WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Item of the day are the WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters they also make WINOMO AA to Size C Battery Adapters if you need those.

I did quite a bit of research to find a set of these I could recommend.  There are lots of options but most got very low grades at for fake reviews.  These got an A.

The reason to recommend this type of adapter is simple.  Thanks to Steven Harris I think the most common back up power solution among this audience are AA Enloop Batteries and the Powerex Smart Charger to go with them.

With those and a simple 800 Watt Inverter and a few cans or reserve gasoline for your vehicle you have an almost unlimited supply of AA or AAA battery power.  You can also charge all your smart devices over and over and even run your fridge for a few hours a day to keep your food fresh.  Not to mention run a fan to keep cool.

Now I keep a good supply of D and C batteries on hand especially since I am a big fan of both C Cell and D Cell Maglites.  However if the power is going to be off for a while it makes sense to conserve those as much as possible.

That is where the WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters come in.  Just pop two double As in each one and you have D cell power in a rechargeable format.  The reason Steven and I both recommend standardizing on AA and AAAs is two fold.  First they are the most common batteries in devices for your home, so you can use them day to day in everything from head lamps to remote controls.

The second is rechargeable Cs and Ds generally don’t perform well and don’t make a great deal of financial sense.  This is where the WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters come in.  While they do not have the capacity of a full D cell it just doesn’t matter because if you are set up correctly you can recharge AAs until the power comes back on or the apocalypse comes, which ever comes first.

The big thing is adding this functionality to your back up power kit is stupid cheap.  How about 8.49 with free shipping for 8 of them?  Depending on how many D Cell Devices you have you may want to pick up two sets.  This is cheap insurance given they are about a dollar a piece, the first time you use them they will pay for themselves.

While you are at it why not pick up some additional AA Enloop Batteries as well.  Along with the Powerex Smart Charger and a 800 Watt Inverter they are an incredible bang for your buck in back up power assurance.  So check out the WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters today and add major flexibility to your black out kit.

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One Response to WINOMO AA to Size D Battery Adapters – Item of the Day

  1. Brent Eamer

    I have that PowerEx Smart Charger model. After about five years it died. So I emailed the company with the serial #, and even though it was out of warranty by a long shot, they promptly sent me a new one free, including shipping. These are great for my AccuLoop 10,000mah D cells. Great company