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Episode-84 Winter is for Gardening Part Three

Today we wrap up with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your garden in the winter or just use winter to get your garden ready for spring.

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • How to use hot water barrels or a black drum of water to fight off a freeze
  • The proper way to start out a raised bed both for quick use or in prep for the spring
  • Why you never bury sod if you plan to plant your crops right away
  • Tips on using cheap builder plastic and frost blankets
  • Why winter is a great time to pick a “sunny location”
  • Why wide beds are better
  • Why you need to work the sub soil no matter how much top soil and organic matter you fill in a bed with
  • Why leaves are better added to a bed directly rather then composted (in winter time anyway)
  • How to put your beds to “sleep” for the winter if you won’t be growing during the winter season
  • The value of worms and soil critters and how their efforts compound over time
  • Why roto tilling is not always a good idea and how it can actually harm your soil
  • The importance of testing your soil, don’t skip this step it is easy and cheap to do
  • Green houses don’t always need to have shelves, the in ground green house is cool
  • A perfect way to store, deploy and use your frost blankets and make them more effective and give them a longer useful life

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Episode-83- 9 Predictions for 2008 – 2012

After returning from a two day trip I found a great new thread on our forum about predictions for the next few week, months and years.  I decided to use it as the basis for today’s show.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why the site was down for most of yesterday
  • My response to Dudley Storey from Episode 81
  • Will Obama wins by landslide and if so what will happen because of it?
  • Will we see another assault weapons ban more restrictive than Clinton’s and how might it be opposed?
  • Will the depression/recession deepen or might we see a “false recovery” if so what will drive it and what will the next burst look like?
  • Will the fairness doctrine passed and what will it mean to “talk radio”?
  • Will taxes go up for only those making 250,000 or be raised soon after for every one else because the government still can’t afford what it is spending on programs and a trillion dollar deficit?
  • Will unemployment will hit double digits?
  • What events might trigger violent crime will increases across the country?
  • Will we still be in Iraq two years from now?
  • What is going to happen with the Afghan war and why?

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Episode-82- Winter is for Gardening Part Two

Today’s show expands on Part 1 from yesterday and covers various ways to improve your winter gardening efforts to expand the production of your survival gardening efforts.  This show was recorded a day in advance and is being posted during my absense on a business trip.

There most likely will not be a show tomorrow, please forgive the brief nature of today’s show notes and the lack of a show one day this week.  We will return on Thursday for another edition.

Tune in today for…

  • Thoughts on options for indoor growth lights
  • Why a  sunny window is often not sufficient for indoor gardening
  • How to turn an old fish tank into a mini garden
  • The cost vs value evaluation of compact florescent full UV spectrum lighting
  • Ideas for what will and what will not grow well as an indoor plant
  • Methods to keep your greenhouse above freezing even on very cold nights
  • Building or using “row houses” to protect in ground crops during the winter in mild climates
  • Getting an early start in climates where you can’t grow through the winter
  • The advantages of starting your own seeds

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Episode-81- Winter is for Gardening Part One

Today we are going to go over some of the things you should be thinking about in regard to gardening during winter when it is often over looked.  We do have to start out on two things from the political realm and the Obama campaign though.  First a statement by Senator Biden that was inaccurately presented by Fox News (note I like Fox News and despise Senator Biden but facts are facts even when I don’t like them).  Then on comments made by Barak Obama in 2001 on a Chicago radio station that are quite chilling to hear.

Tune in today to hear…

On Politics – Sorry to those who are not into the political stuff but we are about a week from the election and this news needs to be discussed (briefly) from a true independent view point.

  • How Fox News totally mis presented Joe Biden’s reaction to the question “is Obama a Marxist”.
  • How I actually agree tactically with the Biden/Obama decision not to do interviews with the Orlando station going forward
  • How Fox News irresponsibly inferred that the entire station was “shut down”
  • How Obama really is a Marxist in his own words calling for “the redistribution of wealth”
  • Obama feels the fact that “it is a tragedy that redistribution of wealth wasn’t part of the civil rights movement”
  • Why we are screwed economically with McCain or Obama

