Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Chain Saws – Item of the Day

Special Note – I am running this again today because the corded saw currently has an instant 20 dollar coupon on Amazon, just tick the box to apply it.  That brings the cost down to 107 dollars on the corded saw.  Only 18 are available at the time of this posting.  I think this is a great tool for any prepper and at 107 bucks it is stupid cheap.  Thanks to Derek C. for bringing this to my attention.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is a two fer.  They are the Oregon Cordless Self Sharpening Chain Saw and the Oregon Plug In Electric Self Sharpening Chainsaw.

cordedsawIn the video below I use both saws to cut seasoned live oak.  I can’t emphasize how hard this wood is, it will plumb smoke a drill bit.  I decided to do a seasoned hardwood log rather than a live piece of wood for the video to demonstrate a worst case scenario rather than a best case one.

You will note the plug in saw has a 18 inch vs. 16 inch bar compared to the cordless.  It also has considerably more power as you would expect.  The beauty of the plug in saw is cost, for only 135 dollars you get a self sharpening saw, that simple always works.  The down side is working with an extension cord attached to your saw.  I see this saw as best for bucking in one location or for the small property owner, say and acre or less that just needs a saw they can count on.

cordlesssawThe cordless saw has plenty of power, I really should have cut some green lumber with it to show the difference.  I have dropped, slashed and bucked quite large live oaks with it, say with trunk sizes of 10-12 inches.  It is very light weight compared to a gas saw and even if I am using my gas Husqvarna I still tend to have this with me for limbing and slashing.

The common attributes these saws have that make them wonderful are as follows.

  • Noise – they are much quieter than a gas saw, and they only run while cutting, no constant idle.
  • Self Sharpening – pull a lever and run the saw a few seconds you are back to a seriously sharp chain.
  • Self Breaking Chain – while the plug in is better at this (it is instant see the video) the cordless only lets the chain run for about 1-2 seconds after you let the throttle go.  This way reduces injuries.  Most not all but most chainsaw injuries happen after the throttle is released.
  • No Tool Chain Adjustment – the number one reason your saw will start cutting poorly is the chain gets loose.  With most saws you loosen the cover with a wrench, tension the chain with a flat screw driver, then re-tighten the cover.  With these saws you have two dials, both can be turned by hand and proper chain tension can be restored in a few seconds.

Again while these saws have many advantages over a gas saw, they are not equal to one.  If I had to drop several trees I would reach for my gas saw.  However my little three acre homestead has been very well served by these saws.

They are ideal for small property owners, people that use a saw say a dozen times a year of less, etc.   Franky they are a pleasure to use, the self sharpening feature makes up for having less power then a gas saw.   Sure I can sharpen a chain, but that takes time, and like many time is one of my greatest assets, anything that saves time is valuable to me.

These saws do use special chains, which are sold with the sharpening stone.  I get a lot of use out of one chain though, I cut up a lot of dead stuff, prune a lot of trees and go though about one chain a year.  That isn’t much.

  • Here is the chain/stone set for the plug in 18 inch saw the cost is 36 bucks.  Get it Here.
  • Here it the chain/stone set for the 16 inch cordless saw the cost is 36 bucks.  Get it Here.
  • If you have the first generation of the cordless saw, it has a 14 inch bar.  Get it Here.

Please note that if you have the first generation saw with the 14 inch bar and want to upgrade to the new saw with the tool free chain adjustment (like I did) you can buy the bare tool and use your existing battery and chargers.

In any event if you are in need of a chain saw that will just work, all the time, be easy to maintain and won’t beak the bank or your ear drums, check out either the Oregon Cordless Self Sharpening Chain Saw and the Oregon Plug In Electric Self Sharpening Chainsaw today.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at TspAz.com

P.S. –  Chainsaws are dangerous tools, even modern saws like these with great safety enhancements.  I think anyone using a saw for the first time should take a class or get an experienced person to teach them safe use. 

I have some personal rules I follow.  One is I don’t let anyone near me when I am cutting, if I can touch you with my saw without taking a step you are too close.  I also always make sure to clear two avenues of escape when felling a tree, in case it falls other than were planned.  There is a LOT more, again if you are not experienced do not use these or any such saw without getting some instruction.

I have seen several chain saw injuries and they are really awful injuries!

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  1. Great video on chainsaws. But maybe even more importantly shows the huge difference in work that can be done with 120V wall outlet compared to a DC 40 battery.

    BTW, I have a good friend who got into a chainsaw accident. Cut him across the chest. I have a pic of it, and it’s nasty. Dude is SO lucky to be alive. Chainsaws are no joke.