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Episode-65- The Modern Financial Survival Mindset

Well the market dove 777 points but is up 260 points already today.  The bail out failed and many folks are wondering what they should do to prepare for a possible recession or depression.  The answer is form and act upon a modern survival mindset in all walks of life.  Today’s show will focus on the financial aspects of doing that, however it will apply to all forms of modern survivalism.

Today’s show is the longest one ever at over 50 minutes but it will teach you the proper mindset to build, preserve and strengthen your wealth, in fact it will even redefine the meaning of the word wealth for you.  Tune in today to learn…

  • Why the market dropped and what it means for us
  • Why it is recovering so quickly
  • Why now is not the time to panic nor bury your head in the sand
  • The definition of “survival” and how that should shape your daily life
  • Why you must cut expenses now
  • Why you need and should take up my challenge to keep an expenses journal
  • Another lesson on the debt snowball and why you should get on board with it asap
  • The hard question “what do you really want” and why you must answer it
  • Thoughts in increasing income and what 100% of additional income must go to
  • Defining your true needs
  • Why your should understand the economy but not be afraid of or ruled by it
  • How to calculate your true wealth and what wealth really is
  • True diversification of your money involves a lot more the the market and funds
  • Investing in hard goods and life style vs. just investing in paper
  • The “mutual fund scam” and how it is used to prop up the market

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Episode-64- Wrap Up On Questions about the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out

I was all prepared to go back to solid “preparations” topics but questions have continued to flow in about the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out and what it will mean, how it will work and where the money will come from.  Tune in today to hear…

  • Where will the 700 billion come from
  • How much will it cost tax payers
  • Who will benefit most from this expenditure
  • How Secretary Paulson has committed treason by sitting on this for over a year
  • How printing this money will cost you a 13% drop in the value of your money
  • Why the stock market did not drop on Friday but why it will today
  • How the deal will come today but it hasn’t really changed much over the weekend
  • Who will really profit from this deal – it’s not who you think
  • How pledging any profit to our National Debt does nothing for us
  • Who will decide where the money will go
  • Which banks will get the money
  • How the big banks will use this go gobble up the little ones
  • How the government will use this eventual wind fall to increase the size and power of government
  • How class warfare is being used inside this bail out in plain site but no one sees it
  • Why “just giving the money to the people” won’t work
  • How the 700 billion is simply not enough to fix the problem
  • How rich people are living in a world of counterfeit libertarianism only for themselves
  • How the responsible person is going to get raped by this deal
  • The real end game here, more money for the government and profit for the banks that are not failing

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Episode-63- How the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Will Happen

Today’s I am going to let you know we can expect to see happen regarding the bail out (Bush now calls a “Rescue Plan”) in the next few days.  Get ready for a great puppet show and to watch the public go from opposing the plan to begging for it by the time the week end is over.

Tune in today to hear,

  • Exactly what is the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out really all about
  • How we will be “sold” on the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Plan
  • What the bail out will do to the market in the short term
  • Why the bail out plan is already written and agreed upon and what we are watching is nothing but a show
  • Exactly what does the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out plan mean
  • How the stock market will be most likely to respond
  • How our nation is going into full on Fascism with this plan and no one is talking about it
  • Why you should call your congress critter even though he won’t change his vote based on what you say
  • How to make this years Christmas special and not blow money
  • Blowing money is not your patriotic duty
  • How Washington Mutual was just sold back door to JP Morgan for fractional pennies on the dollar
  • How to double your money with “Cowboy Logic”

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Episode-62- Solid Values in Firearms for the Survival Minded Individual

I have been on a real tear about the economy and the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out, AIG Buyout, etc lately.  I decided it was time to shift gears and go into a totally different topic.  Today we will go over what I feel are a few of today’s best values in firearms for everything from collecting, to self defense to putting meat on the table.  I do still have a few things about the economy as well.

