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Episode-44- Thoughts on the Differences between Permaculture and Agriculture

In today’s show we talk about land stewardship and permaculture as a true form of investing for the future. I also do a brief bit on politics today. A simple question, “how does Barak Obama define middle class income?”, as in give us a number. Second a bit on on John McCain’s pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his V.P. running mate.

Please Note – I made a correction on today’s show in audio and spliced it in but it will also be repeated here. For some reason I referred to Governor Palin as “Kathryn Palin” which of course is a mistake, her name is actually Sarah Palin. The fact that I podcast while in traffic during a commute sometimes may result in such errors, when I catch them I always make every attempt to correct them.

Tune in today and here my thoughts on…

Briefly on the Election

  • What’s up Obama, please give us an income figure for the term middle class
  • Hey you too McCain, no politician should be able to say, “lower income”, “middle class”, etc with out numbers to go with them
  • How the selection of Sarah Palin could almost guarantee a woman president in 2012

On the Main Subject

  • The main difference between permaculture and agriculture
  • Ideas for permaculture beyound tress and bushes
  • Where wild game fits into your permaculture plan
  • Handing down a family legacy with permaculture
  • Growing grapes for sale to local wine makers
  • Using permaculture crops to improve the quality of land

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Episode-43- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

Today’s show expands on yesterday’s and gives you five more lies that most American’s believe to be true. No conspiracy theories or tin foil hat concepts here. This stuff is all wide open and easy to verify as fact by reading simple history and looking at current realities.

Sorry for the background noise in today’s show, while I think the audio is over all much better my mobile studio seemed to attract every semi truck on the highway today.

Tune in today to get my thoughts on,

  • The lie that the “governments role is to solve the problems of the people”
  • How ridiculous the concept of a “government that would solve individual problems” would be in a discussion among the Founding Fathers
  • The lie that “America is the freest nation in the world”
  • One thing that you can do in many countries that will get you arrested at gun point in America
  • The lie that we need to “spend more on national defense”
  • The fact that the U.S. spends more money on our military then the combined military budgets of every other nation in the world combined
  • The reality that the U.S. economic system is now best defined as fascist
  • The lie that it is “normal for the price of goods and cost of living to continually rise over time”
  • The effect of having a false paper currency backed by nothing and what a 1935 silver quarter still buys today
  • The lie that “politicians should be experienced”
  • How a government of “career politicians” have destroyed our freedom, yet not had to live with the consequences of their decisions as private citizens
  • Why a Kansas farmer, Texas rough necker or Detroit auto worker would all be better as our senators then the people we have in office today

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Episode-42- Five Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

Today’s podcast covers five lies that have been marketed to people by both industry and government and how they take away individual liberty and national freedom. This show is a long one but these were some things I feel honestly called to speak about and I have a great deal of passion for them.

I know many listeners are more interested in practical preparation but one can not separate survival mentality from individual liberty. Where as the sheeple follow the government and seek solutions from them, the individualist knows that he or she is the master of their own fate.

Today’s podcast may challenge some of your beliefs and might even make you angry at times. That just means is isn’t the same old – same old. Tune in to get my thoughts about,

  • The lie that “its a consumer driven economy and there is nothing wrong with that” and how it is driving people and our nation into the oppression of debt.
  • The lie of “no child left behind” and that “everyone should go to college” and how it is destroying our economy and making us dependent on illegal immigrant labor
  • The noble professions no one goes to college to do and why we need quality people to do them
  • The lie that “The Constitution gives us rights” and how that lie grants government power that it does not and should not have
  • Why The Constitution does not “apply to Americans” and how it actually applies to humans
  • The lie of class warfare and how it convinces you that you don’t have what you want because of some other group
  • The class structure of Europe that we left behind and why it needs to stay there
  • The lie that “you can’t do it” or “you can’t make it” with out government help and how the government is actually the problem that limits individual achievement
  • The lie of being told what you want or told what is a success or a failure or what you need
  • Why no matter who runs Washington we all still have the ability to declare individual liberty
  • How we lost the attitude of “this family doesn’t take charity” and how that is killing us
  • How the individual spirit and personal fortitude is stronger then any law, government or situation
  • How many of the “poor” are really free and many of the most “successful” are enslaved by life and debt
  • How your personal action, personal spirit and determination are your greatest survival asset

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Episode-41- Thoughts on Flu Pandemic and Survival Planning for Disease Outbreaks

I recently received a request to do a show on the potential risk of an influenza outbreak (global flu pandemic) and was able to quickly put a show together on it. What is interesting is that the governments official advice is remarkably similar to the fundamental preparations that survivalists discuss every day.

