Globe Electric 48W 360° Work Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Item of the day is the Globe Electric 48W 360° Work Light.  I LOVE THESE LIGHTS.  Really I do.  For a long time like many I used typical stand based directional work lights like these for this need.  They do work, they are bight but in many ways they suck.

I mean these lights are fine if you are in a shop and point them under the hood of a car, at a work bench or something like that.  But for ambient light in a work area they are kind of useless.  They only really light up the area you point them at and worse when you turn around, they blind you.

I found the Globe Electric Work Light when my buddy David brought two of them over for one of our workshops.  We try to provide lighting between the outbuildings so people don’t break their necks, so they can wash their evening dishes, etc.  Until I found these we would attempt to elevate the directional lights, etc.  It worked but it was not very good.

We got these and two of them basically turn the area into a well lit work area, and that is outside with no reflection.  In a shop building they provide awesome light.

But think about the prepper applications, one of these fully lights 2-3 rooms if you are talking open concept, say kitchen, dining and living area, certainly well enough to get around, not stub your toe etc in a black out, and it does it all on 48 watts.  So it will run a LONG time on a few deep cycle batteries in a back up system.

And when I had a farm hand working for me in the short hours of winter I called it his “slave light” much to his bemusement.  Because we would just run an extension cord to the area he was working in and it was plenty of light to unload trucks, mulch garden beds, etc.

Oh and one more thing for this little multi-tasker, they are great for when you need to get more light into shooting a video.

For 99 bucks these are simply the best damn work light I have ever found.  If you go night fishing and have battery back up or an inverter man these things are amazing for that as well as lighting up a camping area.  And yea they attract bugs at night, so all the bugs go to the light and you are 25 feet away from them!

Personally I don’t know why more companies don’t embrace this format.  These are not 100% perfect but they are damn good and I still have one I stole from David over three years ago and it still works as good as the day I um, “acquired it”.

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P.S. – Don’t feel sorry for David, he has emptied my good liquor cabinet of more than enough to cover the 99 bucks.  As evidence of that I present this!  That was a 30 year old tawny port, looted while I was on vacation.  Yea and he also ran off with about 8 pounds of my dry sausage and jerky and fed it to himself and his dog in Alaska!  True story.  We all need more friends like this.



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