Jerusalem Artichokes from Yumheart Gardens – Amazon Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. I have been growing Jerusalem Artichokes for over 40 years. I did not realize there were various varieties and suspect what I have been growing would perhaps not do as well in Texas as they do here in Vermont, and vise versa.
    I find them excellent raw or lightly stir fried with other vegetables.

  2. Wow… I just bought and had Jerusalem Artichokes for the first time (well apparently since I was one year of age).

    Cabbage has no claim against Sunchokes. I am not sure how I managed to create that much gas. Seriously, I think it was 12 hours in which every 30 seconds a gaseous release occurred. Though with minimal odor, thank God.

    They were delicious. Both a bite raw was tasty. And fried, they were like potatoes with a hint of ginger and a touch of a garlic.

    Is it evil of me to want to cook this and serve this to a large crowd of people unwittingly during an overnight weekend.

    • I can’t be 100% on this but about the only thing the deer didn’t eat on me in Arkansas was these. The tops are really hairy, not something I figure anything wants to eat. They are a lot like wild form sunflower, they are even in the same family. I figure if a deer does eat them, it must not have much else to chose from. That said depending on how big the issues is the youngest shoots could be a target in the first week or so of growth.

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