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Episode-729- Listener Feedback for 8-22-11

Today is Monday and I have a lot of great positive stuff this week along with a lot of interesting questions and concerns from the audience.  Remember to submit content for a show like this simply send your email to jack at with the appropriate subject line such as article for jack, comment for jack, question for jack, etc. and I will try to get your material on the air.

Please note I receive over 400 emails (real ones) on an average day, there is no way I can respond to them all or put them all on air, I do read them all though and your thoughts are important to me so keep em coming.

Today we discuss…

  • Win a free AR15 Upper from Ready Made Resources
  • Building new mini nations at sea on a libertarian model
  • Agriculture investments traps mop and pop investors
  • Help for poor performing August tomatoes
  • Patriots by Rawles – Doomer Porn or Economic Prophecy?
  • Hugelkultur combined with terraces to build a food forest
  • Free desert land, it is possible but is it worth it
  • 401K/B Jitters and thinking before you act
  • Obama appoints a Monsanto VP to the Dept. of Agriculture
  • Should we eliminate “corporate income tax”
  • Cashless parking with RFID a precursor to a mileage tax
  • Recession vs. depression vs. being depressed by the economy
  • A 13 year old improves solar efficiency using a Fibonacci sequence
  • Is now a time to buy stocks, one technical analysis says yes
  • One town produces 300+% of what it needs with green energy
  • TSP’s community recognized on the news for helping Jan Cline

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Episode-728- Personal Liberty and Actionable Garden Intelligence

Two we have a two part episode.  In the first part I discuss more about Jan Cline and a progress report on what the TSP audience has done so far.  As of this morning Jan had received over 16,000 and the TSP community by my best count has chipped in over 5,000 of that 16K.

Additionally we discuss personal liberty and why standing up in situations like this is important for everyone’s liberty including our own.  I am also asking you to call the Mayor of Salem Oregon today and tell her what a waiver is!  She stated that they are “looking for a solution to the problem are trying to find some commercial property she can use for her sales”.  Only politicians are stupid enough to see this as a solution.

Apparently this mayor thinks it is okay to expect a woman so riddled with bone cancer to carry her stuff to some “commercial property”.  A woman so riddled with cancer that in her own words, “I could break my leg by walking”.

Personally I feel that at this point that Jan won’t need the sales anymore.  Her real hope though was, “I hope no one else ever has to go through this”.  Well we have come together to help Jan financially now today let us come together to make that wish come true at least in Salem.  Please call the mayor and explain to her that she could and should fix this in 5 minutes with a waiver if she had courage to use her power to do just that.  You can find contact information for Salem’s mayor here.

In part two of the show we discuss the lessons I have learned with my bag and container gardens this year.

Some of the things I  have learned this year…

  • Mason wasps are cool
  • Red wasps patrol your plants looking for prey
  • Cope’s Gray Frogs like dog dishes and blossoms for mini ponds
  • Green anoles are very prolific
  • Swifts and skinks like wood and rock piles
  • Black ants may kill squash vine borers (not sure yet)
  • Bag gardening works great you just have to water often
  • Watermelons grow beautifully in my area

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Jan Cline Oppressed by the City of Salem Please Help Out

Jan Cline is a women who spent her life being very independent, she was a business owner who was doing well even during the recession.  Then about a year ago she heard some of the worst words you can ever hear from a Doctor, “I’m sorry you have terminal cancer”.

Not just cancer bone cancer so aggressive that in her own words at this point she could literally, “break a bone in her leg just by walking”.  The expense of this of course has her pushed to the edge, dying is sadly very expensive in America.

Rather than seek hand outs though this proud woman did the only thing she could.  She began selling her life’s possessions in her back yard.  Then one turd of a neighbor complained about the weekend sales and the local city of Salem Oregon shut her down because they have a law that limits yard sales to three a year.  Clearly one thing Salem’s local code enforcement doesn’t have is common sense and decency.

Friends of Jan set up a way that we can donate to help her during this time.  The donations are made via though paypal (though you can use a credit or credit style check card to donate if you don’t use paypal).  I have verified that the funds go directly into an account set up at Key Bank and that account can only be accessed by Jan Cline and her current care giver Dave.