On Winter Gardening

  • Why now is the time to plan for next year even if you don’t grow anything during the winter
  • Why wide beds out preform narrow beds and my minimum bed width rules
  • How I learned by mistake not to make beds to wide or narrow
  • Why winter (or late fall or very early spring) is a heck of a better time to be digging new beds then the summer
  • Now is the time to add raised beds for next year and to plant nitrogen producing crops in some warmer climates
  • Thoughts on the Springhouse Portable Greenhouse
  • Raised beds with or with out walls
  • Considering “slopes” when planning for beds with or with out walls
  • Great winter crops – spinach, chard, broccoli, cabbage, lettuces, onions and garlic
  • The mistake of not working the soil below your beds added soil
  • Why crops grow better with soil that has been worked deeper – the lesson of the carrort
  • How working soil deeper improves water retention and utilization
  • Hey joy of no or few “pests” in the winter – bugs die when it freezes
  • Thoughts on greenhouses for starting seeds not just for growing winter crops
  • Why starting your own seeds makes a LOT more sense then buying plants
  • Control your plating time by seed starting in the winter
  • Getting involved with our forum

Resources and Links for Today’s show


  • Biden’s Video Interview – Is Obama a Marxist – He did answer the question and said no!  He also lied because the Obama campaign gave Acorn 800,000 dollars just not specifically to “register voters”
  • Obama’s comments on wealth redistribution – He is a Marxist!  Just listen to his words and think about what he is saying.   Not redistrituing wealth is a failure?

On Gardening

Episode-80 The Perfect Survivalist Homestead Retreat

Today we will explore some of the often considered as well as the often over looked characteristics that make up a perfect homestead for the survival minded individual in modern times.

Tune in today to hear…

  • How “perfect” is possible but different for each family or individual
  • The system of checks and balances that applies to all real estate choices
  • The difference between a home with a job attached an just a homestead
  • The importance of water availability on property and thoughts on ponds, wells, etc.
  • Considering potential for both permaculture and argriculture
  • Small Farm, Hobby Farm or Just a Garden -think about it
  • Calculate your total cost of ownership before you buy
  • Evaluation of the potential for annexation and increased taxes
  • Considering insurance costs and requirements
  • Distances from services, support and friends and family
  • Off grid advantages and disadvantages
  • The potential to run or operate a business or work from home
  • Realistic cost reductions and unrealistic ones as well
  • What is your version of my “back yard rifle range” – make sure you can have it
  • Thoughts on being a good neighbor when moving to a new community

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Episode-79 The Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb

How in the world can we have a quadrillion dollar problem when there isn’t anywhere near a quadrillion dollars in the world?  What the hell is a derivative and why should the average person care?  This may not be the most practical action podcast we do and it may be a bit hard to understand some of the points but I felt that I needed to discuss this with my listeners because it is in the words of Warren Buffet a “financial weapon of mass distruction” and it may go off any day!  Global thermal financial war!

Tune in today to hear…

  • Exactly what a derivative is
  • Why derivatives are the largest black market in the world today
  • How at one time derivatives were almost outlawed as illegal gambling
  • The ponzi scheme that may fall apart and tank the global economy very soon
  • The very few real options we have to dismantle this weapon and why it might be to late anyway
  • The real reason the Fed saved AIG and Freddie and Fannie
  • Why foreign investors are running to the dollar even though it is screwed
  • Why banks stopped loaning money to each other, it has little to do with sub prime mortgages
  • The bull shit story from the government about the mortgage market – it could be fully paid off with 200 billion – so why 700 billion in the bail out.
  • The continued pumping in of money by the Fed – 540 Billion Yesterday alone

Resources for today’s show

Videos for Todays Show From YouTube (watch these after my show)

The first one emphasizes a bit to much on the mortgage market but he gets most of it right!

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Episode-78 The Mission of the Survival Podcast

I decided today that with all the growth in our community and our audience that we should take a moment to evalute the goals for the show.  Today’s show is just my heart felt plea to anyone who listens to begin educating yourself to the threats not only to our phyical survival but to the survival of our nation, its’ founding principals, the family unit and our traditional way of life.

Tune in today to hear…

  • How we have lost the basic knowledge of how things work in America today
  • What it means to “live the live you want, if times get tough or even if they don’t”
  • Getting over “democrat” vs. “republican”
  • Why we all really knew the economy was in trouble but choose to ignore it
  • The three biggest threats that realistically should be our largest concerns
  • Why I talk about the economy and politics at times, not just beans, bullets and band aids
  • Don’t believe what the TV tells you
  • Knowing why you believe what you believe
  • Putting ignorance to death should be our goal
  • Making sure you know the one clown you employ that has the biggest effect on spending our money
  • Understanding the blessing of being able to own land in America
  • Why we need to move our homes from home to homestead
  • Your home should be your provider not something to flip every two years
  • Real estate is not always a safe investment
  • My real vision for America is not people like me but people who know what they believe and why they believe it
  • Why the government keeps telling us we need their help and why that is killing us
  • Why we need to turn away from the counterfeit American dream we have been sold
  • To reclaim your nation you must first reclaim your life
  • We have chosen the socialist government we have today

