Gerber Dime Multi-Tool – TSP Item of the Day — 11 Comments

  1. If I lost my EDC multi-tool, I would cry. I did cry once when TSA confiscated it, but I got a good deal on a replacement on eBay from a seller named TSASurplusGuy

  2. I need a new one. Mine got confiscated by TSA because I forgot to go through my purse.

  3. Jack, could you suggest some good storage containers for things like flour or sugar? I’m experimenting more in the kitchen and would like to start buying larger (50#?) bags. I’ll need something for long term and something I can get into regularly to refill my supply in the kitchen. Thanks!

    • Honestly we use ball jars and dry can them. We also don’t use a ton of either so we don’t store that much.

  4. Great gadget, combine lots of useful tool. And what I love most about it is its size and portable function, easy to take it with you everywhere. Thank you so much for your information, this gadget is exactly what I want to find.

  5. I would like to hear a show on EDC items. Like what is all on your key ring. Also, how to carry Batman’s utility belt while I am dressed business casual at work, when traveling through an airport as well as the rest of the time with normal wear.

  6. For years I carried a Gerber Clutch Mini Tool, as an IT guy, the screwdrivers were extremely useful. I broke a few of them, usually squeezing the pliers too hard until they sprung. I was disappointed when I found that they had discontinued it, but somewhat relieved when I found it re-branded as the Bear Grylls Compact Multi Tool. Replacing the nail file with a serrated saw is a somewhat useful upgrade.

    If I had known about the Dime at the time I would have gone with it.

  7. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of Gerber knives and tools, but I bought one of these on your recommendation. I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised. The little bugger is heavier than expected and appears to be very well made. I especially like the spring loaded pliers and the blister pack opener is fantastic!  My only gripe is that the one I bought is purple, but that is only because I couldn’t justify spending five bucks more for black or one of the other colors.  lol

    Thanks Jack!

  8. My favorite tool on the Dime is the box cutter. It is great for cutting packing tape, with a small cutting surface that won’t go too deep. But it really shines on blister packaging. The tough plastic vacuum-formed packages in which toys (and stuff from harbor freight!) are usually packed.  This tool lets you carve whatever path you like in that material. A regular knife would make you bleed. Not this. Love it!

    A word of caution, though. The pliers can’t take much force. Mine bent.