Litom Solar 20 LED Motion Sensing Security Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Litom Solar 20 LED Security Lights.  I have been looking for a solar powered motion activated security light to recommend for quite awhile.  I definitely wanted to find one using LED lights as well for power efficiency. 

The issue is most of what I had checked out up till now has been junk.  I decided to give these ones from Litom a shot.  Litom makes a variety of sizes from small 8 LED ones up to really big ones with 54 LEDs.  I choose the 20 LED model for a balance of size and brightness.  Please note that while all of Litom’s products seem to have good reviews and the reviews check out as trustworthy at, I have only personally used the 20 LED models so far, so that is all I can 100% vouch for.

There are two ares of my property I am lighting up with these, one is out front by my gate and the area where we pull our vehicles in to unload after dark at times.  We have a really great porch light you can just leave on that comes out at dark with a sensor, but it is still dark out where we pull our vehicles in and the walk way to the house can be pretty dark too.  That area gets the two I bought to test them out.

I just ordered a second set to light up the area around my pool deck, that is the pathway out to the duck holding area.  We often have to go out there after dark and these will make that a bit safer and more convenient.

I am also planning to trial the 8 LED ones because they are more cost effective and add them as an additional security measure for my ducks by placing them around their holding area pointed into the field where our foxes usually approach from.  While the electric fence has worked well this seems like cheap additional insurance.  While predators often get desensitized to steady light, a light that comes on when they approach sets off their danger signals.

These lights have three modes, my test set works well in all of them.  They are…

  1.  Steady On Dim – The lights come on at dark at about half power (200ish lumens), they will last 6-8 hours of steady on before draining the batteries.  Of course as a solar light that will be based on how well they charge the day before.  In this setting they are plenty bright to see where you are going.  They also switch to bight mode when they sense motion.
  2. Steady On Bright – The lights come on at dark at full power (440 lumens), they will last 4-6 hours of steady on before draining the batteries.  Of course once again as a solar light that will be based on how well they charge the day before.  In this setting they are very bright for a solar powered light.
  3. Motion Sensor Mode – The lights will charge during the day and come on at night when they detect motion.  The manufacturer says they will detect motion up to 26 feet away.  My testing confirms this, of course how high you mount them, what is in the way, etc. will effect this distance.  This is my preferred mode and with the power the batteries hold you will never have a dead light unless the batteries have given up the ghost and need replacing.

On the batteries, a few reviewers report having their lights installed for over a year and that they are still working well and have not required any maintenance.  One reason for this is instead of being powered by double or tripple A’s as most such lights are, these are powered by a single 18650 Lithium Ion Battery.  If they ever need replacing or you simply need 18650s for any use, these are the best ones I have ever found, you will pay more for them but again they are the best far and away from anything else I have tried.  They are the Eastshine E35U.

Let’s talk about where these lights don’t make sense and that is basically anywhere in full shade all day long.  For instance I would love to put them on my back porch, several in fact in the walk way to the garage, but they just won’t work well there because it is fully shaded all day.

Other wise I feel these lights do double duty, they provide lighting so you can see what you are doing and an added measure of security.  It isn’t just foxes that don’t like lights coming on when they are on the prowl, two legged rats tend to not like them either.  So check out the Litom Solar 20 LED Security Lights today and save yourself from tripping over that bike your kid left out and keep your place more secure at the same time.

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8 Responses to Litom Solar 20 LED Motion Sensing Security Light – Item of the Day

  1. Any RFI issues with these lights? That seems to be an issue with cheap LED’s.

  2. Curious what Steven Harris thinks about using these lights with the no-name brand (read cheap) 18650 battery mounted right on your house? Care to comment Steve?

  3. lasttexascowboy

    I have been looking into buying solar lights for two dark spots outside my house. After the good review I decided to purchase them. I first charged the batteries with my charger before installing the lights. I installed them yesterday afternoon and put them on setting 3 for it to only come on when it senses motion. When I came out to get into my car this morning (5am dark in SETX) they came on from well over 20ft. Very bright and made it easy to see. I am satisfied so far.

    • That’s good to hear. Why did you charge them? Does it suggest that you do so? It seems that letting them charge via solar would give a realistic test of the light ability. Just wondering.

  4. lasttexascowboy

    @ Zach, The reason I did so was because I didn’t know the state of the battery and I wanted them to work for when I went out to leave for work the next morning. I mounted them in the afternoon and they didn’t get any solar charge at that point. Still working as intended by the way.

  5. Good timing, Jack. We’ve had a couple of incidents of car break-ins recently in the area ( that as people who don’t lock their cars and kids rifle through them). I was able to install a hard wired motion light in the back of the house, but really didn’t want something like that in the front. Wiring was an issue as well. A couple of these should do the trick.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts.

  6. I bought these some time ago when they were featured. I wanted them for chicken tractors in the yard to hopeful discourage night time predators. They work so slick I’m thinking of adding several more around the home and farm.

  7. I put these in my garden area to scare away deer.  I forget they are there and the scare me when they come on and I’m around 30′ away.  So far I like them.