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Episode-27- Equipping the Survival Vehicle Beyond the Bug Out Bag

Join in on today’s show where we go “beyond the bug out bag” and cover the items and mind set to make your vehicle ready for both everyday and extraordinary emergencies.

Please note – That this podcast is a companion to our podcast on putting together a Bug Out Bag and only mentions items that should be kept in a vehicle in addition to those you keep in the typical 72 Hour Emergency Kit AKA The Bug Out Bag. Hence the list is not complete by itself. Please though do feel encouraged to mention additional items and ideas in the comments section.

Today we discuss,

  • The need for reserves of food and water in a vehicle beyond what is practical to carry on foot
  • How carrying simple additional parts like hoses and belts can save you untold grief
  • Equipping your vehicle with a complete set of tools
  • Focusing on increasing your options in any situation
  • Carrying reserve fuel and thinking in miles, not in gallons
  • Making changes based on your personal level of alert
  • Planning and documenting routes and keeping good navigational aids in your car or truck
  • Leaving planned routes behind for emergency responders in some situation
  • Blending in to your surroundings
  • Thoughts on survival firearms and security issues
  • The real risk of government seizure of firearms in some emergency situations and what it means to you
  • Ideas for additional defensive weapons beyond a gun
  • Ideas for communications devices including back up cell phones or two way radios
  • Practical simple things like a AAA Membership and keeping a vehicle well maintained
  • The importance of blending in vs. standing out – Forget the Camo!

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Episode-26- 9 Methods of Storing Food for the Modern Survivalist

Today’s show gives an over view of 9 different methods to store food and preserve it for future use. Tune in today to hear about..

  • Different methods of dehydration
  • Learn about zucchini chips
  • Using smoking as a preservation method
  • The secret to making African Biltong – You may never make another piece of jerky after this
  • Pickling for more then just pickles
  • The basics of pressure canning
  • The secret to blanching vegetables for great fresh taste after freezing
  • A few thoughts on country wines
  • A few ideas about root cellars
  • Tips on simple dry storage options

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Episode-25- Devloping Situational Awareness for Modern Survival Living

Situational awareness is critical for modern survival living. Today we cover the concepts of situational awareness in various situations. Tune in today and learn

  • How understanding that “everyone is not a friend” is the first step in being more aware of threats
  • How to apply your awareness during driving a car to everyday life
  • Subtle cues that a situation just “isn’t right”
  • The lesson of the dangerous game hunter and trusting your instincts
  • Why situational awareness also applies to the news and the economy
  • How to plan a response to emergencies in minutes in your head in any public place
  • The importance of thinking about others with you who may not be as aware
  • How to quickly do your own threat assessment in any situation
  • The role of situational awareness in modern survival planning

This is a simple but critical topic, many people walk aimlessly through life, don’t be one of them.

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Episode-24- Equiping the 72 Hour Emergency Kit aka – The Bug Out Bag

On the Survival Podcast today we discuss assembling a 72 hour emergency kit also known as the bug out bag. We will discuss what items to include, how to get the most out of your supplies and more.

Important Note of Correction – In the intro to today’s show I briefly mentioned some current events including the failure of two more banks and a short fall in the Gas Tax due to Americans driving less. On the show I reported the short fall at 14 billion dollars, the actual federal short fall is 5 billion and the 14 billion is what it will collectively cost the states in revenue. I did report these numbers as they were reported on this mornings news on Fox News Dallas, their error became my error. A link to the actual WSJ article is included in the resources section for this podcast.

Today we discuss,

  • The purpose of a 72 Hour Kit – getting to safety not spending three days at home.
  • Ideas for food items that keep you nourished on the go and are easy to obtain
  • The advantages of a “back pack” over a duffel bag
  • Ideas for wet weather and sleeping gear
  • My view of what makes a good survival knife
  • Rechargeable lighting options
  • Making sure you have the ability to purify water
  • The value of maps, a gps and a compass
  • Why a poncho is not a good wet weather gear option
  • Ideas to save space and weight
  • Various “hard gear” equipment options
  • Methods of self defense that won’t be confiscated by authorities during a disaster
  • The value of a simple small tool kit

The list presented in the podcast is by no means complete. If you have ideas and suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

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Resources for this podcast,

On the brief economy intro

On Survival Gear and Options

Episode-23- The Role of Heirloom Vegetables in Survival Planning

Today we discuss heirloom vegetables and their unique role in survival planning. Tune in to today’s show to learn…

  • The danger we face from “Monsantisation” of our food supply
  • How Monsanto has used hybrids and patents to control agriculture across the globe
  • The difference between heirloom seed, hybrid seed and genetically altered seed
  • How you can build better strains of vegetables that are highly adapted to your region, naturally
  • The need to keep proper distances to prevent natural hybridization of your heirloom plants
  • How seed saving creates greater independence and sustainability
  • How to select the best starting stock for your seed requirements
  • The advantage that the home gardener has over the small scale farmer
  • The importance of adding composting to your gardening plan
  • The need for legumes in organic gardening

Remember that this podcast is not a lecture it is a conservation. Comment, suggest topics and let me know what you want to hear next.