You can see a local news report about this unfortunate event here.  You can also hear me discuss it in today’s edition of TSP (Episode 727).

I seldom ask this audience to contribute money, this is one time though that I will.  This is an individual liberty issue folks, the idiots in Salem stole her liberty to have some dignity in her last months on earth.  Friends, when you get to a point where you know your days are measured in months, dignity becomes seriously important to you.   It may be up to the people of Salem to fix this on the legal end but what we can do for now is all chip in a few bucks.  If 10% of you give just 5 bucks that will do more than her yard sales ever could have.

I personally made a 100 dollar donation this morning, when you make your donation send me a copy of your receipt.  If this audience collectively donates 1,000 dollars I will double my personal donation matching the first 1000 dollars with a 10% match.  To be counted for the match just email your receipt to jack at

You Can Make a Donation to Jan Here

Note– Jan passed away on Oct. 6th 2011 so I have removed the link for donation.  All in all TSP as a community donated close to 20K dollars to Mrs. Cline and her family.  She was very grateful for our support, thanks to all who helped to right this injustice.

Episode-727- Tom Spargo on Rain Saucers and Rain Water Harvesting

Special Note – There is a segment in the beginning of today’s show about Jan Cline, a woman dying of bone cancer who has had her back yard yard sale shut down due to an idiotic city ordnance.  Please listen to it and consider donating a little bit to help Jan Cline out in this tough time. You an do that here, I have verified that this is a legitimate way to donate and the funds will go directly to Jan.

Rain Saucers are Stand Alone Rain Harvesting Systems

On to our man subject, Today our guest is Tom Spargo.  Tom  independent research and business development consultant to
major Japanese companies in the Silicon Vally clean technology industry.

Tom realized several years ago that clean water wasn’t getting any attention and started thinking about solutions.   Tom discovered rainwater harvesting and came up with his own take on the concept which addressed many typical rain harvesting shortcomings.

To address this Tom invented RainSaucers in 2009 and got funding from social venture capital in 2010.  He launched product this year and now has distributors online and in a few cities.

Today Tom joins us to discuss rain harvesting by the traditional method of roof hook up and how they can save on your water bill.  We then discuss rain barrels with RainSaucers and the new things you can do such as having a new source of potable water (they are trialing this in Guatemala) and setting up a completely off-grid tomato crop (Tom is doing this in my backyard).

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Episode-726- Alternative Energy Production Q&A Session with Steven Harris

Steven Harris - CEO of Knowledge Publications

Steven Harris is a consultant and expert in the field of energy. He is the founder and CEO of Knowledge Publications, the largest energy only publishing company in the USA.

Mr. Harris came to his current position to do full time work on the development and implementation of hydrogen, biomass and solar related energy systems after spending 10 years in the Aero-Thermal Dynamics department of the Scientific Labs of Chrysler Corporation.

His first appearance was one of the all time audience favorites on The Survival Podcast so today he returns to answer audience questions on anything and everything alternative energy.

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Episode-725- Mike Gasior on the Current Economic Mess

Mike Gasior is with us today, Mike is a consummate expert, he has authored ten textbooks on investments and the investment markets, and over 700,000 people worldwide read his monthly newsletter.

His breakthrough radio program “Big Money with Mike Gasior”, which aired worldwide on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network, was one the first shows ever to focus on the needs, concerns and issues faced by the world’s largest investors and Mike is a regular guest on the “Naked Short Club” show in London.

He is also the founder of AFS Seminars in 1989 after spending time with several Wall Street firms and a major European bank. In his teaching he uses anecdotes and lessons drawn from his lifetime of experience with economics, investments and the financial markets to deliver knowledge with a dynamic, interactive teaching style that I find to be among the best in the industry.

And we are fortunate to have him here with us today on The Survival Podcast.

Please Note – Mike’s voice became somewhat distorted at the very end of today’s show.  During the recording session he sounded fine on my end and there was no way to correct it after the fact.  I did my best to clean it up but there are limits to what can be done with such distortions.  I am going to suggest to Mike that he come fully into the 21st century and get a Skype account for future interviews.

