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Episode-66- TSP Rewind – Container Gardening for the Urban Survivalist

TweetToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Today’s episode was originally, Episode-99- Container Gardening for the Urban Survivalist, and was first published on Nov. 25th, 2008. The following are the original show notes … Continue reading

Episode-99- Container Gardening for the Urban Survivalist

TweetToday’s show covers ideas and options for various forms of container gardening to allow production by urban survivalists that rent, have an apartment or need to garden in winter. Tune in today to hear… An announcement about the Listener Appreciation … Continue reading

Episode-82- Winter is for Gardening Part Two

TweetToday’s show expands on Part 1 from yesterday and covers various ways to improve your winter gardening efforts to expand the production of your survival gardening efforts.  This show was recorded a day in advance and is being posted during … Continue reading

Episode-668- Listener Calls 5-20-11

TweetIt is Friday and time for a round of you calls with questions, comments and commentary to 866-65-THINK, today we have great calls about planting trees, future product obsolescence, emergency lighting, debt vs. inflation and more. Join me today as … Continue reading