Zhijin Telescopic Fishing Pole – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Zhijin Telescopic Fishing Pole.  I have always liked the concept of compact fishing rods.  My favorite high end one is the 6’6″ Browning 4 Piece Safari Rod.  What I have really been looking for though is a smile telescopic rod that isn’t just a piece of crap.

Something you toss in a kit you keep behind a truck seat or in a day pack for those fishing opportunities that just pop up.  A rod that can be ready to go in a moments notice, while the high end Browning travels well it doesn’t really fit this need.

Frankly I just wanted something affordable for those back water creeks like this one, where you have to hike a half mile past little kids and soccer moms and would prefer not to advertise what you are doing, and so on.

There are a few issues I have had with many of the telescopic rods I have tried, you can pretty much sum them up with, they are all crap.  Breaking it down though here are my biggest issues with many rods on the market.

Poor quality materials, they generally feel like a toy and the joints don’t lock up solid.  They have almost no back bone and just won’t stand up to the conditions such rods end up in.  If anything this rod on the other hand is a bit stiff, lots of backbone to spare.

Poor quality reel seat, usually either plastic or aluminum.  They either break or become deformed in time.  They also tend to have crappy retention mechanisms and loosen up while in use.  This one is made of all stainless steel and the retention mechanism has a double ring to avoid loosening up.

Most are also not all that compact, when you collapse them they generally end up being about 2 feet long or longer.  When collapsed the 4’9″ rod I selected is a scant 12 inches in length.  Even the longest versions are only about 14 inches when collapsed.

Now to be clear this isn’t some high end rod I would go after the “fish of a lifetime with”.  The stiffness does give up some sensitivity but it is damn good for the purpose, and at 20 bucks it is a damn good value.   There are quite a few options in length they are….

While the “action” of these rods is not specified, I would say even my dainty 4.9 footer is about like a standard medium action.  I am guessing here but it is likely the 6-7 footers would be about as stiff as a medium heavy action, so again if there is a flaw it is they are a bit stiff for the size of the equipment.  But I would much rather have that issue, then a crappy rod that feels like a toy.

Again the place this rod really shines is when taking vacations where you might get the opportunity to fish.  In your camping gear kit, in a car kit, BOB, etc.  In a compact fishing kit for anything from a park trek, to a day hike, to a long duration kit for travels in the back country.  Most of all for just keeping behind the truck seat for those times when you get the opportunity to fish that you didn’t expect. So consider adding the Zhijin Telescopic Fishing Pole to your fishing kit today.

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P.S. – Check out the video below it really puts into perspective how compact this little rod really is and how well build it is as well.

P.S.S. – The reel in this video is the Pinnacle Tiny Deadbolt, I was at Academy Sports and Outdoors last week and they had this reel on sale for 14.99.  If I knew what great deal that was I would have bought 2 or 3 of them.  They are for sale on Academy’s website for 24.99, so if you have phyical store near you and are interested in it you may want to check into it at a phyical store first.

If you are looking for something on Amazon that would pair well with the smaller versions of this rod, I would check out the Okuma Fishing SPa-10 Safina for the heavier versions the Cardinal SX-40 for solid value to pair with the 5.91-7.87 foot rods.


Zhijin Fishing Pole Review on Youtube


4 Responses to Zhijin Telescopic Fishing Pole – Item of the Day

  1. Hahahaha Jack you are just DYING to go fishing!!!! Same here… Right now I’m stuck on a Victorian Kitchen Garden, and a Wartime Kitchen and Garden marathon.. Finally got all of the DVD’s in the mail from Britain and DC.. Also thanks for the Kingbo recommendation. My second one arrived today.

  2. diggin it. I got the eagle claw pack it telescoping rod had it for years now. you’re right these telescoping rods are great for the side of creeks and shallow off shore lake fishing. Might have to get one of these just so I have another one in the truck.

    • Modern Survival

      Man wait until you see the kit I am putting together with two of these rods in it. Awesome bag I found that even helps you spool line onto a reel. The entire thing is amazing and includes a small 3 foot cast net and a collapsible minnow trap. It is all about the size of a range bag but I went with a purpose built tackle bag (one for the cool line minder feature) but more so no soccer mom calls the FBI about a scary guy with a beard and a black bag in the woods near the park.

      I shit you not this has happened before, and don’t get me started on what happened to Bryan Black and I out at Big Bend Park. http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/back-from-big-bend “Two guys in camo with a big black bag” was the report. Bryan and I were in street clothes, he did have a bag and was dressing a torso mannequin in camo shirts. I was using a very large camera on a tripod. You’d have to me a complete idiot to not understand what we were doing but apparently there were “multiple calls from concerned citizens”.

  3. I don’t fish much, any more (married a man that doesn’t fish?!), but I have a whole sluice of fishing memories with my dad and my uncle. Bait and cast with the best of the boys. I remember my uncle telling me to “think like the worm” – can’t tell you how many hours I sat making little jerks or letting the worm slowly sink to the bottom, trying to put my mind into the mind of a drowning worm. My uncle is long since passed, and to this day, I don’t know if he was teasing a 10 year old girl, or if he was imparting his deepest fishing wisdom to the next generation. Don’t know, but I always out-caught the boys. Hmmm, just might need to buy me a little fishing kit to put behind my truck seat and find me a little creek. Anyway, love hearing you talk about fishing – takes me back 45+ years. If there’s a heaven, maybe my dad and uncle get to fishing every day, now. … oooh, fresh sashimi on the beach… pan fried blue gill with okra fried in bacon fat.