AgriTrue is Moving Forward!

AgriTrue - Truth in Agriculture

AgriTrue – Truth in Agriculture

With all the ruckus around the launch of PermaEthos in the past few weeks I haven’t been able to really update you on another very important project, Agritrue.  I asked John Kitsteiner one of my partners at AgriTrue to give us an update.  Here is what he had to say.

We wanted there to be transparency in food production. We were tired of the big agricultural corporations telling us that it doesn’t matter where our food comes from or how it was raised. We wanted it to be easy to find healthy food. We wanted a free-market system that subtly shaped the way food was being produced… away from non-sustainable, destructive farming practices and toward something sustainable, regenerative, and good for our communities. We wanted something that would ensure we would live a better life, if times never got tough, but especially if they did… strong communities thrive when times are good, but they are the places that survive when times get tough.

The problem was that nothing like this existed, so we decided to make it happen.

AgriTrue is how we did it. AgriTrue connects food producers with food consumers. It lets you easily and directly talk to the people who raised your food and find out how they did it. 

AgriTrue has been live for just over 2 months, and we have over a dozen producers, but we want more. We want every food producer in America to be an AgriTrue producer.

This has never been about building an online empire. It is about taking back our food sovereignty. It is about breaking down the barriers that government has put up to “keep us safe” because in doing so, they have destroyed the relationship between the farmers and ranchers and the average person who just wants to eat healthy food. They have taken away an important part of strong communities.

If you want to be an AgriTrue Producer, we have set up very inexpensive pricing for the early adopters:

  • For the first 25 AgriTrue Producers, it is $1 to sign-up for the first year, then it is $30 per year (renewable forever). We only have a few more spots left for $1!
  • For the next 75 AgriTrue Producers (numbers 26-100), it is $5 to sign up for the first year, and then it is $30 per year (renewable forever).
  • For the next 900 AgriTrue Producers (numbers 101-1,000), it is $30 to sign up for the first year, and then it is $30 per year (renewable forever).
  • For any AgriTrue Producer after the first 1,000, it is $50 per year, and they will be subject to yearly prices increases.

If you are a food producer (i.e. farmer or rancher), please go to our Producer Enrollment page to sign up.

If you are not a farmer or rancher, you can still support AgriTrue by becoming a Supporting Member for $14.95 per year. This is also done on the Producer Enrollment page… just check the box after the AgriTrue Pledge.

If you are interested in knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised, then use the search option on our main page to find the AgriTrue Producers in your area. This is free to anyone! You can register with the site if you would like to leave comments and ask questions of the AgriTrue producers.

If there are no AgriTrue Producers in your area, then let all your local farmers and ranchers know about AgriTrue!



27 Responses to AgriTrue is Moving Forward!

  1. John or Jack, once signed up as a producer do you have a resource page where there is access to using the Agri-True logo on our product and website?

  2. Will the permaethos farm be registered under AgriTrue?

  3. Looks like all the $1 options are sold out- I did sign up, though! This looks like a great resource, and I hope it expands and meets up with the permaethos model and perhaps a marketplace? 🙂

  4. I’m having issues getting my existing account merged with a producer account. It wipes all of my data when I “save and go to step 2”. I’d appreciate any helpyou could lend.

    • We’ve had this issue at least once already. Let me talk with our tech team and let you know.

  5. John or Jack, does this apply at all to people who were already registered as producers with AgriTrue before this post? I’m already a registered producer and I’m just curious how this is gonna work for me if at all?

  6. I’m in the same situation as Farley. I had registered as a producer, but never had access to update my information after my original registration. Now the system tells me that my email is already in use and won’t let me create or merge a producer account with my existing account.

    • Christopher,

      This came up early on, and I thought our tech team fixed the access issues. I am investigating the regular sign up vs the producer sign up. I’ll get back to you soon on this.

      • John,

        What I’m wondering is if these discounts or benefits will also apply in anyway to producers who registered with AgriTrue before this or not?

      • Farley – the discounts should have been in place from the onset from day one. If you were charged a higher price, please let me know.


      • John,

        I still can’t get the fact that I’m a producer tied into my account. My username is LibertyCreekFarm and, especially since I’ll begin selling chicken and other products at farmers’ markets in two weeks, I’d really appreciate the help in getting this issue squared away.


        • John,

          I was able to get it squared away, though there was no intuitive way to click on through to update my profile to a producer’s profile. I had to grab the link from this post. I recommend making it a simple “Click here to be an Agritrue Producer!” link on the homepage and in the profile pages. Give me a shout if you need any development design assistance. It’s what I do for a living. Thanks, and please keep the momentum going!


          P.S. Solid interview on Permaculture Voices #25!

  7. I can’t get the search feature to work. I tried chrome and IE. Is there a link to all suppliers on a map?


    • John,

      This likely is because your search radius is not large enough… but really this is because we just don’t have enough producers yet! If you change the search radius to something like 10,000 miles, and then Show Results on a Map, you’ll see all the producers so far together.

  8. Same problem as above

  9. Well done Jack I don’t often leave a comment on here mainly just leave you comments on FB but feel compelled to say how (and I think I speak for all TSP members and listeners) how proud we are of you.
    You are really making a difference in the world what with the open source idea of Permaethos and now this the beginnings of Agri True the idea that was spawned so long ago.
    Well done buddy I cannot afford yet to be a member of TSP I’ve fallen on pretty hard times but am proud to be a member of this awesome community if only just by association.
    Well done Jack 🙂

  10. So happy AgriTrue is active. At present, I live in L.A. but am about to move to a more rural location. I’m unlikely to produce enough to sell to others but I’ll tell everyone I meet, who IS a producer, about AgriTrue.

  11. Thank you John and team for making the site a reality. We appreciate your work to improve the user interface.

  12. Wife and I are growing our production with the goal to sell to the public in maybe a couple years. After testing the market where we live. This will be great once we get to that point. One question: will insecticides ok for use on organic farms be ok for use with this? Just found the groworganic website Jack mentioned and I was surprised by all the insecticides organic certified.

    • Likely, if something is allowed under the certified organic label, it will be allowed. AgriTrue does not allow synthetic insecticides. Obviously, there are many ways to get rid of pests, which I am sure you are already aware of and practicing, from prevention, rotation, barriers, traps, etc. that are typically considered “non-chemical”. There are many things like neem oil, other oils, soaps, etc. that are often considered “chemical” (because in reality everything has a chemical component from the periodic table!), but are still organic and non-synthetic.

  13. You should make up printable cards we could deliver to folks selling at farmers markets, to introduce them to the organization. Unless something like that already exists.

  14. I cannot figure out how to get the producer listing. I already have an account but cannot see any way to get listed as a producer.