Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight – Item of the Day

streamliteEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Pen Flashlight.  This is my EDC light, sure there are better and far more expensive tac lights, but the beauty of this light is multifold.

First it uses standard AAA batteries.  Not some special form factor that is hard to find.  In our home we have good quality AA and AAA batteries on hand at all times along with enloop rechargeable batteries in both sizes.

Second it is cheap, as in under 20 bucks on Prime, I keep one in my night stand with my bigger lights, so when I misplace my EDC one or more likely give it away, I have a second one to replace it with.

Third it is rugged, if you check the Amazon reviews you will see one guy lost his for a year, found it buried in mud and leaves and after a year it still worked.

Fourth it is strong enough to use as a defensive too, basically as a small kubaton.  You have to know the techniques for that to be effect but it works quite well.

Long time listeners will tell you that I have been recommending this little light for over 5 years now, and until I find a better value, I will continue to do so.  I believe in having what you need in the best quality possible with the highest value to that quality.

The other thing I believe is EDC means EVERY DAY CARRY, it isn’t MDC, or SDC, most or some day carry.  This little light is so thin and just slides in a pocket to the rear and sits there, you forget you have it on you at times.  That means you will carry it and that means you will have it when you need it.

In short the Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Pen Flashlight is a winner and it makes a great gift.  I have bought at least a dozen over the years, carried them all and eventually given them to listeners and I am sure all of those are still in service.

The only down sides are first the finish will wear off in time especially if you carry it with keys, a knife, etc.  But for the price to you really care?  The other is the little canvas holster.  While well built I find it useless!

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8 Responses to Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight – Item of the Day

  1. These are awesome! I’ve used one in an industrial maintenance environment for over five years and the light is dependable, rugged and compact.

  2. Matt from Flashback Farms

    I have two of these little lights and I never even know it’s in my pocket. When you need a quick light it’s always there. For the money it’s good times!

  3. I carry one daily in my lab coat at work. Its far brighter than the medical lights (oto/opthalmascope) provided in the rooms and helps me see clearer in the hectic ER environment. We aren’t permitted to carry defensive weapons in the ER – but this is just a light 😉

  4. I have used this for a couple of years since you talked about it on another show. Great little light and so compact. I have many others but carry this one most of the time. I work nights and use this every night. Great battery life too.

  5. These lights are great! I used mine for three years when I went back to bending wrenches, and now use it as a low-power option on duty with the police dept. As if Jack’s recommendation isn’t enough, I too fully recommend it!

  6. I have the double A version but really considering getting the Triple A.

  7. I bought this flashlight love it

  8. Every flashlight with an end switch that I’ve had that I kept in my pants pocket goes dead before I can use it.  The problem is, the switch gets inadvertently toggled on.  Anyone have a better experience with this item?

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