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Episode-724- Listener Feedback for 8-15-11

So it is Monday and time for another round of listener questions.  Quick note for some reason I had a few timing missteps today, I just wasn’t as in the grove as normal in a few spots.  So I will apologize in advance for that.

Even with that though we have a ton of interesting stuff today to discuss including the London riots, economic dangers, a cool new solar grill, 3 minute chocolate cake during  a disaster, storing flour, gold vs. platinum and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Update to proposed changes in military retirement
  • What would a US economic collapse mean to the world
  • Lessons from a NJ tent city (you have to see these photos)
  • The lessons from the London riots no one is talking about
  • An easy way to make sure 911 can find you if your location is remote and you need them
  • Gold or platinum for investing right now (neither at the moment)
  • Lessons from the Tornado outbreak of 2011
  • Greenspan says, “we can just print money to pay any debt”
  • A first hand report of the riots in London
  • Long term storage of white flour
  • Ponds in your landscape
  • 5 Minute Chocolate Cake
  • A new solar gill that is pretty amazing (if it works)

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The Tide is Turning – Prepping is Becoming Normal

Today I decided to do a rare blog post.  Most of what I have to say I just put out on the air.  However, next week I have three awesome guests lined up and that will take up a lot of air time and I feel this information needs to go out today.

I have received a ton of email about the new FBI program that lists “preppers” as potential terrorists.  This is a real confirmed report and OathKeepers has obtained a copy of the actual document, you can see their report about it here.  Of course the media is continuing to sensationalize us every chance they get, we are wholesale lumped in with every extremist group you can imagine despite the fact that the majority of us are just normal working folks who have decided to be prepared for some highly probable events like economic and natural disasters.

Even National Geographic and similar networks are doing documentary style shows on prepping.  Some of these are pretty decent and some following the typical lines of showing the most extreme examples and even then you can tell the people are being prompted to look more extreme than they are.   The Southern Poverty Law Center is attacking anyone who mentions prepping as a “hate group” from OathKeepers to main stream media’s Glenn Beck.   When you look at all this you may feel that prepping is less accepted by the general population than any time in recent history, you would be wrong if you believed that though.

We are seeing a full court press for the exact reasons I have told you about from the very early days of TSP.  The government and liberal media do not understand or like prepping and homesteading because it creates people who don’t need them.   This has always been the case and lumping in anyone who goes beyond the governments pathetic recommended three days of supplies with extreme nut jobs has always been the modus operandi of big media and big government.   Simply put independent free minded and self sufficient people are difficult to govern with wasteful spending, excessive taxation and so called “social justice” programs.

I don’t care if you are a liberal or a libertarian a republican or a centrist, plant a garden and store up some food to be ready for hard times you start to change your thinking.  If you then develop a means to defend your home and perhaps provide some of your own energy you become even more independent.   Now see, independent people soon develop independent minds, such people think more critically and begin to ask questions.  When you are trying to create a socialist utopia by spending over 20 trillion dollars of money we don’t have (the projected public debt by 2020), people asking questions is a bad thing.

Yet there have been preppers and media bias for them since the beginning of the cold war if not longer.  So why now, why the full court press after the simple occasional media or government hack job after more than 50 years?  Simply put because we are winning the battle for hearts and minds.  The concept of actually taking care of yourself has started to reach a critical mass.

While many of the urbanites are still blind (and even many of them are waking up) my experience in the small town environment of Hot Springs has taught me a lot about the shift that has occurred since I began my work in 2008.    Please understand I don’t claim responsibility for causing this shift, the political and economic climates and the many other folks out there spreading the message have done more than I have.  Case in point, all the examples of people below are folks that had never heard of me until we met face to face.

