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New Videos – Aquaponics – Tree Collards – Baby Chicks and Polts and Zoodles

TweetIn this first video we check out some stuff in the aquaponics and aquatics systems, including Tree Collards that you can order at We also look at the progress of the white Hubbard squash. Watch the bees working the … Continue reading

Aquatics and Aquaponics Update for 5-11-17

TweetJust a quick walk though the aviary checking our mainly the wicking beds, lots of tomatoes set, zucchini is doing great, training winter squash vines, feeding the fish and more. Focusing on the things we are learning with this system … Continue reading

Episode-2001- Carlos Villamar on Aquaponics and the Chinese Solar Greenhouse

Tweet Carlos Villamar joins us to discuss DIY Aquaponics using the Chinese solar greenhouse and black soldier fly composter and auto fish feeder. The greenhouse system, including a solar greenhouse insulated on north, east and west sides and with glazing … Continue reading

Aquaponics and Aquatics Update for 5-4-17

TweetToday we take a look at some of the growth inside the aviary including some banging squash and tomato plants, some cloning propagation techniques and the beds running expanded shale that are going to need rebuilding due to poor drainage.

Episode-1976- Why I Switched to Aquaponics

TweetRight out of the gate “switched” may not be the best word here, but it certainly applies to my growing of annual vegetables.  It may have been a better title to have said, “Why I Changed My Mind About Aquaponics.  … Continue reading

Aquaponics Wicking Beds Completed, Partially Planted

TweetThis is what I did yesterday when I ran a rewind episode of TSP, well this and some other things.  We are about at the end of this system conversion now.  It was really important to get this done this … Continue reading

Aquaponics and Aquatics Update for 3-7-17

TweetA quick update on some new developments in the aquaponics system, a new tool called “The Python” and some newly installed beds.  Also we discuss a major expansion of the aquatic system that will take place later this year.

Two New Videos On Our Aquaponics and Aquatic Systems

TweetJust a couple of update videos on some of the stuff we are doing at Nine Mile Farm right now. We cover installing a return line, installing heat tape, the harsh freezes, the plans for a new “Bullhead Hotel” where … Continue reading

Episode-1912- Richard Hastings of East Texas Aquaponics on Stepping Off the Cliff

TweetRichard spent 26 years as a software engineer in Austin, TX, before he and his family moved four hours away in the summer of 2015 to an area where they didn’t know anyone. They took their 10’th grade daughter, kicking … Continue reading

Episode-1640- Aquaponics for High Density Food Production

TweetWe are joined today by Chad Hudspeth of  Chad is a 5th generation farmer from North Texas. Growing up in a rural community helped him understand the value of being prepared since the closest town was a good 40 … Continue reading