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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Etekcity Lasergrip Digital Laser Temperature Gun.  This thing is cool it is basically a very accurate digital thermometer you use by just pointing it at a surface and pulling the trigger.  It emits a small red lazer dot, you put that dot where you want to know the temperature and just like that you know the temp.

So what can you do with that, oh so much.  Here are just a few things you can do with a temp gun.

The other day my buddy and I were working on my new aquaponics system and were wondering how much water the rain tanks were holding off of my barn.  Point this thing at it and look for where the temp falls off, there is your water line.

Cooking something that says to saute at say 220 degrees for your pan temp, how exactly do you get that info, well point, pull the trigger and done.  Same thing with your grill, find those cool and hotter spots on that grill for cooking and moving food to cooler safe spaces.

Want to know how much cooler that area under shade or shade cloth really is, not just the air temperature but the surface temps where say your live stock is living, point and pull and you know.

How about finding either warm or cool micro climates for planting trees, shrubs, etc on your property.  Or how about finding out how successful your micro climates you create on purpose are?  For instance the berms we put in our west pasture are on average 20 degrees cooler than the ground surface of the surrounding area, how do we know, with one of these.

What about finding hot or cold loss areas around your house so you can shore up energy losses.  As we all know the best ROI on energy isn’t solar panels, it is increasing efficiency of what ever system you have for energy.

Do you know how well your AC is working.  Try this take this and point it at your air intake and get a reading.  Let your AC run for a few minutes than take a look at the temps on your ACs output vents.  The difference in temps is the amount of cooling your AC is currently giving you.

Is your wood burning stove hitting a solid 400-600 degrees for a good efficient burn, are you sure, you could be sure you know.

So how many things in the world do this much for under 20 bucks?  Seriously?  One word of advice is measure temps at about 1 foot from the surface for best accuracy.  That is how the unit is calibrated to work best.

So check out the Etekcity Lasergrip Digital Laser Temperature Gun today and let me know your thoughts on other things that it can do in the comments below.

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10 Responses to Etekcity Lasergrip Digital Laser Temperature Gun – Item of the Day

  1. I already have one of these, but enjoyed your post for ideas for how to put it good use. Thanks Jack.

  2. I agree with Charles as he posted above. I love mine, it’s also good for tormenting the cats with the laser.

  3. We are animal lovers. If I see a dog in a car, I use this to make sure it’s not too hot in there for it.

  4. Got a misfire in your engine? Point it at the exhaust manifold where it meets the cylinder head. Repeat for each cylinder and the cool one is your problem plug/wire. Works great!

  5. hydrolic, electrical, cooling systems, and did i say hydrolic troubleshoting. Has saved me literaly days worth of work on heavy equipment. if you dont have one get one worth its weight in gold.

  6. Love mine. I use it all the time. Got it at Costco years ago.

  7. Todd

    $17, first time I saw one of these they were $100 plus. If you wait long enough the price of some things really come down over time, 20 years maybe. LOL

  8. I use mine all the time. I work in a data center and am constantly taking readings at work…and now I use it at home as well. Love it!

  9. Thanks, I bought one and it arrived today.  I’m not yet sure what “useful” things I will do with it. But, I have already mastered annoying my wife with it by doing things like pointing it at the cat’s butt and saying “88 degrees!”  I can also see my driveway is currently 32, and my interior basement foundation is 45, and 170 for the baseboard heating pipes, etc.  Neat!



  10. It’s great to know when that pan you are preheating is up to temp, or how close you are to a target cooking temp. The area it samples is a cone shape so that the closer you are the smaller the area it is reading.

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