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Site Remodeling – Pardon the Virtual Dust

We will be doing a bit of remodeling over the holliday weekend.  You may see the site looking different and really cool, different and really weird or even go back to the way it has always looked for a while and then change again.


Well this site theme has always had a few issues, like the left margin going flat in smaller monitors, to little space in the primary text column and issues with the page navigation bar.   So with the help of the absolutely awesome Tiffany Rockwell (aka Sisterwolf of the gear shop) I will be changing the way this site looks.

Some will no doubt love the new look, others will prefer the old.  The change is really more about functionality though.  I want to make it eaiser for brand new visitors to get a feel for the show, find key episodes, easily find a welcome center, etc.

I will also make it easier for people to get a feed of just the podcast or just the blog updates or a unified feed like most of you use now.  It will also be easier to find posts with embedded videos and some other cool features.

So for the next few days if the site looks a bit funny, don’t worry.  All the content will remain available.

It is a new year and we are going to start it off with an improved website.

3rd Interview with Baldy & The Blonde

Of course I am not broadcasting this week but it doesn’t mean I am not doing some work either.  The book on money is almost out of Beta and yesterday I did an interview with Tom Kowitz and Michele Gaudin better known to their listeners as Baldy & The Blonde on WGSO 990AM in New Orleans.

We discussed basic survival prepping and my new book The Real Truth About Money.  For the Third consecutive time the initial parts of the call were hampered by static and fade.  So you will hear me once again make a crack about the “black helicopters”.

I really like these two folks who are taking an active role in getting people educated by doing a main stream radio show.  I am also honored that they keep bringing me back considering some of their other guests include the likes of Ron and Rand Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack and G. Edward Griffin.  So to both return the favor and to let you guys know about one path everyday people can take to make a difference in the world Michelle and Tom will be on my show sometime in the next week or two.

For now though you can catch their Dec. 29th episode at their website, just scroll down and look for the episode on Dec. 29.  My segment is from about 15 minutes in to about 30 minutes in.  The whole show is really worth listening to.  The do spend the first 2-3 minutes yammering on about their Saints play off hopes but the rest of the show is really great.


Cool Book – “Dinner is in the Jar”

As you guys know there is no show this week but I am spending a lot of time researching new topics and getting new material together for next week and beyond.  Call it a working vacation.

Well I just noticed one of the folks that ordered via my Amazon links ordered a copy of a book called, “Dinner Is In The Jar: Quick and Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags”.

The book looks pretty cool, I can’t say for sure because I haven’t actually read it yet but the reviews are mixed.  Some reviewers are very happy, others feel there are not enough recipes in the book for the price.  No one seems to be complaining about the actual information just its quantity.

The negative reviews state there are only 30 recipies in the book, at 15 bucks that is 50 cents a recipe so I leave it to you to make your own call on this book.

I got it mainly because I think it will inspire new material for the show.    Also if you have listened to some of my shows about cooking you know I consider any recipe a base to be worked with, expanded upon, etc.

I have also purchased many cooking books that have 100 recipes but only 4-5 that I end up making, so if this book provides 30 solid prepper recipe bases I will be pretty happy with it.  Anyway just due to the cool concept behind it I thought I would pass it on.  If any of you have read this book or own a copy please comment below and let me know your thoughts on it.

You can Find this Book at

Episode-577- The 2010 Christmas Episode

Most of today’s show is a rebroadcast of 2008?s Christmas special.  Today we pause and take a moment to reflect on Christmas and how it has become the Holiday we celebrate today.  Many American’s have no idea just how Christmas became unique here in America, the role it played in bringing our nation together after two wars of independence and the civil war.

Christmas is special and a time to pause and reflect.  Christmas is indeed a special time of year, today I will cover many aspects of it that may make this Christmas just a bit more special.  There is also a full text transcription on of the non commercial portion of today’s show in the show notes below.

