can)
    4 slices cheddar cheese
    Take and split the english muffins and coat each half with a layer of ketchup. Take a sardine and split it (it will naturally spit down the back) and lay the two halves on the ketchup. Cover each with a slice of cheese and broil at 350 deg F until cheese is melted. Serves up to 4.
    Notes: The ketchup and cheese can be replaced with the sauce and cheese of your choice. Some cans of sardines have just two large sections that fill the can, you can just split each section as above.
    I have found that if you empty the sardines into a small bowl and mash them with the oil / juice from the can and then divide the mash into four parts, it is less messy as you do not have to handle the fish with your hands.
    Both myself and my brother have found relief from joint stiffness and pain from consuming the cold fish oils found in the sardines. My brother and I use the entire contents of the can, both fish and oil.

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