The Gerber EAB Lite – TSP Item of the Day


The Gerber EAB Lite is a Huge Bang for Your Buck as an EDC Tool.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife.  This little guy is one of my absolute favorite little pieces of EDC. 

You may wonder why a guy that carries knives that cost 200-700 dollars would turn around and carry this little 6 dollar tool.  Simple I have no desire to dull and gum up my expensive knives on things like opening boxes with my good knives.  And it is one thing to get tape goo all over your 300 dollar custom it is another to dull it to the extreme cutting up boxes into pieces.

What the Gerber EAB Lite does is ensure you always have a razor sharp blade available because, well, you use razor blades in it.  Now think about this you can get a hundred pack of blades for 11 bucks.  Each blade can be used till dull, then flipped and you use up the other side.  That means with one 100 pack of blades you can flip or change a blade each week and will will have a brand new blade in your knife for almost 4 years!

Long term listeners of TSP know I have recommended this product for almost as long as there has been a TSP.  This little tool sells for about 6 bucks and ships free on Amazon Prime to boot.  I give these away to friends and family all the time.  It is a great way to share prepping in a very soft way.  People see it and are like wow what is that, or you are always prepared.  I just hand it to them, show them how the blade is changed and say, “if you promise to carry it you can have it”.

Important – One little safety tip.  Like most houses we have a “junk drawer” in our kitchen, right near the garbage.  I keep my extra blades and a small screwdriver in that drawer with and old vitamin bottle.

When I change my blade, I drop the old blade into the bottle and cap it.  This way no one will bet hurt handling the garbage.  I would feel awful if Charlie got hurt in one of his weak garbage eating moments.  It also protects us when we take out the trash and hey garbage men are people too right!  Just understand when your blade is “dull” likely parts of it are still sharp and can be dangerous.  Always and I mean always do something to prevent injuries from old blades when discarding them.

Anyway if you don’t already have one give the Gerber EAB Lite a try, for the price you can’t beat it.  And consider picking up a few to give away and perhaps one for each glove box in your vehicles.  I have even used this to skin squirrels and rabbits, with the way I do it, it is all you need.

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12 Responses to The Gerber EAB Lite – TSP Item of the Day

  1. I have this knife. It is worth its weight in gold. It is my cutting tool. Saves the blade on my defensive knife.
    Buy this knife. In fact I will get some as extras.

  2. Great tool/knife. I use this more often than my belt knife.

  3. I have this knife and carry it everyday. In a pinch, you can turn the blade around and have a sharp tip. Also, I put the used blades in an old pill bottle. It has a “childproof” cap so blades are secure and no one gets hurt. I keep the bottle with the extra blades. When I fill one bottle, I toss is and start another.

  4. I 2nd the pill bottle suggestion!
    I also now use a small leather holster for my belt since I’ve lost 2 having this on the edge of my pants pocket. I found it in a used bin at a local leather shop.

  5. I own so many of these. I give them as gifts. They’ve saved my knives from box duty. Aside from my Nitecore MT10A, it’s the thing I use the most.

  6. Kenneth Weaver

    Never would have thought of use as a money clip; thanks Jack. It’s in my work shirt pocket all the time. Just used this morning to cut the top off a jug.

  7. They make a quick change blade version for like a buck more or so, its also on amazon. Might be something for jack to try out and then give a review on!

    here is the amazon link to it

  8. So, I just had a comment about dealing with old blades. I’m diabetic, and as such, I keep a “sharps” container where I put my old needles. I typically use an old lysol wipes can or some such. This is a great place to dump your old razor blades as well. When it gets full, a strip of duct tape across the lid keeps it sealed up well.

  9. These are the best! I started buying them years ago when Jack first started talking about them

  10. I love this little knife.

  11. Kilted Viking

    Great little utility knife!  I bought three and left them in strategic areas in mt car and around the home. I need to order a couple more and add one to my EDC.