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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Frontier Co-op Organic Valerian Root.  Before we continue due to the content below I have to give a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, I don’t even pretend to be one on TV.  While I am a life time user of herbs, I am also not a certified herbalist, nothing I am about to say should be seen is medical or nutritional advice.  It is just my personal experience.

So about two years ago I set out to create a “bed time tea”, my goal was a tea that would set the mind at ease and get you to sleep fast.  I built this tea on valerian root for many reasons.  You can find a wide range of Valerian’s uses at Web MD, chief among them though are insomnia and relaxing muscles and relieving aches and pains.

Now there are a ton of teas out there with Valerian in it, but I like to mix my own teas, simply put buying herbs in bulk saves money and you can make custom blends.  Last week I mentioned in my interview with herbalist Cat Ellis that I had a “night time tea that tasted like gym socks but would knock you flat out” and that resulted in a ton of requests for the recipe.

So I decided to feature Valerian today and give away that recipe, all but two ingredients can be purchased at Amazon, I’ll give a few sources for them in the P.S. below.  Note that the parts below are by volume, not weight…

I make this tea at about 2 heaping tablespoons to the cup, note that this doesn’t taste good.  Frankly it isn’t that bad, I am setting the expectation bar low however, unlike my other teas you are not drinking this one for the flavor.  I do sweeten this one with honey.

I can’t explain this but if you want this tea to work my best results seem to come from going to bed within 30 minutes or less of consuming it. If you wait much longer the effects seem to change to relaxed but alert.  However, if you go strait to bed you generally crash and sleep solid though the night, at least I do.

It also for me seems to increase the vividness of my dreams.  Note that I am a long time student of lucid dreaming and have trained myself to recognize dreams and awaken within them.  This is beyond the scope of this review but there is lots of info online about doing it.   I will talk just a tiny bit about it in today’s on air IOTD segment.

So if you want to give this a try, you can simply mix it up and give it a go, but I will caution that I take no regular medications and I don’t know what interactions these herbs could have with pharmaceuticals.  So please check with your doctor before using these are any herbs if you have any physical conditions or side effects.  Again I am not a doctor or certified herbalist, I am not giving medial advice, I am just telling you my personal experiences.

So check out Frontier Co-op Organic Valerian Root today.

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P.S. – The herb you can’t get on Amazon for some reason is Damiana Leaf.  You can make the tea without it, it will still work.  That said it is a wonderful herb that in my view really enhances this tea.  If you skip the Damiana increase the Valerian to 4 parts to rebalance the recipe a bit.

P.S.S.  Here is a simplified recipe if you just want to give it a try without all the other herbs.  Go with 2 parts of Valerian to 1 part of mint.  This will be a quite sedative tea and aid in falling asleep for many people.  Again I recommend hitting the pillow no more than 30 minutes after consuming it.

10 Responses to Frontier Co-op Organic Valerian Root – Item of the Day

  1. This is a wonderful recipe.  I have been using it for sleep for the last four nights and it does a great job of gently easing me to sleep, getting back to sleep if I was up for any reason, and not leaving me groggy.  I love it.  Thank you so much for publishing it!

  2. How long are you steeping this?  I guessed 10 minutes, because I have some valerian tea bags that the instructions on the box indicate 10 minutes.

  3. Evelyn Mitchell

    What an interesting combination. I was curious why you would put what I thought was just a stimulant in a bed time tea. But upon further reading and knowing the sometimes depressant effects of Valerian personally. I see the wisdom.

    Thank you for broadening my perspective to the subtleties of a long time favorite of mine.

    I was prescribed Damiana for focus and alertness a very long time ago to help me cut back on the anxiety inducing effect of coffee, But still feel alert.

    I use Valerian very sparingly because I am quite sensitive to it’s effects , it literally helped me know how to control my sudden excitement (anger) in all my relationships. I had to discover what my trigger feelings were before they manifest beyond a spark, but once I knew I could use just a third of a capsule to help me back down and regroup. The added benefit was that it mixed well with the adrenaline so I felt mentally sharper, but relaxed.

    I am very excited (in a good way) to try this blend. I don’t get angry as often as I used to so it would be nice to see if this blend can recreate the effect to some degree.

  4. My wife has a hard time sleeping but she is nursing our baby at the moment.  Would there be any concerns using this or would you adjust the recipe for mothers who are nursing?

    • Modern Survival

      You need to ask a qualified herbalist about that, it is beyond my expertise though my gut is it will be okay. But I don’t trust my gut on stuff like this and neither should you.

  5. Why no Chamomile?

    • Add something and dilute or eliminate something else.  More you add the less of any one part per dose and you need enough to have an impact form something or no reason for it to be there.

      These were selected not just as something to help you sleep but make you sleep deep and have vivid dreams.  Chamomile is a pretty good herb to relax with but the others have a better historical use as a sleep aid beyond just falling asleep. But you can try it.

  6. Is it the Valarian that tastes bad?

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