Please note I called the Auto Loan Bailout a 50 Billion dollar bail out, it is a 25 Billion Dollar Bail out at least in round one, they do plan to give them another 25 billion down the road.  Sorry for the error.

Tune in today to hear my thoughts on…

The Economy

  • While we focus on the 700 Billion the Congressional Clows drop 25 Billion on the Automakers to bail them out
  • My alternative plan yesterday was a “”better way to do it” not what we should do, no bail outs is the right answer
  • If it does fall, do you really know what it will be like?  Do the sheeple?  What will it mean?
  • Be careful what you wish for
  • Call your senators and congress clowns, tell them what you think, not what I think

On Values in Firearms

  • A bit on what exactly “surplus firearms” are
  • The Mosin Nagant M44 (awesome value under 100 bucks)
  • The Yugo SKS, still affordable if you want one buy now
  • The 303 Enfield, still some affordable ones around, outstanding quality
  • The Civilian Marksmanship Program at its’ requirements
  • The M1 Carbine is gone in the surplus market, missed opportunity!
  • The M1 Garand is still out there under 500 dollars via CMP
  • The 1917 Enfield in 30-06 get one while you can
  • The 1917 Barreled action 200 bucks for an amazing base to a custom sporter
  • The Savage Rifle perhaps the best value for the money in a new or used bolt action sporting rifle
  • HI Point is more then a “ghetto glock”
  • The Hi Point 995 and 4095 carbines, more fun then a barrel of monkeys
  • The Bersa Thunder 380 a cheap carry gun carried by off duty police officers (249 retail)
  • Affordable used 38 Specials at gun shows, try about 100 bucks!
  • The NEF/H&R Handi Rifle how about a 22 hornet, 30-06, 45-70 and 12 gauge on one frame for under 500 bucks
  • The Marlin Lever gun, looked for used ones they still usually have a life time of service in them
  • The Remington 870 Express, great deal, most popuplar and proven pump gun ever
  • The Mossberg pumps, another great option
  • Stay away from “tactical shotguns” – I explain why
  • Still a place for the single shot gun, brand new, 80 bucks and proven, safe and reliable

Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-61- Questions from the Audience on the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out

I have been getting a lot of questions about the new 700 Billion Dollar bail out so I took today’s show to answer these questions and comment on them.  Turn in today to hear about…

  • How this government bail out is different from the AIG take over by the Federal Reserve
  • Why this 700 billion will cost us at least a trillion in real cost
  • Why we are almost in a total screwed if we do it and screwed worse if we don’t
  • How the expense of AIG is a “back end expense” and the new bail out is a direct tax payer expense
  • How we could actually make a profit with the bail out and why it will never happen
  • A plan to do the bail out that is a lot more fair and would work a lot better if we did it at all
  • The false flag of “greedy CEOs”, why it is right but doesn’t really matter
  • How the 700 Billion Dollar bail out will actually work, what will happen behind the scenes
  • How we are actually really “printing money” this time
  • Who is really going to benefit in the end from this disaster and why we are getting screwed so others can get rich
  • Thoughts on how to protect your wealth during this time
  • How this program will create a governmental agency that is bigger then the Department of Defense
  • How the unity of citizens has already been derailed by the CEO false flag
  • How we just sold trillions of dollars in real estate to the government for pennies on the dollar
  • The two year rule we should put on Options for executives
  • Why any there should be a retroactive requirement on past bonuses for at least 6 months
  • The alternative to doing nothing is a remake of 1930

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Episode-60- Keeping Your Head in Tough Times

I have been getting a lot of emails from people that are “freaking out” about the new developments in the economy, the 700 Billion dollar bailout and general break down of our economic system.  This is not the time to “freak out” or be scared it is now time to up your preps and get your head right.

