A Zombie Show for Halloween

The Zombies are Coming - Are You Ready

The Zombies are Coming - Are You Ready? Photo Credit to bloodygoodhorror.com

Well next Monday is Halloween and we have never done a “spoof show” of any kind.  On Monday we will do our first one.  On Monday the 31st, we will do an “Orson Welles” style “Zombie Apocalypse” show.

Clearly this show will be just for fun but if a bit of real prepper knowledge comes out of it, so much the better.

To pull this off though I need your help!  I need reports, questions and updates about what is happening as the living dead rise from the grave and attack and are beaten back at your Bug Out Locations.

An example of this might be,

“Jack this just in, the zombies have begun a relentless assault just outside of Nashville, TN.  Head shots are effective but we are running low on ammo, we are going to attempt to……..”

The more creativity and thought you put into this the better folks.  We have some heavy stuff to talk about this week and I just think it is time to do something that is just fun and what better day than Halloween and what subject better to tie in with prepping than zombies?

To submit emails for use on this show simply send emails to jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with zombie in the subject line.  Please get into character and even if you just have questions make it real time and as if it is going on right now and you need the answer before they get you or something like that.  An example could be,

Jack we are in a gun shop and the staff are gone, likely consumed or converted, we can take any guns we want, and all the ammo we can carry but we can only carry so much, what guns should we grab or should we just make our stand here”?

I have been asked to do this the last few years and have stayed away from it for a few reasons.  Mainly cause I figure some asshat will take this episode and cut out parts and use it to prove I am nuts or something to that effect, basically present my satire as reality.  My other concern is there might just not be enough interest in it.  For this to work I need you to participate and I need your email no later than Sunday the 30th at noon.

So get with it folks, get creative, get a bit gory (try to stay kid friendly for this one though) and get funny too.  Let’s have some fun with this and those of you that have asked me to do this for the last three years, you had better participate.

NOTE -Above it states clearly,

“To submit emails for use on this show simply send emails to jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with zombie in the subject line. “

To avoid confusion over what that actually means I have closed comments for this post to avoid people thinking they are making a submission by commenting.  If you have any questions about this show, email them to me.

8 Responses to A Zombie Show for Halloween

  1. I love it.

    Contact me about a private message to you for this as some would be senestive and i wish to discuss it first.


    • Modern Survival

      @Stephen, I have no idea what you mean about a private message as I haven’t received one and don’t know how you think you sent one. However this isn’t something I want to discuss “privately” it is just for fun and it ain’t real you are either in or your not.

  2. Jack I heard the Preferred weapon of the mafia for assassinations was a .22. The reason for this is the .22 has enough power to enter the skull but not exit it which will turn the brain into Swiss cheese. So I think the ideal weapon for a zombie apocalypse would be something like a ruger 10/22 with 30 round mags and a laser sight for fast target acquisition. If one could have sub sonic ammo that would be a bonus for acoustic reasons

    • Modern Survival

      @Adam, I hope you don’t think you made a submission?

      From the Post

      “To submit emails for use on this show simply send emails to jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with zombie in the subject line. “

  3. Can we call in our questions as well for this episode?

    • Modern Survival

      I am open to it, what I need then though is

      1. Be in character
      2. The second you finish the call, email me with the number you made the call from so I can use the call id feature to extract the zombie calls from all the vms with out screening 100% of them each day.

  4. If the zombie start eating the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I am worried I will hestiate on shooting the zombies. Are there other areas I should avoid and let the cycle of nature run its course without my interference? Would it be considered an unlawful act of violence to relocate zombies?

  5. Haha. Great idea, Jack.

    Your first two responses (above) were kind of zombie audience members (sorry guys, but you gotta read the instructions). 🙂

    Anyway, this should be a lot of fun. If it is a success, taking it to the next level with a call-in zombie show in 2012 (a true Mercury Theater / Orson Welles type of thing) would be the next step!