7 Days to Go – 7K Reached – Get Your Quail Tracker System Now

Recently Brad Davies, Steve Larkin and I have officially launched the Quail Tracker System via KickStarter. This system has been developed over two years. When you see it you may wonder why it took so long as it looks somewhat simple.

The reality is we used it, we tweaked it, we made it better, we used it some more. We found every problem we could, solved that problem then, used it some more, found more problems and eventually got this system to do everything and anything you could ask of it.

Our primary goal with our system was to make raising poultry profitable, fun, easy and doable in any backyard in America. We wanted anyone from the person with a full on permaculture backyard. To the person living dead center of a Tyrannically run HOA headed up by the worst Bluehairs you could imagine. To be able to produce meat and eggs and improve the quality of their land while doing so.

Thanks to All That Helped Us Blow though Our Goal and Hit 7K!

That’s right the Quail Tracker Project is already blew though our initial funding goal of 5,000 dollars and is sitting a bit over 7,000 in full funding with 7 days still to go in our kick starter.

That means you should consider getting a system for yourself perhaps two. If you do by spring you could be doing the following. Raising the best quality meat and eggs for your family and improving your land and making compost all at the same time. And doing it with birds getting to behave like birds. Out in the yard, eating bugs, weeds, seeds, etc. and enjoying their lives, and blue hairs be damned, they are just your pets. Quiet pets by the way that no one can see in a backyard unless they are peering over your fence!

Quail really are the perfect back yard poultry. They are quiet, they qualify as “pets” where that is an issue and frankly our system makes it likely no one will know you have them anyway. They are very easy to breed, incubate and brood and grow to meat harvest size in 6 weeks and start laying eggs at 7 weeks. If you keep them under lights (easily done with cheap solar yard lights) with at least 14 hours of light a day, well fed and watered the average hen will give you 28-30 eggs per month, every month.

Our Quail Trackers are light enough that even the average 12 year old child can move it easily to the next location. The material is a very high end cage material that is hard to even buy unless you are commercial builder. The wire is coated with a completely non toxic material that makes it easy on your animals, in other words, no foot lacerations or “bumble foot” to deal with. Well cared for our Trackers will last for decades, they will never rust and can be cleaned by simply hosing them off under a spray nozzle.

It really is the ultimate backyard egg and meat production machine. To learn more and get your Quail Trackers on order today visit our Kickstarter Page and select the options you want today.

P.S. – The Quail Tracker System is the first product being released by our new company called Perpetual Food Systems, LLC with our website located at www.homefoodsystems.com

You can expect more to come from our company as we seek to empower Americans to once again feed themselves from their own back yards.

2 Responses to 7 Days to Go – 7K Reached – Get Your Quail Tracker System Now

  1. Roger McDowell


    Love the quail tracker. Have you considered selling plans for those who want to build their own?