Dates Announced for the 2018 TSP Fall Workshop

This years TSP Fall Workshop will be from Nov. 7th though the 11th.  Tickets will go on sale on Sept. 29th at 8AM.  This is a Saturday and I thought that would give folks the best chance to get a ticket.

Tickets always sell out every year.  Sometimes in two days, some times in two hours, the record so far was 56 minutes.  This year we may break that record.  Because we are celebrating 10 years of TSP.   We are going to have some special swag, Friday is going to be a day of socializing and good food and drink.  Lots of other fun stuff too.

Cost as always will be 500 dollars and I defy anyone to put together 3 days of better food, drink and fun at that cost.  Also there is going to be an optional “swag bundle” for 50 bucks this year with some really cool stuff.  Details will come soon on that.

For a taste of what you can expect, check out this video below.




4 Responses to Dates Announced for the 2018 TSP Fall Workshop

  1. Hey Jack, when are you going to post the Fall 2017 videos?

  2. Hi Jack, presumably that’s 8am Central time correct?

  3. Is there a workshop agenda posted yet?

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