Tune in today to hear about…

  • Christmas was banned in England at one time and even parts of America
  • Early Americans didn’t really celebrate Christmas, (congress was in session on Dec 25th, 1789)
  • In the early 1800s Christmas was a rowdy holiday spurred by class conflict, turmoil and unemployment
  • In 1819, best-selling author Washington Irving wrote The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon bringing us many “ancient customs”, he simply invented
  • Leading up to the Civil War, Christmas was a “southern holiday” and Thanksgiving a “northern holiday”
  • How Christmas and Thanksgiving together helped to heal a young America
  • Today is a time to pause, reflect and just be, prepping, planning and stress will all wait patiently for you
  • Different ending music for today’s show!  The most beautiful version of Oh Holly Night I have ever heard, just pause, listen and realize what really matters while it plays.

Resources for today’s show…

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Free eBook “The Real Truth About Money” Now Available In Beta

To make sure that my new eBook is available at least in a beta version before the holidays I have released it today.  I am also looking for your help with the final resources chapter.

You can get the book and ask any unanswered questions where I announced it at

Because I have posted extensive details about the early release and attempted to answer as many questions as possible at TRTAM about the early release as possible comments for this entry are closed.

Get Your Free Copy of the Beta Version of
The Real Truth About Money Here

Episode-576- Seven Deadly Cracks in the U.S. Economy

I authored an article yesterday you can read at The Real Truth About Money called “Seven Deadly Cracks and The False Recovery” (Link).  I didn’t want to do this episode today so close to Christmas but I can’t get this out of my head.

The things I will tell you today and the components of the article I will expand upon you really need to know about and be prepared for.

We are about to enter a very dangerous time, a period that will be lauded as recovery, I have been saying this was coming for over two years now.  Today I will show you the how and why behind it and the seven deadly cracks that will eventually allow the dam to break.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Reasons things seem to be getting better
  • How inflation creates the illusion of recovery
  • The real reasons behind the initial crash
  • The Seven Deadly Cracks
    • The collapse of the housing market is still in full swing
    • High unemployment that isn’t getting better
    • The majority of US States are near bankruptcy
    • Many cities and municipalities are near bankruptcy
    • The US is 13 Trillion dollars in debt and climbing
    • The deficit in 2010 was over 1.4 trillion dollars and it will be as bad in 2011
    • FAS 157 Voodoo Keeping Bankrupt Banks Appearing Profitable
  • What you can do about this
  • Protecting your wealth in the future
  • Why holding some cash is something you must do despite inflation
  • Debt must go NOW, here’s why
  • My outlook is positive as always, the wold is going on sale again!

Resources for Today’s Show

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Photo Credit Above to Wicky1 via Flickr

AOCS First Strike Pics, Christmas Sale and TRTAM

I figured I would do one blog post on all three of these items to keep from flooding everyone’s updates today.  First up as promised on today’s episode I did recieve pictures of the first strike of the new AOCS TSP Copper rounds.

Currently we have sold over 6,000 of the first run of 10,000 coins.  Odds are they may sell out before we ship them in January so you may want to order yours now.  They can be ordered at the TSP Gear Shop Here.

First the Obverse (front)

Second the Reverse (back)

I really feel like the Mint and Rob’s Folks at AOCS did an awesome job for us on this.  Also the design by Tiffany Rockwell is one of the most stunning examples of AOCS currency every created in my view.  Be sure to let Tiffany know what a great job she did when you get the opportunity.

I am honestly blown away by how quickly these are selling so again if you want some from the first run I would seriously consider pre ordering.

Again you can do that at the TSP Gear Shop


Next up remember the back of the coins display the URL of a new website we launched called The Real Truth About Money located at  Initially was simply going to have the ocassional blog post about our economic system and have a simple PDF download of about 10 pages detailing the truth about our economic system.

Well over the last month I went into complete over drive and the 10 page PDF is now a full fledged book of  about 80 pages.  This book will be available in a few days at as a free electronic download, with in a few weeks at most you will be able to order paperback versions via at about 2 dollars over our cost per book, this should be around 10 – 11 dollars a copy or less.  My hope is that along with the soft and hard copies of the book and the new AOCS rounds can be use to help awaken your friends and family to the true slavery in our current economic system.

The electronic version of the book will remain free to all. uses a print on demand technology so I don’t have to hold inventory of the books.  We are simply doing the print version to make them available to those who want hard copies for personal use and giving away to others.     I am sorry the hard copies won’t be availble for Christmas but it just isn’t in the cards at this point.  Hey writing a full book in 30 days was hard enough!

