A Special Message from Jack and the Last Day for the MSB Christmas Sale

Just a heads up that the dec3013 Christmas sale expires tonight.  That means midnight central standard time, it DOES NOT mean you can email me in the morning and still get the discount.  It DOES NOT mean that if you explain how your nephew’s dog ate your MSB print out or that you really wanted it but forgot or what ever that I will give you the discount tomorrow.

Every time I run a sale I get people from a day to a week later that want the discount and want me to make an exception.   In spite of the fact that I can be an asshole the truth is I am actually a very nice guy, as those who have met me will tell you.  So the nice guy in me always wants to say yes, something prevents it though, that is integrity.

You see I watch all the slick internet marketing going on in the prepper world today and mostly it sickens me.  Bundles of this, the world is ending that, horde this before the zombies come.  Stupid shit like “Google banned this video, see why”, when Google never banned a damn thing!  “Only 5 days left to get this special information before it is gone forever”.  10 days later the same pile of crap is hitting your inbox.  Or how about a promise that something that cost 2 grand will let you live off the gird when the damn product can only run a simple refrigerator for about 40 minutes on its best day?

This is the world that have sprung up around prepping as the niche has become “hot” as turd ball after turd ball tosses a lure into the water to make a quick buck while the school is biting.  These people get no respect from me, I consider them sleaze because they break their word, flat our lie and never mean what they say.  All they want is to make a buck and move on, selling how to beat the blackjack table yesterday, how to prep for the zombies today and tomorrow likely how to speak Chinese in only 2 weeks, none of which will work by the way.

Well, I didn’t get into this when it was “hot”, I started this journey in 2008 when there were no prepper shows on TV, no podcasts on prepping, etc.  I did it because I love teaching, I know what we have lost in America and I wanted to help people.  It grew into a business but a unique one, one run by a man you might often disagree with but always know you can trust.  A man who will never lie to you and never break his word.  Not to mention one that tells sleaze like those mentioned above to shove their heads up their asses weekly when they try to leverage my business to sell to you.

So when I say, I am running  a sale from X to Y, I mean it.  It isn’t a gimmick or a game or a trick.  It is simply a sale, a sale that provides a great value to a product that already has a great value.  If I then give people the sale price after the announced term, what does that say about my integrity and my word?  What it might look like is I am a nice guy.  What it would really mean is what I said meant nothing, it was just a ploy to get you to buy and that I would sell to anyone at the sale price if they simply asked.  That ain’t me folks.  My word is my bond, simple and frankly in my view the real “American way”.

I have taken a lot of flack for this over the years.  Not for the commitment to sales deadlines, people generally grasp and respect that.  But from people in the industry that seem okay, I work with them and next thing you know they are dragging assclowns from National Geographic into the mix or people like the scum bag that sell the “37 Things You Should Horde” pile of crap.  I then refuse to work with them and they get all out of sorts and angry.  As though I am OBLIGATED to work with them some how.  I just don’t get it.

I’ll put it this way, some day the big wave of hype behind prepping will subside and those riding it will be left high and dry and we will still be here.  We will still be changing lives one person, one family, one community at a time.  And I promise you to never lie to you and when I get something wrong by mistake to admit it and tell you.  I will not hide my mistakes, take down episodes or segments of episodes where I screwed up, I will be a man of honor and speak the truth as I know it, always.  Again, always, not sometimes, not when it is convenient, not when it is profitable, simply always.

So I guess this simple, hey remember the sale ends today post turned into a rant but this has been weighing on me.  I have recently been approached to promote an “online conference” of preppers, and I know it is NOTHING BUT A WAY FOR TWO GUYS TO BUILD A LIST FAST OFF THE BACKS OF OTHERS.   Two good people I deeply care about are being sucked in, and I wish them the best.  I really do.  But Monday I am going to tell you about this thing.

I am going to tell you hell it might be worth attending, then I will tell you how to set up a temporary email to register for it and how to dispose of it after it is over so you are not sold to over and over with spam bullshit junk, which friends and neighbors is ALWAYS the plan when someone just shows up like magic to leverage the work of others.  ALWAYS.

