Episode-2166- A New Look at Lifestyle Design

I got an email today that went like this about how one listener is using permaculture design to not just redesign his property but his life and health.   The abbreviated version is he was taking his “personal time” in the evenings.  That led to drinking too much, not enough time with the family, eating junk food, etc.

The solution as always is dramatically simple, he simply started getting up earlier and using the early AM for his personal time.  Instead of junk food his personal time is now full of getting shit done, and that alone time we all need as well.  The evening now are spent with family.

This is one of those easy changes that seems hard at first.  Its 0430 you don’t HAVE to get up for two more hours, it seems so hard.  But thanks to our friend circadian rhythm, do it for a few days and it gets easier and easier.

Today we look at many such changes and ways we can make our life run better.  Oh and this is a survival topic, the number one killer in America is stress.  Heart disease, cancer, etc. are all made worse by stress, not to mention in the end what destroys families always finds its roots in stress as well.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • The full email that sparked this show
  • Fifteen simple steps to a better designed life
    • Take a “Fakeation” once a month or at least once a quarter
    • Create lists based on priority, cross things off daily
    • Create some sort of prayer/meditation time in your life
    • Do some things ritualistically (on schedule), it doesn’t matter what
    • Get some sort of a “pure hobby” into your life
    • Maintain circadian rhythm even on days you “sleep in”
    • Cook something totally new and different at least twice a month
    • Strive for “location independence” as a goal
    • Have teachers and students in your life (the best people are both)
    • Journal and go back and read what you wrote
    • Take walks, especially off the pavement but anywhere
    • Spend time with dogs, yes I am serious
    • If something truly makes you unhappy, fix it or dump it
    • Plan some stuff well in advance just to look forward to it
    • Learn to DO something new frequently
  • Final thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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