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Episode-77- We are our own worst enemy at the elections

With the elections close at hand and the campaigns heating up I decided to do a show on politics to get it out of my system for a while.  Today’s show will examine how most people have no clue what candidates stand for, no idea what the president can actually do and why many things people assume to be true are not.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Proof that many have no idea why they are voting for a candidate – from of all sources Howard Stern
  • Why we need to prepare for a down economy with McCain or Obama
  • Why the president has no where near the power people assign to him
  • We should vote for a president based on what they promise to prevent, not what they claim to be able to get done
  • How McCain supports are often just as uninformed about the presidential election
  • Where were the die hard main stream McCain supporters before Sarah Palin
  • Why the Republicans might just be “taking a dive” in this election
  • What the veto is all about and how it is the presidents strongest but often least used power
  • Why we are NOT getting universal health care in the next four years no matter who wins
  • Why Iraq is not about the oil (really its true) and what it really is about
  • How we make more money on Oil in Iran today then Iraq
  • How the Afghan war will continue to bleed our wealth into the Military Industrial Complex
  • Haliburton is only a fraction of the money, look to Boeing, Lockheed, etc. for the real money
  • How the McCain and Obama military plans are actually the same
  • Why we believe all the nonsense we are fed and why the entitlement attitude is killing us
  • My plea to American, get a clue and vote in March
  • The real mess for the economy is yet to come, a quadrillion in derivatives
  • A tax break won’t matter for you if you are unemployed
  • Become at least partially self employed soon if not become invaluable to your employer now
  • Save money in safe investments now
  • Reduce your cost of living now, pay of debt now, become well off with minimal income
  • Don’t bet on a promise for any politician in 2008, we are out money, the worlds banks are bankrupt
  • Getting off the entitlement mentality will happen when the entitlements run out

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Episode-76- Local Economies and Web Based Survival Tools

Today’s show covers a wide range of topics and announcements with a big focus on what we can do to support our local economies and online tools to help with your survival planning.  Along with several announcements about the show and our forum.

Tune in today to hear….

  • About Dan Tanner becoming our first survivalist mentor
  • The Survival Podcast is now syndicated on Texas Independence Radio
  • Supporting Local Swap Meets, Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets
  • Using Craig’s List to find local sources of goods and services
  • More on our five item challenge
  • Thoughts on using and weather bug
  • Using Google Alerts
  • Using Google Maps – map training, evac routes, etc
  • Using Google Documents for back up, collaborations and making data portable

Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-75- Basics and Thoughts on Reloading

Today I took a shot at a show on reloading.  It may be a bit fragmented as discussion a detailed process with out video or images is difficult, but many have asked for a reloading show so we now have one.

Tune in today to hear…

  • The basic process of reloading
  • Why custom ammo is more accurate and what custom means to a reloader
  • How you can load rounds and combination of components you can’t get from
  • Why reloading saves money
  • Thoughts on not over doing your fist purchases
  • How powder is measured by volume and checked by a scale
  • The importance of origination and a system for safety
  • Recommended manuals that give easy to understand instructions and good data
  • My recommendation on the Lee Anniversary Kit as a starter
  • Choosing a single stage press when you start out
  • Thoughts on a progressive press for high volume loading
  • The survival value of reloading
  • A bit on casting your own bullets
  • The value of “reduced loads”

Load Data for my Reduced 44 Special Load (From the Lee Manual – First Edition, Do NOT reduce further)

This is a 44 Special Load from an older Lee Manual.  Do NOT reduce any further!

300 Grain Lead Bullet
Standard Large Pistol Primer
9.8-11.5 grains of H227

I settled on an even 10 Grains of Powder.  In a 20 Inch barreled 1894 Marlin 44 Magnum it is quieter then most Break Barrel Pellet guns and will penetrate 7 inches of solid pressure treated lumber at 25 yards and is accurate to about 50 yards before the low velocity takes over and drop becomes extreme.

Similar loads should be possible for rounds like,

357 Mag – Try light 38 Spc Loads
45 Colt – Try Cowboy Action Loads to start out

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