A Couple Videos, Hail Damage and New Geese Arrive on the Homestead

Hail Damage on the Survival Podcast Homestead

Last night a band of severe thunderstorms hit north central Texas. There were only supposed to be severe storms and risk of hail was only moderate and tornadoes was low. By the time the storms formed the weather service changed the risk for damaging winds, hail and tornadoes to high.

One tornado devastated parts of Grandbury Texas and at least 7 people lost there lives, about 6 or 7 are currently unaccounted for and 15 were admitted to the hospital. This area is about 25 miles south west of us. While I am not happy about the loss of my crops I know we got off easy and my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Texans who have lost so much more right now. This is why we are preppers folks.

Toulouse Geese Arrive on the TSP Homestead and Meet Max the 150 LB German Shepperd

On a happier note we just received 8 adorable Toulouse Geese from Cackle Hatchery, they are really cool and Max the 150 pound German Shepperd has already decided they are to be defended at all cost.  I wonder how he will feel when they imprint on him and 8 20 lb birds are following him around the property?

These are standard Toulouse not the giant dewlap or show versions.  They are calm gentle geese that do very well on grass pasture.

19 Responses to A Couple Videos, Hail Damage and New Geese Arrive on the Homestead

  1. Jack,
    Sorry to hear about the hail damage, but don’t pull up the peppers yet. Last year we had a nasty hail storm here in Colorado in early June that stripped my jalapenos and sweet peppers nearly bare. In many cases all that was left were green sticks growing out of the ground. None of them died. They all grew new leaves and by September I had a normal pepper harvest. Pretty amazing recovery.

    • Modern Survival

      Yep I think about half of them will recover.

      • The New Mike

        I “laughed out loud” and said oh my god when i saw the beds. Man… that really stinks. I was wondering what it was going to look like when you said it looked like it was hit with a weed eater. You weren’t kidding. From the results I’ve had with “spirko beds”, I bet you’re going to have a good recovery.

        You definitely have done a lot with that since the first bed videos. Man the year is already flying by. Where did all those little broccolis go? I guess by now they have all be dinnerized.

      • I had bunnies come in and strip my pepper plans a couple years ago, and they came back better than they ever have. Almost like I should do it every year to stilulate them.

      • The New Mike


        We’ve got alot of rabbits around here, but I haven’t caught them in the garden yet. Hey the more the merrier, because come rabbit season I’ll be fillin’ up the freezer.

  2. Looks like your damage will be recoverable Jack. All the thoughts and prayers to those families in North Tx that suffered loss, damage, and loved ones. We in Greenville lost 6 of 9 turkey chicks last night. They were just to young to know to stay in their cover. Had what we thought was one survivor this AM, but he did not make it. While cleaning up their pen, we found two more that we still holding on. They are soaking wet and very limp. Ive got them inside in box with fresh dry stray under heat lamps trying to help them hold on. We have not had the best luck with turkeys this year. Couple of months ago a neighbors dog came over to our place and ripped apart three of our Bourbon Red couple and out male Narragansett heritage breeds. It was tough getting over their loss after caring for them for a year.

  3. RationalHusker

    Capture contest on the still shot with Max sniffing the gosling?

    ‘My mouth is watering, but I think Jack was serious when he said “No eating the geese.”‘

  4. RationalHusker

    Correction…”Capture” should be “Caption”

  5. Matthew N Gooseneck

    I’m in! Max is saying “ich Spreachen zie deueche ya?

  6. Jack, Glad you and the rest of Family Spirko are safe, While the garden damage is sure in many ways to suck, hey, you prepped, you planned, life had other ideas, but you all collectively are still “in the fight” I have prayers for the others. but am glad that You and the family are still healthy, safe and able to recover. As to Max and Charlie, hey, Dogs know their “pack” and I am sure will do well.
    As to Max on patrol and the for now goslings, ever see a goose on the warpath? Funny to watch, but not on the receiving end, 🙂 Blessings and I hope that the other citizens of Texas are able to recover, No doubt there was a tad of the “pucker factor” I sure would not blame you for an Oh SH!! moment or two. I know I would have trying to outdig gophers on that one, Again, I hope the others in Texas are going to recovery, I am sure you and the family will, due to planning, smarts and plan, I am not out of the fight. Blessings, Grog

  7. Thanks, Jack! Now, I want geese…and a German shepherd that’s as sweet as yours. My boyfriend isn’t going to like this…hahaha

  8. Jack, thanks for the update. I’m excited to see how pasture-feeding your geese will turn out. Oh, and Max is really adorable 🙂

  9. Hey Jack. Just started listening to your podcast and I am loving it.

    Hail damage is a sob, do you often get hail in Texas?

    • Modern Survival

      In the state as a whole yes, in any specific location, not really. First time hail has ever really kicked my ass.

  10. carol sinenko

    Congrats on the geese. Next year you will have the nicest GIANT eggs which taste fabulous! Your new watch birds will help keep your flock of chickens safe.

  11. I had 20 Toulouse Geese 20 years ago and they left me with a lasting respect for their sense of community and mutual protection. They don’t cut and run like ducks. Once sitting on their eggs, they would rather die than abandon their eggs.
    I wish I had the room to have them today. I live on creeks with a steep slope.
    I’m training my ducks to return to the their compound. Their instinct to return to the main group of ducks is truly amazing.

  12. Sorry to hear about the garden, Jack. Crossing my fingers that it rebounds nicely. Would be great if some vendor sent you an anti-hail netting system for a product review (is it even viable for a setup like yours?). I’d be interested in seeing how that stuff works against significant hail storms.