Okuma Avenger ABF65 Bait Feeder Reel – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Okuma Avenger ABF65 Bait Feeder Reel.  Until last fall I had never even heard of Okuma Reels.  A friend named Jeff was at our fall event and had two he bartered with on the barter blanket.  Another friend and I both acquired one of them.

These reels are amazing and for the price they are flatly fing amazing!  I have used 200 dollar reels that were no smoother than these are.   As many of you know I am a huge fan of Mitchell Reels and I highly recommend the Mitchell 300 for lighter set ups.   Frankly this reel has me pondering trying a lighter version and comparing it head to head with my beloved Mitchells.

The ABF65 is a substantial reel, designed for larger fish like small to medium sharks in the surf or really big catfish.  I have this one teamed up with an Ugly Stick Big Water Series 11100 9 foot rod, and have several trips to the shore planned with it this year.  Also if I do make good on my threat to buy a boat, I’ll be using this one to target trophy cats.

The feature I really and I mean really love on this reel is called the “bait feeder drag”.  What this allows you to do is use a second drag setting for the reel when your bait is out.  You can set this very light, your line all stays nice on the reel but when a fish takes the bait the line feeds out as it begins its run.  Simply turning the reel a half turn engages your standard drag and the fight is on.

Many bait casting reels have settings similar to this, but this is the first spin caster anyway I have seen that does this.  There may be others but I am not aware of them.   Check out the video below to see exactly how it works.

The Avenger ABF series comes in quite a few sizes, they are outlined in this table.

As mentioned above I am seriously considering ordering a lighter version of this reel and it may very well unseat Mitchell reels as my go to and my family has been using Mitchell reels for long before I was born.    I am going to check with some local stores to see if anyone stocks these.  I would kind of like to hold one rather than ordering it blind so to say.  I like to get a feel for my reels and how they will balance with a rod.

My gut is the ABF30 will be damn close to the Mitchell 300 in size and balance, if I can’t find a local store that stocks them I will just order one and I am sure it will pair nicely with one of my rods.  When I get my hands on a smaller reel I will report back and give its’ own spot as Item of the Day.

That said if you want a reel for bigger fish, this one is amazing.  It also comes with a second spool so that you can have a second one all ready to go.  So if big fish are in your future check out the ABF65 and you could do a lot worse than pairing it up with a Ugly Stick Big Water Series 1100 9 foot rod.

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P.S. – If any of you own a ABF series reel specifically smaller sizes I would love your thoughts  on it, what you have it paired with and would love to see it in a picture with something for scale.



3 Responses to Okuma Avenger ABF65 Bait Feeder Reel – Item of the Day

  1. Jack,

    These reels are very popular among carp fisherman (and therefore more common in the UK than in the US). See here: http://ricarpfishing.blogspot.com/2013/06/setting-up-carp-outfit.html

    Shimano makes a widely available and more expensive model called the baitrunner. AFAIK, Diawa also makes a similar reel. Penn makes one that I think is called a live liner.

    I own an ABF 30 and am happy with it. I will see what I can do to get a picture of it. I do target catfish with it.

  2. I worked for Sports Authority 15 years ago after highschool and we got tons of returns on Penn and Shimano reels, but almost NO returns on Okuma. I picked up a couple of them back then and I have used them for 15 years with no issues whatsoever. I even had a guy come in that found one while diving in salt water, opened it up and lubed it, and it was good as new. I haven’t bought one in over a decade, but they used to come with 2 spools, which was really nice. I spooled one with mono and one with braid.

    Btw, I bought one of those Mason jar fermenting kits you featured the other day. Just got it in and it’s super nice. Can’t wait to use it.

  3. I thought you and David would love those reels. I’m glad to see you’re happy with them.

    I haven’t broke in to the bottle of mead I got from you. The label came off and I don’t remember what it is.

    See you in March – maybe we’ll have some more great deals in the works.