I encourage you to take this threat seriously because a pandemic is one of those risks that is not an “if” but simply a “when” and by what particular means. Tune into todays show to hear my thoughts on,

  • The shocking death statistics from three pandemics in the last 100 years from flu outbreaks
  • The high death rate of infected parties by the H5N1 Avian Flu
  • Why world governments are truly alarmed by the potential out break of the bird flu
  • Why we can’t create a vaccine for a flu strain until it is really to late
  • Why we have not yet had a case of avian flu in the U.S.
  • The real economic impact of a true flu or other pandemic
  • The real need for a quarantine in such an outbreak even a government enforced one
  • Why food storage is so important for this potential threat
  • Why even the power grid and water system may be at risk
  • The people most at risk to the economic threat that will come from the flu threat
  • Why your job is at risk and how you have no protection from termination during a quarntine
  • The importance of having the choice to self quarantine before one is ordered
  • The fantasy land some people live in that denies the horrific reality of a true pandemic
  • Why the aftermath will be something the government can’t “bail us out of”

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Episode-40- Is Global Cooling the Next Real Threat?

Last Friday I discussed 5 articles covered on Survival Blogs, one that really caught my attention was on Global Cooling. Over the weekend I did some more research and discovered the science behind global cooling is honestly pretty creditable. While there are NO Guarantees in predicting any climate change, (not even tomorrows weather) this is pretty compelling. If you are true believer in Global Warming, please take a moment to visit some of the articles I link to at the end of today’s show notes.

Tune in and listen to today’s show to learn my thoughts on,

  • Why we have been sold on the idea of and “solution” to global warming in the first place
  • Why what you do to prepare for climate change is the same as preparing for any emergency
  • How creating personal liberty and freedom is really the best way to prepare
  • Thoughts on ensuring your food production by utilizing container gardening and green houses
  • The reality of past periods of severe global cooling that were not that long ago and their effects
  • How global cooling causes droughts
  • How modern scientists are black balled for anything counter to the global warming theory
  • Understanding the goal of global taxation
  • The “golden rule” for analyzing any governmental solution
  • Why governments are for industrial production of alternative power but not empowering individual production of solar and wind energy
  • Ways to adapt to any climate driven emergency or crisis
  • The meaning of “when it rains it pours” and what it means to you
  • What really brought people to America in the 1800’s – It is not what we teach in schools today
  • Why it is easier to live like a Homesteader today then it was when Homesteading was popular

Here are a list of articles from creditable sources on climate change that discuss the effect and reality of global cooling periods.

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Episode-39- Survivalism Around the Blogosphere

Today I decided to do something a bit different and I have pulled 5 topics currently being discussed by various bloggers. Tune in today to hear my thoughts on the following posts –

1. Government May Have Massive Surveillance Program for Use in “National Emergency” – From The Ignorance is Futile Blog.

Summary – There may be as many as 8 Million Americans that are in a database as a potential threat during a national emergency. The article cites the following – 1. “According to a senior government official…”There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.”

2. Ramen Noodles as a Food Storage Supplement – From The Survival Blog

Summary – The value and cheapness of Ramen Noodles is offset by they lack of nutritional value. Protect from rodents. Hey why not post your Ramen Noodle recipe ideas in the comments section.

3. Forget Global Warming we may enter a “Little Ice Age” from the Know the Lies Blog

Summary – Sun spot activity is decreasing and while NASA expects a major increase in 2012 even some of their scientists predict a major decline from then into 2015. From 1645 – 1715 we had the Maunder Minimum that was the cause of the Little Ice Age during the “dark ages”. The Armagh observatory predicts a 2 (about 3.5 Fahrenheit) degree decline over the next 20 years.

