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Paul Wheaton Kickstarter for Hugelkultur and Earthworks

TweetExpert council member Paul Wheaton has an awesome new kickstarter running for a three DVD collection on Earthworks and Hugulkultur.  There are three videos in the series.  They are  DVD 1: Sealing a Pond Without a Liner  At the high … Continue reading

Another Hugelkultur Project Update

TweetI just got parts two and three of the Hugelkultur project uploaded to YouTube. These two videos are chock full of information that can help you build a more self sufficiency into your homesteading projects. Part Two of the Hugelkultur … Continue reading

Episode-612- Paul Wheaton on Hugelkultur and wofati Eco Buildings

TweetToday one of our most popular guests of all time has returned for an encore performance.  According to a poll in the TSP forum you guys most wanted Paul to return next to go more in depth about wofati eco … Continue reading

Episode-598- Paul Wheaton from on Permaculture, Hugelkultur, Survival Housing and More

TweetStrap yourself in today folks for the longest episode of TSP ever recorded, this honestly could have been two episodes because Paul Wheaton is such an awesome source of knowledge on so many great topics. Make sure to check out … Continue reading

Episode-38- TSP Rewind 11 Common Gardening, Permaculture and Homesteading Questions

TweetToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Today’s episode was originally, Episode-917- 11 Common Gardening, Permaculture and Homesteading Questions and was originally published on June the 7th, 2012. The following are the original … Continue reading

Episode 1609- Running a Profitable Permaculture Consulting Practice

TweetPhil Williams is a permaculture consultant, designer, and author. He spent a decade in the landscape industry. After selling his business in 2007, he trained as a home energy auditor and building analyst. He began organic gardening in 2008, before … Continue reading

Only 4 Spots Left for the Contour Bed Garden Workshop

TweetUpdate – This Event is Now Full Stay Tuned for Future Events As of 5-10-13 at 4:45 PM Central time 16 people have signed up for the Contour Bed Wood Core Garden Workshop.  I just sent all 16 full details … Continue reading

Join Me for a Contour Bed Gardening Workshop May 23 -26

TweetUpdate – This Event is Now Full Stay Tuned for Future Events These dates are not ideal I realize but things just worked out this way.  I have notified all those who were on the waiting list and so far … Continue reading

Episode-1012- Listener Calls for 11-2-12

TweetToday I take your calls on permaculture,eBooks vs. hard copy, the Federal Reserve, cooking rabbit, 2 cycle oil, guns, energy and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call 866-65-THINK. The … Continue reading

Episode-924- Lessons Learned on the Arkansas Homestead

TweetAs many of you know we are now looking to purchase a larger piece of land in Texas.  That will balance well with the apartment we keep in Arlington providing us living quarters both in the city and the country.  … Continue reading