Anyway, with that if you want to get the MSB at the special price, you can do that here


Given that it is a Sunday if you pay by mail I will accept anything post marked tomorrow.  Thanks to all who have made TSP what it is, again I promise above all to always look after this community and to always keep my word to you.

31 Responses to A Special Message from Jack and the Last Day for the MSB Christmas Sale

  1. Thanks for being consistent and upfront. Can’t ask more of any man. I have a feeling if we ever did meet we’d sit down, have a beer or twelve and shoot the breeze pretty much all night long. Cheers!

  2. Jack,

    I got the picture with full agreement 2 paragraphs in. You are consistent with integrity heads above the norm. Why did you have to use it to take a swipe at National Geographic? It doesn’t become you. You’ll never be around long enough to make as many mistakes as they have, nor to be generally a force for good and learning as they have. Mockery is not much of a teaching tool.

    • Modern Survival

      Well Ron perhaps IF YOU HAD SAT DOWN face to face with the PRODUCER OF DOOMSDAY PREPPERS and had him say to your face the following,


      You just might feel different. How is that for education and information, now you know something you didn’t before and shockingly it is the truth 100%.

      That is what the man told me, to my face about 3 years ago at a table at the Buckhorn in Denver Colorado. Multiple people will attest to this that were sitting at our group, all had a dropped jaw when he said it except me. I know sleaze when I see it.

      So let me ask, why was it wrong for me to take a shot at Nat Geo but you didn’t care about me taking a shot at info marketers? Is it because Nat Geo pushes the global warming, oh wait, climate change oh wait, climate fluctuation oh wait global weirding, oh wait back to global warming agenda?

      Ron this is why I think that whole debate is just stupid! I had noting related to global warming on my mind here, just the fact that Nat Geo makes preppers look like morons and idiots ON PURPOSE with non reality TV.

      They deserve a shot for that, more than one in fact.

    • Modern Survival

      I noticed you never responded to my follow up about the NatGeo producer. Hmm, I wonder why. LOL.

  3. Charles Heidelberg

    I saw a week or two ago that all the TSPSilver references on the homepage were removed. Did you ever say how that whole endeavor and issues related to it settled out? I have always respected your integrity as well, but felt a few times like you allowed yourself to get sucked into the world of pushing precious metals. I worried that situation was one you were about to fall on your sword over and I am glad to see you taking a step back from it. Did you put anything out I can be pointed to when you removed the buttons on the home page for your silver?

    • Modern Survival

      The only thing I can really say right now is I don’t know. I took it down simply because they are not taking orders. The trustee appointed by the court is running the business now, Rob and David have no say for the time being. Rob submitted many plans to help restore the company, the trustee did nothing with them all. I am saying nothing for now because I don’t know what to say, because I don’t know what is going on.

      The official story is the mint is not taking orders until all backlogged orders are filled. But I do not personally see how a business this far in the red can operate that way.

  4. One of the reasons I respect, and will always support, people like Geoff Lawton, is the fact that he’s not just trying to make a quick buck.

    Being a parasite is much easier than creating value, but at the end of the day, no matter how rich you become, you’re still a parasite.

    What I’d love to see is a ‘common sense’ Wikipedia.. that contains ‘best practices’ for ‘living a better life’, that eventually ends up at the top of the search results anytime someone wants to know how to store food, get out of debt, etc.

    I don’t think of these subjects as ‘preparedeness’ or ‘survivalism’.. I think of them as ‘sanity’.

    Not an exceptional way to live for ‘troubled times’ but the way everyone in a ‘sane’ civilization should be, all the time.

    • Modern Survival

      Dude a TSP wiki can exist tomorrow if people will take to working on it and PROTECTING IT. Is there a way to do a wiki that requires account approval before a person can edit.

