Episode-134- Act Now to Protect Your Money and Your Future

Today I felt it was time to ratchet up the sense of urgency in our preparations and economic planning.  There is a lot in play right now and we need to really take a look at where we are headed, how bad things can get.

Tune in today to hear…

  • What profitable companies laying off employees tells us about the future
  • Why “the Wall Street Villain” card is about to be played heavy and why you should ignore it
  • Australia joins the “Bail Out Brigade” and what that says about the global economy
  • Why once this crisis is over for most of the world they may give the U.S. a giant collective middle finger
  • Why you really should set and meet a goal of 6 months of stored food
  • Why now is not the time to be buying mutual funds and why I call mutual funds a “scam”
  • Why the financial storm is already here but won’t be ending any time soon
  • Why nothing can be done to speed up the correction but many things are being done to make it last longer
  • What you should be spending on and investing in now
  • Why you need a spending journal and you need it now
  • The importance of planing for what to cut in your spending before you need to
  • Ideas for what types of businesses will succeed in 2009 forward
  • Why now may be a good time to work for free to learn skills and/or trades

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2 Responses to Episode-134- Act Now to Protect Your Money and Your Future

  1. Right on, Jack…thanks for lighting the fire. =-]

  2. MusterStation

    Jack I feel at home on here. Thanks for all you do to inform.