4. CNN Talks about Peak Oil – from

Summary – CNN did a story with a video available at the blog about a man in Main that is growing food, storing wood and using alternative energy to prepare for peak oil. An embeded video from CNN shows solar car and homestead put togehter by a really cool guy who is a school teacher in Maine.

5. Major Banks May Fail – from the “Texas Preppers Network”

Summary – Former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff (biw Harvard Professor) stated – “The worst of the global financial crisis is yet to come and a large U.S. bank will fail in the next few months as the world’s biggest economy hits further troubles.”

Mr. Rogogg further stated, “We’re not just going to see mid-sized banks go under in the next few months, we’re going to see a whopper, we’re going to see a big one, one of the big investment banks or big banks”


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Episode-38- A Wake Up Call – The U.S. Economy is in Real Trouble

Today’s podcast covers some truly concerning new economic indicators in the Dallas – Fort Worth Market. Keep in mind that compared to most of the U.S. the Dallas economy is “booming” fueled by the Oil & Gas, Technology and Financial Industries. Tune in today to hear my thoughts about..

  • A surplus of 5 years worth of ready to go residential lots and what that means to the economy
  • How the real estate bust is slamming into other industries like the Title Industry
  • How banks are building less new branches despite the very low cost of commercial construction right now
  • The stated and REAL reason many banks are ‘getting out of the student loan business’
  • The harsh reality every business must face when revenue and business declines
  • What the decisions of banks tell us about what’s coming next
  • Our responsibility for the clowns in government running our country today
  • The declining work ethic of the American worker
  • How everyone is actually “self employed”
  • The impact of our migration to a “service based economy”
  • Why you really need to prepare for hard times NOW
  • How we let our government officials keep their jobs with a 9% approval rating
  • Why storing food, saving money and protecting your wealth is a hell of a lot more important right now then “main battle rifle” or a “survival knife”
  • Thoughts on how Americans could use the economy as a weapon in a “bloodless by not painless revolution” (just a sneak peak more to come on this later)

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Episode-37- Thoughts on “Patriots – Surviving the Comming Collapse”

Today I give my thoughts on the book “Patriots – Surviving the Coming Collapse” by James Wesley Rawles. Tune in to hear my thoughts on…

  • The lesson of having a Standard Operating Procedure and Following it
  • The odds of a true complete meltdown
  • What a true barter economy might be like
  • Why silver coin makes a lot better sense for barter then gold
  • The value and need to cache some of your supplies and perhaps some of your weapons
  • How the risk of an overreaction by the government may be a much bigger risk then attacks by the “bad guys” we usually think of, (ie the hordes)
  • How “we the people” are responsible for our economic vulnerability in the world today
  • How much “gray bookkeeping” might be going out with the governments financial accounting

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Episode-36- The Value of a Garden and Do You Want the Crash

Today’s podcast is a short one on two quite different subjects.  In the first segment we discuss the actual financial value of a small home garden.  The numbers are quite surprising with even a very modest garden producing well over 500 dollars a year in food based on current supermarket pricing.  With a bit more examination we discuss how it could easily move up to 1,000-1,500 dollars.    Then further how a bit of permaculture can ratchet it up to 2,500 dollars or more even on small suburban lots.

I then ask the question, “does some part of you want the collapse to come”?  Is there a piece of most survivalists that actually looks forward to a major economic or other collapse.?  If so what does that say about the current state of affairs in the world?  Also does it say something to us about the way most of us are continuing to choose to live our lives?  I am really interested in hearing your answers to those and similar questions.

Episode-35- Considering Your Options When Buying a Home for Self Suffiency

I have had a ton of questions about buying a home and or land from all over.  Today’s podcast covers my view on this in a way that will let individuals better evaluate their own needs, risk tolerance and long term planning as they make a decision on what to buy and where to buy.

Tune in today to learn my thoughts on

  • How big is the risk of an actual “horde of marauders” in an economic or other meltdown
  • A new view of the old axiom “location, location, location”
  • Understanding and combating the phrase “buyers are liars” when working with a real estate agent
  • The importance of “shopping” even if you don’t want to buy right now
  • Considering your family and their needs/wants as you plan for your next land purchase
  • How paid for real estate helps to free you from “the system” and creates real wealth
  • Calculating what you can afford
  • My formula for finding property and making an offer
  • How to properly hire and deal with a real estate agent

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