A Look At The Flexability of a Steven Harris Mobile Battery Bank

As most of you know we are running a workshop February 20, 21 and 22.  At that workshop among other things we will be building three mobile battery banks in three different pick up trucks like the one in this video.

The video below is the end of the third video in Steven Harris back up batter power video series.  You can purchase all three of them and all the components to build systems like this at Battery1234.com.

The thing is I wanted everyone to get a taste for how flexible this system is.  So I asked Steve to share the final part of his third video and he graciously agreed to do so.  This part shows more what the system can do vs. how to build it but that is the point.

Again if you want to spend three days in a hands on workshop with Steve and I learning how to build this system you can do so at this link.  In any event enjoy the sneak peak of the system here.  And remember if you can’t attend but want to build a system like this on your own Steve’s video series can help you do just that.

Again I hope to see many of you at the coming workshop. If you have any questions about what will be covered or anything at all just let me know.

7 Responses to A Look At The Flexability of a Steven Harris Mobile Battery Bank

  1. Tony rosenberg

    My fat finger “disliked”. I bought the videos, worth every penny! I also used it to setup my off grid shower. Plus, Steve will answer your questions by email.

  2. Michael Jordan "Beewhispererwyosurvival"

    Tony I am with you man. saved my butt from a well that froze over and need to meat snow for water to put in the toilet for my woman….worth every dime.

  3. Is Steve also working with capacitors??? I saw a vid of a fella who replaced his car battery with a bank of capacitors and it went extremely well.

    • You know this might be really interesting as a way to do a Harris style system inside a car.

      With the light weight you wouldn’t have to worry about the effects of a flying battery in a crash, and mounting would be significantly easier.

      • How do these compare for energy density? I hope to be wrong, but I kinda doubt capacitors are going to touch lead acid energy storage for the same size.

  4. I would love to build a battery bank for my Toyota Sequoia. Is there anyone out there that has done this in a SUV?

  5. oddly enough I will be in the Richardson area for something else. Been transcribing these Battery Shows. Check out the TSP forums for the transcripts.

    Kind of bums me that I can’t afford it and couldn’t make it for all three days. Would like to at least meet Steve.