The book itself is completed in full, this week I am simply adding resources to the end for people to learn more on the subject of financial literacy and economic policy.  The beta version of the soft copy will be released before Christmas come heck or high water!  If you have websties, books, DVDs, Youtube Videos or anything to suggest for the resources section please let me know in the comments below.  If you have not subscribed to updates by email or by RSS at you may want to get over there now and do so.

I am also seeking contributing writers to blog at you can get more on that here.


Lastly, I just want to make sure that those of you who may be behind on listening know that this week all the way till midnight on Christmas (central time) I am running a sale on the Members Brigade.  For the next few days you get the first year for only 30 dollars using the discount code “christmas” (yes I know to capitalize Christmas but the codes work best with all lowercase).

For those that want to use the mail in form you can just write Christmas on the form and mail it in with your first years payment.  Also during this sale I will take one ounce of pure silver in any form for a year of MSB or $1.25 cents of face value in pre-64 90% silver US Coin.  So if you have been on the fence about MSB now be the time to join or get a membership as a gift for a loved one.

You can Join the MSB Here

Episode-575- Planning 2011s Gardening and Homesteading Activities

I thought this would be a great subject for today.  Over the past few weeks many of my seed catalogs have come in, the garden is now producing only greens and other frost hardy crops and today is the Winter Solstice which is the longest night of the year.  In other words we are about to go into the Christmas holiday and the first day of winter has just fallen upon us.  We now have a long cold winter ahead which will not officially end until March 21st.  To me winter is a time of planning, contemplation and evaluation.

Join me today as we discuss..

  • Winter has begun but the coldest days lie ahead
  • The first step is to review your successes and failures of 2010
  • Do you reattempt or abandon your failures
  • What do you want to add to your production in 2011
  • Determine your average last frost date and counting backwards
  • Time to build that cold frame, greenhouse or both
  • Is 2011 the year you add livestock, if so what
  • If  you are going to start keeping bees now is the time to order
  • Seed and Orchard Catalogs – Knowledge and Shopping All In One
  • Evaluational goals for 2011
  • Irrigation System Planning for 2011
  • Setting realistic time lines and priorities
  • Some of my goals for 2011
    • Sell the old house and move
    • Install Garden Beds
    • Install Irrigation Systems
    • Develop Extensive Herb Gardens
    • Install Out Buildings
    • Develop Orchard Plan, Irrigation, Swales, etc.
    • Install small ponds
    • Build and install greenhouse and aquaponics system
    • Continue to develop our mason bee population
    • Evaluate small live stock choices
    • Install fencing
    • Develop Composting and Mulch Systems
    • Encourage Local Wildlife
    • Install Gun Range

Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-574- Listener Feedback 12-20-10

So today is Monday, time for another round of your email feedback, if you want to submit content for a show like this send your link and commentary to jack at with the subject, “question for jack” and I will try to get your content on the air.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • TSP Wins Podcast of the Year Award
  • An awesome 11 year old speaks out on GMOs and more
  • Gardening really is good for your mental health and health in general
  • 10 foods that store longer then you live
  • What’s Up With Iranian ballistic missiles in Venezuela
  • Replacing the carbon footprint with a dependency footprint
  • The Iranian Missiles In Venezuela worth a worry or not
  • What risks are there if the dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency
  • Assclown of the Week says “congress should serve the banks”!  SERIOUSLY
  • California decides to do its own carbon tax
  • Making biltong from wild game
  • Are we actually getting a tax cut, yes, but not the way you think

Resources for Today’s Show

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

It’s Official TSP Wins Podcast of the Year Award

Thanks to what I think must be the most awesome audience in all of podcasting TSP has won Podcast of the Year in the General Category from    The total votes cast this year for all the categories was over 4.1 million so winning in any category was a tough challenge.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that helped up first get nominated (for the second year in a row).  I also really want to thank all of you that voted once we were in the hunt.  Again I just think the TSP audience is the most awesome group of folks in the world.  Thanks so much to everyone who has listened to and shared TSP with others.