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  1. This is funny. I bought this exact set on Friday from Amazon. I’m using to to cold brew black tea (Orange Pekoe) at work.

  2. I only use a french press. Everytime I go to somebody elses house like my wife’s parents that use a dripper, I’m completely baffled by their choice in coffee making. So much so, I don’t take them seriously.

    Combine it with an electric water kettle and the best coffee is made from start to finish in 10 minutes.

  3. I use my French press several times a week because the coffee tastes slightly better, and I want to reduce my electric bill. This looks like a better product than I am using now, so I’ll keep it in mind as a replacement.

    • Yes sir. A great prep too. In fact, it was on Ken Jensen’s podcast where I first heard of a French Press. And it was Ken’s podcast that ultimately lead me to TSP 2 yrs ago. He’s a good guy, but, no one compares to Jack.

  4. The bergamot in Earl Grey tea comes from an orange tree (Citrus bergamia) that is grown commercially in Calabria, Italy.
    I don’t know how or why other plants are also called Bergamot, but they won’t give you the same flavor as that Italian orange.

    • Well shit if you don’t learn something every day the day is wasted, so thanks, I removed the inaccurate info from the post above.

      As to why it is called Bergamot, brew some English black tea, with a bit of fresh bee balm, and it will become quite clear.

  5. If you don’t want to use electricity, make cowboy coffee:

    Put pot to boil on campfire or wood stove

    Add coffee

    Boil 4 minutes

    Pour cold water all over the top of the water to drop the grounds to the bottom

    Pour and enjoy!

  6. I’ve been using a French Press for years and agree with the group, wholeheartedly, it makes the best coffee and tea. I’m a fan of stainless for the durability and have a Frieling. While a bit pricey, I’m pretty sure I’ll be passing it down to one of my sons one day. Just watch out if you drop it on a tile floor. Instead of having to purchase a new one like Jack, I damn near broke a toe and had to scamper to the alarm panel, because it triggered a glass break sensor.

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