Litom 8 LED Solar Wireless Security Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Litom 8 LED Solar Wireless Security Lights.   I previously reviewed the 20 LED version and promised a follow up of its little brother.  Well here it is, these are excellent and very much a half sized version of the larger light, with one big difference.

The key difference is where as the 20 LED version is powered by a single 18650 Lithium Ion Battery the 8 LED version is powered by a single 14500 Lithium Ion Battery which has a capacity of 800mAh 3.7V.  Clearly running less light requires less battery so this makes sense.  In any even with the super efficiency of LEDs this is plenty of light.

Fully charged I got 8 hours out of them in steady on high mode.  They got though the night fully on low power mode and frankly I use them on motion sensor mode only, and that is the main thing I want out of them anyway and it makes the most sense to me.

As previously mentioned I ordered 4 of them and put them around my duck pen on the fence on the western side where we had most issues with predators approaching.  The entire east side is covered by the 20 LED version for our benefit during evening and night visits.

I have now had them working for about two weeks and no issues.  They will definitely deter predators as none like light suddenly on them.  They also paid off a few days ago when my young farm hand screwed up one of his tasks (yet again) and grounded out our electric fence wires.  The lights made the fault easy to find and even easier to correct.

Since the first time I reviewed these lights I have installed 4 more of them around my garden pond, I have them set to full power mode and always on once darkness comes.  They do a fantastic job of setting a great mood at the pond and attract bugs for the fish to eat.  I have been outside as late as 4am and noticed they were still on.  So far with 12 deployed only one has had its battery go bad, which is impressive for no name batteries.

The other difference is the price, as they are smaller they cost less.  Where as the 20 LED ones are 34.99 for a two pack the smaller 8 LED model is 46.99 for a four pack, just a bit over half the price.  They are also available in units of one if you only need one or two.

They both work exactly the same with three modes…

  1.  Steady On Dim – The lights come on at dark at about half power (200ish lumens), they will last 6-8 hours of steady on before draining the batteries.  Of course as a solar light that will be based on how well they charge the day before.  In this setting they are plenty bright to see where you are going.  They also switch to bight mode when they sense motion.
  2. Steady On Bright – The lights come on at dark at full power (440 lumens), they will last 4-6 hours of steady on before draining the batteries.  Of course once again as a solar light that will be based on how well they charge the day before.  In this setting they are very bright for a solar powered light.
  3. Motion Sensor Mode – The lights will charge during the day and come on at night when they detect motion.  The manufacturer says they will detect motion up to 26 feet away.  My testing confirms this, of course how high you mount them, what is in the way, etc. will effect this distance.  This is my preferred mode and with the power the batteries hold you will never have a dead light unless the batteries have given up the ghost and need replacing.

So which is right for your needs.  Well the little ones are damn bright but the light only carries so far.  They are best for areas where you just need to see what is going on, or for use as security and predator protection devices.

The 20 LED models are as you would expect twice as bright, so I have one at our front gate to the property, and one at the front of the house.  And two by the pool to light that area and the area at the main gate to the duck pen.  The 8 LEDs would be fine in the second area but for our gate and where we unload our vehicles I would stick to the 20s.

Litom also makes a huge 54 LED Model that I am sure is very bright and based on their other products I am sure it works well, it just seems a bit of an eyesore in the day time to me?  But if you need a lot of light check it out.

Otherwise if you just want to light up some areas with motion lights and want maximum bang for your buck with out sacrificing quality check out the Litom 8 LED Solar Wireless Security Lights today.

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13 Responses to Litom 8 LED Solar Wireless Security Light – Item of the Day

  1. Since these lights use 18650’s and 14500’s lithium ion batteries, these have the Steven Harris Seal of Approval. If the batteries were no replaceable, they’d live for about 5 years and then be trash. But since the batteries can be replaced in them over and over and the 18650’s and 14500’s are the future of batteries they will be around for decades and thus so you light will continue to work. Steve

    • Modern Survival

      Thanks for your input Steve the majority of the lights that look just like these are using double As, they were all a no go for me. You might want to give these a shot if you have any need for them, they are impressive with their output.

  2. Thanks for both the reviews! I would like to use these smaller ones for predators in my chicken pen. Do you know the sensitivity of the sensors? How small of a predator would set them off?

  3. Sean in Florida

    Hey Jack, I bought the 24 LED variant of this after one of the prior recommendations. I live in the Tampa Bay area and just a note that this stayed put through hurricane Irma with just the two sided 3M tape holding it in place. Have no concerns with mounting these with just the tape. It took seconds to mount and has stayed put through the storm.

  4. I’m going to be buying some of these for my driveway and by my walk out basement. We had some random asshole wandering around our backyard. After the police confronted him, he was “looking for directions”. I think I also need a “You’re not lost, you’re trespassing” sign.

    • You are NOT trespassing unless it can be shown you saw a sign that says NO Trespassing and understands what it meant. You were not staggering drunk or illiterate etc…. then when you are told you are trespassing, they must have the ability to immediately leave. When the police show up, they have to catch the person on the property. If you tell the cops, you told him to go, that he was trespassing they can arrest him for ‘defiant trespassing.’ Usually what they will do is tell the guy to again, leave, and if does not leave then they hook him up.

      • Modern Survival

        Just want to add to what SteveH said about not trespassing unless there is a sign, I don’t know about every state but that doesn’t work here in Texas.

        Now in a driveway in a suburb as described, it does.  But once you put up a fence a fence is considered a no trespass sign, even a fence that is easy to get over, around, under, etc.

        If it is fenced you stay the hell off it in Texas or you risk arrest, getting bit by a dogs, getting your ass beat or getting shot, possibly all of the above.

  5. I bought a few of these and they work very nicely. I was a bit worried about having them on the northern (shady) side of the house, so I put some of the first ones there, figuring if they couldn’t do the trick then I would relocate them to the sunnier side(s) and I wouldn’t have spent money on the wrong locations. They’ve been up a couple of weeks and they still “greet” me whenever I stroll around that side of my house at night. I’m buying more!

    • Bear in mind since the start of May we’ve been in the brightest 50 day period of the year with the most northside sun.

      Depending on your lattitude, the real test will be winter

  6. I found a listing for a single 8-led for only $5.99 each with Prime. Cheaper to buy 4 of them individually rather then the 4 pack for $46.99

  7. Another great item is the Indiegogo feature, Lightcam. It’s good for front/back/side porches. I would paste it here but it keeps getting flagged as spam 😀