Tune in today to hear…

  • How this 700 Billion dollar bail out is more debt and will devalue your money
  • Should you pull your money from stocks, take the would you buy it today test
  • No bonuses for the executives of failed companies
  • This ship is sinking but it isn’t the Titanic, take your time exiting and stay calm
  • Time for “rice and beans in a bucket”
  • Thoughts on “doubling up with family or friends” – it may not be a bad idea
  • Silver is one investment not an end all be all
  • Keeping some cash on hand
  • Increase your income and decrease your expenses and save, save, save
  • Dave Ramsey gets it wrong on “500 Trades from Armageddon”
  • Why people like Dave Ramsey CAN’T tell you to get out of the market even if they want to
  • A stock market “crash” does not mean zero
  • How a declining “US Empire” may be the gold lining to this huge mess
  • How this decline will be an opportunity for the informed and prepared
  • The election this time equals punched from the right with a metal glove or punched from the left with a barbwire wrapped boxing mitt, both will suck.
  • How the messages to each side (right/left) are always tailored to the polarized audiences
  • How the bail out is actually uniting the left and the right and the center, will they figure out that we all agree and let their congress critters know about it?
  • Where this 700 Billion is coming from
  • If you are poor and living poor you will be OK, if you are middle class and living that way you will be OK, if you are rich you will be OK the people in danger are the middle class who live as though they are rich.
  • In tough times the Ants harvest the “Grasshopper Graveyard”
  • When the economy takes a dump, good deals will be everywhere
  • Preserve, build and store your money and commodities and you will sale through most of this
  • Claim the life you really want, right now
  • The don’t buy for 48 hours challenge – take it and it will change your view of money
  • The psychology of a savings account vs a checking account

Resources for Today’s Show

Episode-59- The Issues Test – Where do you Stand – Does it Matter?

Correction on Today’s show – Speaking of the McCain – Feingold Act near the end of today’s I said “Diane Fiengold” the Fiengold in question is Russel Feingold.  I unfortunately stated Diane as in Diane Feinstein.  This can be attributed to an unusually heavy traffic day during my mobile broadcast.  I as always strive to be accurate and apologize for the misstatement, I did not even realize I did it until I listened to the show myself.

As we move closer to the election cycle and as our economy melts down we are seeing many issues debated and discussed about politics, issues and potential laws.  Right now what we should be focusing on is the meltdown of our economy and the erosion of our constitution.  Yet once again “class warfare” will rear its’ head, with that in mind I decided to do a show on how I decide on controversial issues.

This information is to help you decide where you stand, not to make you think the way I do!

Tune in today to hear discussion on the following questions we should ask about any issue..

  • Will it effect me? (me meaning us, the average American)
  • Does it increase or decrease the power of government?
  • Is it Constitutional?
  • Does it make people that agree on 95% of issues fight amongst themselves?
  • What is it going to cost us? What is our ROI on it?  Who is paying for it?  Who benefits the most financially?
  • Is my personal prejudice or bias influencing my judgment on this?
  • What happens if we take this action?
  • What happens if we don’t do anything?
  • Does it set up the future potential for government intrusion in more areas?
  • Do I really need to be “for” or “against” this issue?
  • If we only focused on issues that “passed the test” what would be left?
  • How would that effect the ability of our government to bullshit us?
  • If everyone did this, would we know “what we believe” and “why we believe it”?

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Episode-58- Listener Comments and Questions Answered

Today I worked from home so I got around to what I hope will be the first of many shows answering users email and sharing their stories with the audience.  Tune in today to hear,