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Episode-22- Changing a Childs Life with Gardening

This is a special episode as we go over 10 crops and 10 lessons that we can teach kids with a garden that are priceless beyond words. Tune in today to learn…

  • How Radishes and Greens teach that what we do now matters
  • How to use beans and peas to teach kids how plants “help” each other
  • How Tomatoes, Squash and Peppers can build a community and teach sharing
  • How Potatoes and Carrots teach that what you don’t see matters
  • How Pumpkins teach us to create our own entertainment

With Gardening in General we talk about…

  • How gardening teaches kids that food does not come from a store
  • That the life in a seed applies to the entire world
  • How the earth should be seen as a provider not a “resource”
  • That hard work pays off
  • That you can take care of yourself and others

This is a shorter show then normal but I think it may be one of the best so far. We need to realize that survival preparedness is best done by blending it with life on a day to day basis. To survive we need to also ensure the survival of the next generations.

I would love to hear your stories about what you learned about from gardening with parents or grandparents and what these lessons mean to you. Or what other lessons do you think we learn from gardening. Remember to make suggestion and comment.

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Episode-21- Thoughts on Basic Survival Firearms

I have been getting a lot of questions and suggestions to do a show on guns and the basic assortment of “survival firearms” or home defense firearms. So today I decided to put out a show with some basic thoughts on a initial gun collection. Today we discuss topics such as

  • The most versatile of all weapons – the shotgun
  • The advantages of the 20 gauge, the 12 gauge and how they compare
  • Thoughts on the 30-06 perhaps the perfect round for all around use
  • The tried and true 1911 as a great proven handgun
  • The 38 compact revolver as a great carry gun
  • Choosing the right gun and the concept of renting guns at the range before buying
  • Getting proper training if you haven’t already
  • Individual responsibility with gun ownership and use
  • The difference between a right and a privilege and why lisenceing gun ownership is counter to the Constitution
  • The importance of the NRA and State Rifle Associations
  • Gun ownership as a “civil right”
  • The “core four” of guns – Shotgun, 22 Rifle, Handgun and Centerfire Rifle

I will do more on guns in the future but plan to keep the podcast varied about many subjects. If guns aren’t your thing don’t worry we will have a brand new topic tomorrow.

Episode-20- From Home to Homestead

Today in America despite the mortgage meltdown and other economic problems more people then ever own their own homes. The problem though is we have gone from a nation of Homesteaders to a nation of debt laden home owners, ownership is not even the correct term. Mortgage has turned into long term rental for many. In today’s show we discuss…

  • How to turn your home from a consumer to producer
  • How buying regional can lead to more independence
  • Elimination of debt as part of homesteading
  • The best crops to begin gardening with
  • How growing food can lead to freedom
  • How a mortgage was NOT part of the original homesteading process
  • Making your home provide for you vs. you having to provide for your home
  • How solar and green energy can help you be more independent
  • The salmonella scare and genetically altered plants are yet another reason to “grow your own”
  • How the Internet is helping us all reconnect and inspire each other
  • The “smaller home concept” and even how to adapt it to a large home
  • Tossing a bit of politics in, does the media favor Obama? What do you think?

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Episode-19- Six More Reasons the Economy Faces Trouble

In this edition of The Survival Podcast we cover six things effecting the future of our economy that are not really being talked about. We also officially announced our Listener Appreciation Contest.

Today we discuss six major economic trials coming for the US and the world they include..

  • FAS 157 that take away some of the gray book keeping by US Banks and Insurance companies but still let Freddie Mac hide billions in losses.
  • The combined effect growing illegal immigrants and universal health care will place on an economy already 100 Trillion in the hole. Along with how this is just another attempt to institute a new form of class warfare.
  • The rise of China as a global capitalist force and what it may mean for us long term.
  • The fact that Gas in the US has hit a tipping point that the oil companies have recognized and pushed off additional costs to the airlines in the form of jack up pricing on Jet Aircraft Fuel and how that can only last so long.
  • The coming pull out of many investors and what that means to a market driven by investment.
  • The final nail of our coffin may end up being the return of “common sense economics” by the average American.

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Episode-18- Choosing a Financial Adviser for Survival Money Planning

Today we are going to go over how to find, hire and manage a good financial adviser and make good financial planning part of your survival plan. One of my business mentors told me, “life is like a crap sandwich the more bread you have the less crap you have to eat”, there was wisdom there and I have always remembered it.

Tune in to today’s show to learn

  • Why the best financial advisers won’t take the average person in fact they can’t
  • The word you should use over and over when interviewing and talking to advisers
  • How consumer level financial advisers are actually trained and why you need to know about it
  • My personal view of what diversification means and how it differs from the buy and hold herd
  • Why you must treat your adviser like an employee who works for you
  • How to train your adviser to serve you the way you wish to be served
  • How to show up to your first meeting with an adviser and “cut out the BS” up front
  • What your adviser is responsible for and what you need to take responsibility for
  • Why you may not want to do all of your investing in tax deferred retirement accounts

Remember this show is a discussion not a lecture. Comment, question and make suggestions.