In just about every business interaction I have had since coming to Hot Springs permanently the response I have received to the always asked “so what do you do for a living” question has been overwhelmingly positive.  Here are just a few examples…

  1. In March I came up to have carpet installed so it would be done when we moved in.  I gave the installer and his helper some copper TSP coins and my card.  He went off on a tangent about over spending and how he was “getting prepared for tough times”.  He then downloaded my show to his iPhone, turned off Laura Ingram on his radio and played my show while he installed my carpet.  When he left he told me “this is what America needs to hear”.
  2. The man who owns the office I rent to do the show from is a prepper himself.  As soon as he found out about my show he had his assistant call me for some recommendations on long term storage foods.  He has 5 acres behind our offices here and starting in the spring he wants me to help him with advice on how we can get some food production out of it, of course I will be happy to.
  3. The same man had me come to one of his weekly get togethers.  They are real estate agents and do a pot luck lunch once a week.  These are people that sell high end housing in a gated community.  When I said, “my show is about self reliance, self sufficiency and liberty and understanding that rights come with responsibilities including being responsible for yourself and your family”, the room actually erupted in applause which caught me off guard.
  4. I have been talking to local growers at the Farmer’s Market, every card I hand out is quickly responded to with something along the lines of “we are with you on this” or “it is about time someone told people the truth”.
  5. Yesterday we went to meet a couple that print T-Shirts for some special shirts I will be taking to the Denver Self Reliance Expo.  They took one look at the graphic and said, “you are our kind of people”.  This progressed to a talk about both growing and storing food.  They both said “you will be getting a lot more listeners with the way things are going”.  Of course we now have a new business relationship with like minded folks, so that rocks.

Personally I have to tell you this is NOT just the difference between small town and big city.  Remember we have owned the property and been coming here since 2005.  Prepping wasn’t so warmly embraced even in Hot Springs Arkansas just a few years ago, indeed I even found that many people I met during our final year in Arlington became TSP listeners and really like what we are doing in the TSP community.

What’s really going on here is America has begun to waken up from its long slumber, a slumber that goes back to post war America.  We built highways, two wars we didn’t call wars were fought with little sacrifice by anyone except those who went or sent loved ones.  The cold war went on but people got numb to it.  “Guns and Butter” were promised and for many seemed to be delivered.  The 80s taught us that “me first” was cool, the 90s brought amazing technological advances convincing us that anything we dreamed of could be created and sold to us with a low interest rate.  Credit began its massive rise in the civilian population in the 1950s and never stopped, well, until now.

2008 was a wake up call but many still just pretended it didn’t matter but after 3 years of misery and recent city bankruptcies, stock plunges and a unemployment rate with no improvements, people are beginning to question things when their overlords say, “nothing to see here, go back and keep shopping”. Countless Americans have had sit down sessions with their spouses, examined debt and put their hands in their faces.  They then cursed their own stupidity stood up in righteous anger and said, “no more”,and have begun the work of paying off that debt.

Millions of young people have been sold a bill of goods that “everyone should go to college” only to find themselves with a lifetime of inescapable debt and no real job prospects.   At the same time many employed in a “safe job” including plenty in “safe” government jobs found themselves on the streets with their best years now behind them.  These people are now competing with high energy 20 somethings where there are 50 applicants for one job.  And for that matter a job that isn’t that great to begin with.

I could go on, there are countless examples of the shock that it took to wake people up.  Some were almost awakened by the above but it took Fukushima, Birmingham and Joplin to bring them the last mile to Wakeupsville.  They key is a major segment of the population has looked at facts like our 61 Trillion dollar hole in our future budget and the riots in London.  They have figured out that living for the moment has a down side, they realize many of our leaders are either malicious and/or incompetent.  They also know changing things with elections is almost impossible right now, republicans and democrats alike spend like drunk sailors and don’t want to take responsibility for anything.

So these people come to a realization, the only thing we can do at this point is take responsibility for our own futures.  We don’t know what is going to happen, odds are it may not be the “end of the world” but there will be a lot of hardships as a society that has been on a 50 year drinking binge experiences the largest hangover in the planet’s history.  So these folks have “sobered up”, they are cleaning up the mess, at least the part of the mess they made. They are putting some distance between themselves and the drunks who are still partying.

Now understand the drunks in this analogy are…

  • Most Americans from the wealthy to the “poor” who have plasma TVs
  • Every major corporation doing business based on the old paradigm
  • Every government agency as they feed on taxes and are ripe with waste
  • Every single main stream politician
  • The elite banking layer, the biggest banks, the Fed, etc.

