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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day the Wahl Senior #8501 Professional Clippers.  If you follow me on facebook you know I don’t spend a lot of time trimming my beard.  I tend to let it go until Dorothy tells me I am “starting to look like the crazy guy hiding in the mountains they put on TV once in a while again” and then I trim it up a bit.

So you may imagine that the fact that I have had 3 different consumer level trimmers fail over the last 8 years might be a bit annoying.  I mean what the hell, I use a tool that most would use daily once every say 2 weeks and it can’t survive 5 years?  Really?  Junk!  Fricken junk!

I was lamenting this to my barber during my last hair cut (something I do about once every three months) and she plopped a Wahl Senior into my hands and said, “Just get one of these, they come with all the attachments and feel how sturdy they are.  I use this thing all day, every day, 6 days a week, so do all the others in this shop, I have yet to see one fail”.  My response was, “really so I guess they are like a few hundred bucks or something”.  She said, “no they are like 80-90 dollars, and you will never need to buy another one”.

What?!  WTF!  My last trimmer set was like 60 bucks, I got what I thought was the best and this beast is only 80-90 bucks.  She told me to order the #8501 because it would come with “all the attachments you will ever need and none of the stuff you will never use anyway”.

When I got home I pulled out my laptop and checked Amazon and damn if she wasn’t right (well it is her profession) and I picked up this thing for 86 bucks with free shipping.  I used a #4 attachment and gave the old beard a quick trim, took off the attachment and cleaned up the lines, shaved my neck, etc.  Hit the stubble quickly with my razor and done.

It is a bigger tool than I am used to for this, so it took a bit of use to be confident that I wasn’t going to “Reverse Mohawk” my beard but it works just fine and you get comfortable with it really fast.  About the only thing that really takes a bit of skill is mustache trimming.  But I just hit what I can with the attachment on then pop it off and free hand around the nose holes and lip line.

If you are so inclined and have a qualified member of the household you can certainly do you own haircuts using this tool, it is the main thing my barber uses hers for.  I will stick to my quarterly trip to a pro for that though thanks.

The power of these clippers is impressive, they fricken recoil when you turn them on! So if you are tired of junky consumer level clippers and trimmers and want to make a one time purchase and never worry about such things again check out the Wahl Senior #8501 Professional Clippers.

About the only maintenance you will need to do is routine cleaning and oiling along with popping in a replacement blade once in a while.  My barber says even with daily use a blade should last an individual over 2 years, and with a smirk  that it would last me at least 5.  They are only 20 bucks to replace and it only takes a few seconds to do it.

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One Response to Wahl Senior #8501 Professional Clippers – Item of the Day

  1. So I am going to recommend a different model over Jack’s. I too have a Wahl. I love it. It’s the third one I’ve purchased. Bought the first one, loved it. Church later had a fund raiser for a mission in South America. One of the items needed was hair clippers. Knowing how good these are, I got the same for the mission. Then when my wife left me, I bought a third. It is what I use to trim and shave off my beard. In fact, I often just use this to shave and keep the stubbly look going. I also have been giving myself haircuts with this for four years now.

    But I may buy a fourth…this one.

    Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit with Extended Accessories & cape http://amzn.to/2zgZkwq

    And hairs why (sorry bad pun) I think you should get this one instead of the one Jack links too. My only gripe about my Wahl clippers is that it can be hard to find the right length attachment. Trying to find the 3, they’re all black. And if you’re like me and wear glasses. I usually have them off to cut my hair and shave around the sideburns.

    Well it looks like Wahl didn’t want me to have any complaints. They’ve released a model where the accessories are color coded. So if you like to trim to a certain height, no more digging around searching. Just grab the color. So even though I own one of these great devices. I think I’m buying a second so I can just grab “blue”and go.