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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Garrett Juice Plus.  I realized that while Garrett Juice is part of my 4 part primary fertility program I have never reviewed it individually.

First right up front I will tell you that you don’t have to buy Garrett Juice, Howard Garrett (aka The Dirt Doctor) publishes the recipe to make it yourself right on his site.  In fact for many years he didn’t even have a commercial product available.  Eventually he realized that not everyone has all day to garden and some of us would be happy to pay 30-40 bucks for a gallon of his stuff.

It may seem expensive but one gallon of concentrate makes 64 gallons of spray.  Consider if you wanted to spray an acre you would use 35 gallons and for the home gardener buying it pre made starts to make a ton of sense.

Over the years I developed my own approach to this, you can see I have zero brand loyalty here, each of the four products is from a different company, why, I found the best of each category.  The four products are…

I also want to be totally upfront about something.  Garrett Juice being shipped by the liquid gallon makes it cost more online then it does in a local store.  So if they sell it where you live, in local stores (Lowes and some garden stores carry it in my area) you may be better off getting this item locally.

So how do I use Garrett Juice?  I spray everything with it, my trees, my plants, etc.  I also add garlic pepper tea when I spray it often to help with pets.  I do a soil drench in my garden beds with it twice a year as well.  If you saw some of the videos of this last season you know my plants blow and go like crazy on this regime.

There is another great use for this stuff and I have confirmed it to be as simple as this.  Get some orange oil, add two ounces to a gallon of water with two ounces of Garrett Juice and you have fire ant killer.  There used to be a product called Antifuego that you could by for this, but due to the cost of shipping they no longer ship.  So now Garrett Juice plus some orange oil does the same thing.

The way you use it is put 2 oz of Garrett Juice (I use the plain version for this to save money and buy it locally) and 2 oz of orange oil into a gallon of water, and slowly soak mounds, this will melt all the ants and queens and you should have a dead mound in a day.  We have tons of fire ants here, this has been a God send in controlling them.

Okay so there are three levels of Garrett Juice, so what is the difference…

  • Garrett Juice – Is made with compost tea, apple cider vinegar, molasses and liquid seaweed.
  • Garrett Juice Plus – Is made with all of the above plus liquid fish emulsion.
  • Garrett Juice Pro – Is made with everything above plus beneficial soil organisms that are alive.  Hence it has a maximum shelf life of 18 months, but I try to use it up in a year or less for maximum effectiveness.  I do personally have some doubts about the long term viability of the living microorganisms in a sealed liquid product.  Hence I no longer recommend this one.

So give Garrett Juice Plus or Garrett Juice Pro a try today, gardening season is upon us.  For maximum success this year I recommend my full four part fertility regime, and remember out of those four it is quite possible that even though I am linking to Amazon here, you can save money on Garrett Juice by buying it locally, specifically if you want the base formula or the plus, again I can’t seem to find the pro version anywhere around here and Howard lives in Dallas!

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  1. martin bernal

    Is this product OMRI certified?