Get it?  Most everyone is in on this party, they also know it cannot go on forever, but they all think, one more year, one more decade, etc.  We can keep it going like a drug and alcohol induced frenzy.   Feeling tired dude, here is some coke (another credit card), how about some ecstasy (quantitative easing), etc.

Now let me ask you have you ever been to a big party.  May be not a drug filled mayhem like the above example but just a lot of drinking and carrying on?  Tell me than, what happens when a person or two notices it is 3 AM and tries to start shutting it down and cleaning up a bit?  Are they embraced or told to “relax and just have fun”.  So it is as a major portion of us have awaken, those still slamming the Jack Daniels have no desire for us to harsh their buzz with any of that monotonous reality.  It isn’t just that they don’t want to stop they don’t want us to stop either.  When the cops show up to bust the party they want plenty of company in the holding cell.

Friends, this is what is really going on, this is why we are painted as extremists, compared to terrorists and generally looked down upon.  We are a threat, not a threat in the way we are painted.  We threaten the establishment that if enough people think like we do the party will end.   Of course the reality is the party is going to end, they always do.  The hangover will come, it always does.  Change is coming, we are on the right side of it and those who want to continue “business as usual” have decided we are a threat.

We can see there is nothing new here, in the 1800’s a German philosopher named, Arthur Schopenhauer stated,

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Well the violent opposition occurs only when the truth has entered a phase of acceptance by a block of people that are too large to marginalize.  This is our current state, this is where we are in the grand hourglass of the nation’s history.  Enough of us have awaken, we are now cleaning up at least our part of the mess, we are going through our own hangovers, we are getting ready for the big one when the party stops.  We  have collectively stated, “We are responsible for ourselves and our families and we will do our duty in that capacity”.  Crazy as it may seem once you wake up, this is what all the animosity is all about.

The rest of the nation doesn’t want to hear this right now, they don’t want to accept that their mess is their fault, the politicians don’t want to admit that even their power ride is about to end and new blood will take over at some point.  The corporations hate that a kid who can’t spell can build a business with facebook and twitter while no one gives a shit about their promotional crap in the social media space.  The media hates that a hick like me has 25,000 listeners while their newspapers go broke and their ratings continue to free fall as people get more truth from YouTube today than the nightly news.

And so it is as we enter the “violent opposition” phase that we should feel encouraged, as it is stage two in a three stage process.  Keep on prepping, keep on building community and keep on living that better life, if times get tough, or even if they don’t”

Episode-723- Listener Calls for 8-12-11

Well it is Friday once again and time for your calls to 866-65-THINK.  Today I take your calls on dealing with raw land, military employment, roving hordes and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Dealing with squash bugs
  • Uses for timberland that floods at times
  • The front yard garden war is not over
  • The fringe benefits of prepping
  • The future for military employment
  • Thoughts on clearing rugged land
  • Shot shell hand guns for home defense
  • How deep for the to layer on a hugelkultur
  • Thoughts on CERT training
  • How to find a good community to live in vs a BOL

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Episode-722- Bill Wilson on Permaculture’s Guiding Principles

Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture

Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture

Today we welcome back a great prior guest, Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture.  Bill’s entire life is dedicated to teaching and practicing permaculture.

Bill is an amazing guy that followed his dream, walked away from a career and created something special.  He has a special gift for making some of permaculture’s more complex components easy to understand and an unstoppable passion for teaching and spreading the word that no matter what the problem may be, we can find a solution utilizing a sustainable methodology.

Midwest Permaculture guides their students in how to develop the observational skills, the knowledge, and the practical information to create sustainable landscapes and communities — to develop more permanent cultures. Students are trained to explore how to consciously provide all of the goods and services we need while also developing ways to leave the planet in better condition than when we arrived on it.

In Bill’s words, “If each successive generation left the planet in better condition, we would be living in a more ideal world today.

Join Us today as We Discuss

  • How Bill went from truck driver to permaculture
  • How the Midwest PDC saves people time
  • What you gain in taking a PDC
  • Permaculture’s Prime Directive
  • The three ethics
    • Care of the earth
    • Care of people
    • Return of surplus
  • Principles of permaculture design in practice

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