Episode-105- Get Ready a Cold Winter is Comming

Building a bit on yesterdays show I figured I would continue to evaluate some to the comming threats and tie it to some of the actions every American family should be taking right now.

Tune in today to hear…

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  • How to win a Tactical Christmas Stocking or Single Point Sling from SOE Tactical Gear
  • How to win a in car/truck gun safe from Center of Mass
  • Updates about the new look to the site, we are working on bugs (Use FireFox IE sucks)
  • Why it matters that 1.5 million people lost jobs this year even if you didn’t
  • What you should NEVER tell you children as you scale back and make adjustments
  • Why now is the time to increase your preps and plan for hard times
  • Why you should budget for layoffs, unemployment wages, etc, now not tomorrow
  • When you grow up poor and don’t know you are poor, you really a never poor
  • Why the bigger the company you work for the bigger your risk is
  • The complete break down isn’t necessary for the shit to hit the fan for you personally
  • Using your preps in hard times is OK, that is why you have them
  • Don’t stop paying down debt
  • No you don’t have to move to Tinbucktu to have a real homestead or Bug Out Location
  • If you fear the roving hordes, please discuss it in the Tin Foil Hat Brigade
  • Remember above all, what you do matters, nothing is more important.

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5 Responses to Episode-105- Get Ready a Cold Winter is Comming

  1. Jack you were right on about the kids. I too grew up thinking we were rich only to find out it wasn’t so. Thank God our parents didn’t weigh us down as kids.

    One question…with all these layoffs and with fuel cost dropping how long do you think it’ll be before we can see a drastic drop in goods and services in the stores? One more reason why you better be stocking up now.

    Just how close are we to “Depression” instead of Recession? If it took a year to discover recession when will they finally say we are in a depression.
    Thanks for all the information and thoughts. One more thing everyone can remember is “I’m not the only one this is happening to.”

  2. Jack:
    I, too, grew up poor, but I didn’t know it at the time.
    For the most part, my life was “average” – comparable to that of my friends. We didn’t have a TV until my grandmother gave us one (black/white) and we didn’t have a phone until I went to work and had one installed – not because we were so poor, but because my father didn’t want them.
    Other than that, we did ok. Even when my father was layed off from his construction job, mom still had her job and we had a roof over our heads, and enough food.
    When my father got sick, the landlady turned off the water, so we had to go to a neighbor’s to get some. (The landlady thought that because my father couldn’t work, the rent wouldn’t get paid)

    But, for the most part, life was good.

    Best to you and yours and thanks again for the podcast.

  3. Brad from Mississippi

    Compost makes a great alternative heat source for your greenhouse.


    This also gives you a great excuse to get a handful of laying hens (as a source for fertilizer/compost as well as eggs).

    Thanks for the podcast,

    Brad from Mississippi

  4. Jack,
    SOmething you said about the kids in this unoffical start to the Great Depression2 bothered me.

    You said that if you lose your house and have to move to an apt tell the kids its an adventure. One problem I have seen here in Zone 7. If you lose your house to a foreclosure, the negative impact on your credit rating will preclude you from getting an apt (who btw do credit checks). So that adventure could turn into living in a motel if you are luck and have some cash, with relatives or friends or in worst case scenario the family car.
    My children have been taught prep and survival tactics since they were young. Being members of dumpster divers, freecyclers, and Freegans have made it socially accpetable as an alternative lifestyle choice. NO cellphone. We keep cable TV and internet on refurbished computers (mostly MACs) for our cheap entertainment. The TVs were all found (19 inches around the house and a 32in in the family room) The attempt is that the part time biz pays for the services.
    Living on the excesses of others makes life fun and survival becomes a game. Everything in our 15oo sf homes is found or free. The kids need to be told the truth and prepp for it.
    Not scared..