    • Mountain Chris

      We use an open source product at work called MindTouch. MindTouch.com. I had my php guy slap it together, and it serves as the wiki for our internal operations. We dont use the functionto make it to where someone has to have their page approved, before contributing, but I believe that you can define certain roles to user and groups to make this happen. I will have my guy look into it a little more. I would love to see a TSP wiki! Great idea.

    • Did this guy just call Jack a parasite?

      • Modern Survival

        No, he most certainly didn’t. Saying someone isn’t a parasite isn’t calling anyone else SPECIFICALLY one.

  5. Thanks Jack. This is why those of us who keep coming back, do keep coming back. There aren’t a lot of honest people doing things at the level that you are compared to the number of dishonest people who are trying to use and abuse people. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and that even when I don’t agree with you, I know you’re not just giving a load of bull. Good work!

  6. Thanks for the reminder Jack…I’ve been meaning to sign up for quite a while just been dragging my feet. I’m a bit behind on my podcasts, but I read that you maybe will be coming to NY. If you will be near the Albany area your first beer is on me! Thanks for the Sale price and Merry Christmas!

  7. RogueLibertarian

    Thanks for what you stand for Jack. Not enough of that in this world.

    My drinking glass at work has a label on it that I put there. It says jerk. That’s what I hear people whispering behind my back. I am the nicest guy in the joint. I work extra hard, make the most money for the company, always help fellow employees and most importantly I make good money.

    But what I will not do is perform someone else’s work for them. Nor will I “share” my earnings with others as I am asked to do weekly. Fellow employees see my hard work and competence and they want to piggy back and go along for the ride. Of course that means they want me to do all the work while they take half the profit. My answer to them is simply no. Hence why I am a jerk.

    Hang in there Jack. It’s hard to be honest and sane in a sloven and insane world.

  8. “…the scum bag that sell the “37 Things You Should Horde” pile of crap. I then refuse to work with them and they get all out of sorts and angry.”

    I can see it now, flashing animated ads of you with a stoic look on your face and the words, “Scammers HATE him! Veteran Survivalist discovers a revolutionary way to Help You Live a Better Life, If Times Get Tough or Even if The Don’t. With hard work and common sense, No “weird” tricks here!”

    Thanks for the laugh Jack. I’ll be sure to renew!

    • Modern Survival

      I should seriously do that and ear mark some budget to advertise right where those people do, have a video on a landing page and explain that I won’t sell you shit, I will give you the truth. You may have just created our 2014 marketing campaign for us and I am supposed to be the marketing genius.

    • Yes, Jack PLEASE by a radio ad on Alex Jones’ show 😛 I’m so tired of the one weird trick solar generator ads that can run your neighborhood forever! (yeah, right)

  9. Without realizing it, I let my MSB lapse back in September. I was going to re-up at the normal price, but this sale happened at a perfect time for me. Having met you in person, I know for a fact that you are the same person on and off air, and I’m proud to look up to you as a mentor. Stand tall, integrity is the most important thing a man can have! Even as small as my website is, I’ve had the sharks come to me with offers. I follow the Spirko method, and tell them to pound sand.

  10. Stand by what you say and you can stand tall!

  11. He said “turd ball” ha ha
    Your info is worth $50. I’ll pay that and have been

  12. My favorite prepper scam is “Get this breakthrough now… before they ban it!” And of course the same schmuck thing has been running for months if not years and still hasnt been banned. I especially dislike the “Watch this now or you will hate yourself!” sheesh! (eye roll) But the one that ticks me off the worse is “This man discovered a weird trick that will lower your electrical bills! + the Take advantage of in now before its banned!” The weird trick? Solar power. Really? A weird trick. (facepalm) >:(

  13. Jack,

    Thanks, The offer at the time and all is perfect. Folks do need to understand that conditions and limitations are just that. An old quote/cliche, You snooze, you lose. Thanks for all you do and I hope the yuletide season and New Year bring you and your family closer to your goals.

  14. Preach on brother!
    Even at full price the MSB is priceless!

  15. Well said Jack, you are a man of your word, and that is very obvious in your conduct. Keep up the good work.

  16. Good thing I joined in during the sale then, eh?

    YAP! 😀

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