Episode-320- The 5 Rules of Food Storage for Modern Survivalists

For a few shows we are going to backing up and working on some fundamentals.  Today we do that with developing and utilizing your food storage program.  Storing food makes financial and lifestyle sense in addition to helping you be ready for disasters if done properly.

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Tune in today as we discuss the five rules…

  • Store what you eat and eat what you store
  • Take advantage of opportunity buys
  • Integrate long term storage items as extenders and adjuncts
  • Become a producer
  • Seek a holistic solution

Resources for today’s show…

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7 Responses to Episode-320- The 5 Rules of Food Storage for Modern Survivalists

  1. A notice to people that don\’t hunt: The last 2 years I have found a local rancher on Craigslist that is selling 1/4 – full beef direct from the ranch. I purchased 1/4 beef, about 100 lbs, and saved enough money, compared to what I spend in the store, to buy a small chest freezer off of craigslist. Also I know that my beef came from a local rancher. I picked it up at the packer, so I know it didn\’t come from one of those dirty mass packing places. I have well over 6 months worth of beef. I have saved a lot of money. I know where the beef came from, and helped my local economy.

  2. I am saving up to buy from one of the few local ranches left in Montana, 200lb for 1.45 a pound – sweet! Nice, open range, grass eating Black Angus. I’m also freezing my ass off displaying a sign on a street corner for 8.00 an hour, part time,to buy more prep and homestead gear.

  3. Thanks for going over some basic principles. It’s good to have things reinforced!

  4. Jack- I really enjoyed todays show. I had to laugh because I was pressure canning turkey while I was listening.

  5. Mr. Spriko: A very thorough and well organized episode. Keep mining this subject, it is so important and the rationale you provide is motivational. Excellent!

    Other food subjects I would like to suggest: sprouting seeds for food
    cast iron (dutch oven)cooking (how about an interview with the cave lady? -Mrs. Ron Hood).
    yogurt & cheese-making.
    bean & grain flour veggie burgers

  6. edit: should read “spirko”, not spriko. sorry

  7. About “opportunity” buying: it pays to know someone who works in a food warehouse. Just picked up 2 cases of coffee for 1/3 price from such a source. They will unload stuff that doesn’t move, or for light damage.
    Look for deals in the grocery store of clearance items. It seems people won’t buy a food item if it doesn’t have a major brand name on it, so many times the higher quality item is closed out cheaper than the common one.