Gunmaster Wood Toolbox – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Gunmaster Wood Toolbox  – with a 17 piece universal gun cleaning kit included.  This is the exact box I own for almost all of my gunsmithing needs.  The basic included kit is just that really basic, but I consider it basically a free add on to the box.

There is a lot to like about this box.  First it is big enough to hold all your cleaning supplies and some additional tools with room to spare.  I keep a can of Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber, Some powder solvent and other stuff in mine along with a a soft face hammer and punch set and the Winchester 51 Piece Gunsmith Driver Kit that I reviewed previously.  In 2017 I will be reviewing all my favorite gun smith and cleaning supplies and this box will be the place to assemble your kit.

Next I really like the gun cradles, man these things are great.  from cleaning a bore, to mounting a scope, they just make everything easier.  It is so much nicer to have a place like this to set your rifle when doing work on it, then to lay it on a table or a floor.

I found this box many years ago, exactly where I could  not remember but last night I was tinkering around with one of my rifles and thought, I wonder if Amazon has this one, I wonder if it is still made, the answer is yes and it is well priced at only 34 dollars, though it is unfortunately not on prime and shipping is about 10 bucks.

Again in 2017 I will be going though my kit on video and adding new items to TSPAZ from it over a say four month period (an item or two a week say) until all the basics are filled in.

I know a lot of this audience are hard core gun owners that have been doing this stuff their entire lives, most you likely have your own favorite stuff and techniques.  But one of the things I am proud about with TSP is how many first time gun owners, or I owed a gun or two but now I have ten and actually shoot them types it has created.

This has resulted in a lot of emails about basic tools, materials and maintenance.  So I figure this project will be like a mini course in basic gun maintenance and upkeep.   In the end my favorite thing about this box is it really does hold enough stuff to deal with 99% of what you need when it comes to your guns.  So when I go to the range and take this along, I know what ever the day brings I will still be shooting at the end of it.

So check out the Gunmaster Wood Toolbox and get your gear together.

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P.S. – You will note some negative reviews about  fit and finish of this box.  Let me say for 35 bucks I don’t know what people expect.  This isn’t a fine work of art, it is simply a utilitarian tool.  I also noticed one guy bitching that the tray was not as pictured, he expected a tray with dividers and such, well that is not what is pictured.  All I can say is I have had mine since before TSP started and it is still working the way it did when I bought it.

Lastly there is one thing I don’t like about it, the bottom drawer doesn’t lock.  90% of the time, I don’t really care and when I go to the range I just put a piece of tape on it, but I will look into a permanent hack with some sort of latch for those of you who want something more “professional” in this regard.


3 Responses to Gunmaster Wood Toolbox – Item of the Day

  1. On the Amazon item it states that the drawer/tray is magnetically held closed. That may have been updated since you purchased yours. Still latches for securing during transport might be desirable.

  2. It’s now on Prime, although the price is up by around five bucks.