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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is are Fuel Gas Can Jug Vents.  Now look this is technically something you are not supposed to do, because the government ruined gas cans long ago and this fixes them.  I first caught onto this idea long ago when I saw the video called, “How to Fix a New Gas Can” by Double Survivalists a few years ago.

If you watch the video you will see the modifications he does to make a gas can actually WORK like it is supposed to.  However you will see him use bailing wire and a valve stem for a tire to make the vent.  It does work, I have done it but this solution is BETTER and works like the old cans.

You also have to be careful.  I did a lot of research there are other vent caps being sold that do not have a good design on the ferule that you push though the hole.  Do to that they pop out over and over.  These have a well designed ferule that is tapered to stay in place.

They only have 11 reviews on Amazon but 100% of them are 5 star.  As you may know I suggest people store gas, at minimum 30 gallons per vehicle and ideally at least 60 gallons in 5 gallon cans.  Simply write a number 1-12 on each can and every month dump the corresponding can into a vehicle and refill.  For instance in August dump can 8 into your vehicle and fill it back up.

With this method you never have gas more than a year old.  The issue is the new style cans which are government mandated suck.  They are supposed to be more environmentally friendly but honestly with as much gas as they cause to be spilled they are far from it.  I mean are you truly surprised that the government messed something up yet again.

Now with these caps, a drill and a razor knife your gas cans can actually function properly and be safer for you to use at the same time.  Please watch the video below and then all you do is substitute one of these for the tire valve stem you see in the video.

To install them pick a spot with some thickness on your can, drill a small pilot hole first, then drill it out to 31/64th but a half inch bit will work just fine if you don’t have a 31/64ths.  Pop this in and done.  It is a better solution then the tire valve stem and easier to install to boot.  And frankly they cost less.  So check out these Fuel Gas Can Jug Vents today.

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Video from Double Survivalists called “How to Fix a New Gas Can”.  Note he uses the same numbering system on his cans I recommend.  I was really surprised to see that as I have never heard anyone else recommend it.

5 Responses to Fuel Gas Can Jug Vents – Item of the Day

  1. Thierry Perraut

    They are sold out for now 🙂 Thanks to Jack’s audience no doubt 🙂

  2. This is for 25 units. Is there a smaller option?

  3. Brilliant

  4. This product is fine. Just be careful on the shape of the jug you use it on. With the jugs I used them on, the only reasonable spot to place the vent was still too close to the spout. I could never find a decent angle that provided good flow without spillage. Ultimately went with this jug and am very happy with it. Bonus: it’s already vented. https://www.amazon.com/VP-Racing-Fuels-3512-Motorsport/dp/B003TTV972

  5. I’ve tried twice to use a valve stem.
    Both times the gas broke down the rubber inside the can within a month.
    It split where it went through the can.
    Finely bought the yellow vents.