Epica Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder – Item of the Day

Special Notice – This item is a good Grinder but I only reviewed it because Amazon stopped carrying the Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder which has been my go to coffee/spice grinder for over a decade.  That item is now back in stock and I recommend it above this one, because, well, after using it for so long I just have tremendous confidence in it.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Epica Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder  I am recommending this today because Amazon has done something I hate.  They have stopped carrying a product I love, recommend often and am very satisfied with.  Of course that is the Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder.

As much as I love the old Mr. Coffee Grinder, the Epica is a hell of a solid little machine.  The grinding cup itself is all stainless steel and it is easily removed for pouring and cleaning.  When it comes to power the Epica definitely has more power and can grind more material per run.

And yes it does a bang up job grinding coffee and you bet I grind up some Holler Roast Coffee and drop it in my french press, but that is not my primary use for this tool.

To me this type of grinder is the greatest ever dried vegetables and spice/herb grinder you can get your hands on for under 20 bucks. In fact for Prime members this awesome tool is just 19.95 with free shipping.

I use this type of grinder to make hot pepper powders. Garlic and onion powder from a store? Never I buy dried onions and dried minced garlic in large quantities, I then make up powders as I need them in small quantities. Just smell fresh made garlic or onion powder and you will see why.

I whip up my own spice mixes like this one which is a great go to rub for almost any meat but especially chicken on the grill.

  • About a table spoon of each
    • Thyme
    • Dried garlic
    • Dried onion
    • Mustard Seed
    • Fennel Seed
    • Chili Powder
    • Dehydrated Celery (yea that is a secret)
    • Cumin
    • Tellicherry Black Pepper Corns (another secret)
    • Kosher or Sea Salt
  • Then about 3 table spoons of paprika
  • About 2 table spoons of parsley

This is all done by estimate by the way, not with spoons but you can do that if you want to. This is a go to rub for poultry and fast grilled pork.  Here is some whipped up some for my buddy David to go on quail. You can see that here. The best thing with small pieces like quail, cut up chicken etc, is to put it in a large bowl and toss till well coated then grill.

Anyway it is unlimited what you can do, did you see the celery above, we always have it on hand, grinding it gives you the same type of punch as celery seed but it sure costs less and it is more versatile. You guys that grow 15 different hot peppers can go mad scientist with pepper blends.

This item has 1900 plus reviews and 85% are 4 or 5 star. If you read the negative reviews they seem to be either coffee snobs that want a 18 dollar grinder to grind with the precision of a 500 dollar tool.  The one complaint that is sort of valid is you can burn up this type of grinder if you don’t follow the instructions.

Consider what you have in a grinder like this, you have a very high speed motor, cased in a small tool body, doing a huge amount of work.  What does that give you?  In a single word, heat.  This grinder comes with clear instructions, do not over fill it.  Run it continuously for no more than 20 seconds a pulse and after 60 seconds let the motor cool.

So if you want to grind pounds of coffee at a time this tool is not for you.  Actually a Nutri Ninja works great for that.  But if you follow the instructions you will love this grinder.   And a minute of grinding is plenty to whip up a batch of coffee or a jar of spice rub.  So if you don’t have a coffee/spice grinder check out the Epica Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder.  As long as you use it as directed you will not be disappointed.

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P.S. – I really think if you get this item you will be happy but if I had my way I would still be leading with the Mr. Coffee Grinder.  While part of me feels like the Epica might be better I have used the Mr. Coffee one for years, like over a decade.  I have sold thousands of them on this website and not yet gotten one complaint. It is very hard to replace that kind of confidence.

Mr. Coffee seems to have moved to a new model, you can find it here.  I have not yet used that version and since I do have hands on experience with the Epica for now that is my lead recommendation.

Still at only 13 bucks if you want to save a bit of money and bet on gold old Mr. Coffee it may be worth checking out.  Frankly I may buy one just to put it though its paces.  Remember with Amazon you can always return any items you are not happy with.


3 Responses to Epica Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder – Item of the Day

  1. I bought this same grinder from Amazon back in March 2016. This morning (now 32 months later) it gave up the ghost. Only ever used it to grind coffee beans and rarely some spices. I now need to buy a new coffee grinder. I may or may not buy this same one again. It seems any home coffee grinder I’ve bought only has a couple of years of service life. Still looking for the Vitamix of coffee grinders.

  2. Amazon looks to still be carrying the Mr. Coffee grinder you previously recommended. It’s even an Amazon Choice product, currently selling for $16.59 with Prime. Why do you say they’ve stopped?



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