Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder – Spice Grinder – Item of the Day

coffeeEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder.  And yes it does a bang up job grinding coffee and occasionally I grind up some Mai Thai Coffee and drop it in my french press, but that is not my primary use for this tool.

To me this is the greatest ever dried vegetables and spice/herb grinder you can get your hands on for under 20 bucks.  In fact for Prime members this awesome tool is just 18.56 with free shipping.

I use this grinder to make hot pepper powders.  Garlic and onion powder from a store?  Never I buy dried onions and dried minced garlic in large quantities, I then make up powders as I need them in small quantities.  Just smell fresh made garlic or onion powder and you will see why.

I whip up my own spice mixes like this one which is a great go to rub for almost any meat but especially chicken on the grill.

  • About a table spoon of each
    • Thyme
    • Dried garlic
    • Dried onion
    • Mustard Seed
    • Fennel Seed
    • Chili Powder
    • Dehydrated Celery (yea that is a secret)
    • Cumin
    • Tellicherry Black Pepper Corns (another secret)
    • Kosher or Sea Salt
  • Then about 3 table spoons of paprika
  • About 2 table spoons of parsley

This is all done by estimate by the way, not with spoons but you can do that if you want to.  This is a go to rub for poultry and fast grilled pork.  I just whipped up some for my buddy David to go on quail.  You can see that here.  The best thing with small pieces like quail, cut up chicken etc, is to put it in a large bowl and toss till well coated then grill.

Anyway it is unlimited what you can do, did you see the celery above, we always have it on hand, grinding it gives you the same type of punch as celery seed but it sure costs less and it is more versatile.  You guys that grow 15 different hot peppers can go mad scientist with pepper blends.

The Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder is also equipped with what they call a “Chamber Maid Cleaning System”.  This little device you spin with your finger and it helps get out all the stuff hiding on the edges.  For actual cleaning though, the bowl is water tight!  Fill it just below the max fill line with water (don’t get the base wet), put the lid on, pulse for a few moments, dump it out, set it upside down to dry, DONE!

Lastly I bought my first one of these before I even started TSP, it lasted until this year, when I stupidly tried to grind oyster shell with it!  So I got a new one, and I have found its limits, no rocks or shells, LOL.  Trust me no kitchen specifically no prepper kitchen should be without this tool.

This item has 1900 plus reviews and 76% are 4 or 5 star.  If you read the negative reviews they seem to be either coffee snobs that want a 18 dollar grinder to grind with the precision of a 500 dollar tool, or people to dim to get the cord out of the storage space on the bottom.  Friends you can’t fix stupid but you can fix up some amazing rubs and powders with this fool proof tool

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12 Responses to Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder – Spice Grinder – Item of the Day

  1. Flashback Farms

    I own this Grinder and can say whew doggy! It’s the best one I’ve ever used. Simple, easy to use and just works.

  2. Another use for a good coffee grinder: I was baking once and found out i didn’t have any powdered sugar… So… Just put regular suger in the grinder and made my own powdered sugar… Beats having to run out to town just because you forgot one ingredient. LOL

    • Modern Survival

      Great point, another use I discussed on air today is making panko breadcrumbs into fine panko breadcrumbs.

  3. That’s funny cause i just ordered that grinder the other day to try out.

  4. I grind enough flax seed for a month, and keep it in a container in my pantry. Then I sprinkle 2 tsp of it on my yogurt in the morning. Flax seed is a natural anti-oxident and it tastes like almonds, sort of.

    Alex Shrugged

    • I originally got a coffee grinder for the same purpose. I use the ground flax seed on oatmeal as well. Now I use the grinder to make rubs. My 11 yr old daughter has taken a liking to making the rubs now as well. Mainly because she gets to run the spice grinder.

  5. I bought one of these grinders used at salvation army, and I LOVE it! I don’t need 2 grinders any more. If I want to grind spices,I just take the cup and lid off and run them through the dish washer, then I do the same before I make coffee in it again. My girlfriend’s little brother used it to grind his “smokable herbs” and even that came right out in the wash.

  6. Has anyone tried grinding up cinnamon with it?

  7. ObiwanKentucky

    Since someone has already asked about stick cinnamon, I’m going to ask about nutmeg… 😀
    Might be smarter to just grate nutmeg especially since it’s rarely used in large quantities, but has anyone made the attempt at grinding nutmeg in these grinders?