  • My response to a question about the price of silver coins
  • Ways to check silver pricing on your own
  • Thoughts on giving silver as Christmas presents, (specifically for kids)
  • Understanding the spot price of pre 64 US Coins vs. Bullion
  • In the Listener Appreciation Contest you can Now choose an iPod or 149 dollars in silver
  • Things every new couple should think hard about before paying for a wedding (new Brides LISTEN UP)
  • Deciding on third party candidates, “throwing away votes” and battleground states
  • A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for “Libertarianism” not for Bob Barr, same with Chuck Baldwin
  • Voting for local officials and the Congress and Senate is more important then voting for president
  • Georges Bush’s legacy will now be on par with Jimmy Carters
  • How to know when the time to leave and bug out is upon you
  • How once the first looting starts the rest join in fast
  • How to reclaim your nation by first reclaiming your life
  • The story of a real American Patriot Hero who has made the decision to reclaim his life
  • A little about how I might hire an “intern” some time soon
  • The pattern of collapse, recovery, stability, collapse, etc and how it makes those in control fortunes on our backs
  • How “poor people have a right to buy an expensive house they can’t afford” caused the latest collapse
  • The mental disorder of the super rich that see all of this as a big Monopoly Game

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Episode-57- Can We Save Our Nation and Website and Show Updates

Today’s show will wind down my thoughts on the economy for a while and simply give you my thoughts on where we are at and where we are going.  I will also cover some new updates and cool things that will soon be added to the website.

Tune in today to hear…

  • The cause of the recent tumble of the markets and how it isn’t the “bottom” yet.
  • More on how the “federal bailout” isn’t a bailout but a take over of AIG by a private company
  • About how you can join our LinkedIn Network
  • We are launching a new members forum (in Beta mode now) you will have to listen to the show to find out how to access it before it goes public
  • T-Shirts are coming along with a free copy of Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo
  • An invitation for forum moderators
  • A new look and feel is coming to the site
  • My new Disclaimers and Policies Page and what it can teach us about how laws should be written
  • A tip on using Word Press for all you bloggers out there
  • A special thank you to all of my listeners and your wonderful emails, feedback and commentary on this show
  • What a man means when he calls a thing, “her” or “she”
  • My answer to the question about our country, “Can we save Her?”
  • My feelings about true patriotism and what the “breaking point” could be that would cause a revolution that is not peaceful

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Episode-56- Lies in Plain Sight – AIG Buyout is Seizure by a Private Entity

Today we will discuss the continuing financial mess and in particular the AIG “bail out”.  We will start out with a lie that has NOTHING to do with the financial market to simply demonstrate how lies often “hide” in plain sight of anyone who bothers to look at them even casually.

Tune in today to learn,

  • One of the biggest lies of the medical industry and how it shows us that a lie is best hidden in plain sight
  • Why “the government” didn’t bail out AIG, but how taxpayers are funding the buy out
  • How the Federal Reserve (a private company) now owns AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, not the American people as we are led to believe
  • Who will be next?  Wamu, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, who?  Perhaps many?
  • The fallacy of FAS 157 and why financial assets are still not “marked to market”
  • How the tin foil hat brigade is, at certain times, spot on
  • Why the big foot to drop will be unsecured debt – 1 Trillion in toxic debt – That will never be repaid

Resources and Links for Today’s Show

  • Which US Bank Will Fail Next? – Specifically note the quote by Gerald Cassidy, – “If you were to truly mark them to market, the decline in value could be too large for them to be able to digest without raising equity capital.” – Clearly FAS 157 is not being followed as claimed.
  • Is Washington Mutual Going to be the Next Bank to Fail? – Note the facts on bad debt and adjustable rate mortgages along with a salary and bonus package of 20 Million Alan Fishman the new Chief Executive of WAMU.
  • Washington Mutual Hobbled By Increasing Defaults on Option ARMs –  Note facts from today’s show in this article, “Four percent of Washington Mutual’s option ARM portfolio probably will reset in the second half of this year and 13 percent, or $7.1 billion, will reset in 2009, according to the SEC filing”.  Also note this quote, “About 83 percent of the option ARMs issued from 2004 to 2007 were underwritten without full documentation of borrowers’ incomes, Fitch said.”
  • US Bancorp bad-loan cost may rise 25-28% – Note the confidence of this quote, ‘”Until we see loan losses absolutely going down, with certainty in more than one quarter, we’re going to continue to build our loan-loss provision — you should want us to do that,” Davis said’. – Is that confidence warranted, honestly I don’t know.

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