13Skills.com is Live and Two Announcemetns


13Skills.com is Live

After a really awesome job by our programmer David 13Skills.com is now up and live.  This site is designed to help Americans reclaim knowledge and skills.  The idea is to set a goal to gain or improve 13 skills in 2013, hence the 13 in 13 skills challenge.

I originally announced the project here on the blog with this post.  The new site is located at 13skills.com and it is up and ready for you to set up your profile and add skills and goals.  We have to keep spammers out so you will have to be approved by one of our moderators before your profile goes public, please give us a bit of time in getting this done early on.

Also this site is a BETA site meaning we are about to put real world activity on it for the first time.  If there are glitches and bugs please understand that we will work to correct them as soon as possible.  Use the contact page on the site to report them, don’t email me directly.  That way Dorothy and our programmer will both be notified.   In any event if you have been waiting get on over to 13Skills.com and sign up today.


 TSPGear.com Has New Items in Stock

Just a reminder that the new TSP Gear Shop is open for business.  We are still waiting on the PVC Patches and Hats as they have a longer lead time but we are now shipping T-Shirts and stickers.  The new “Every Citizen a Sentinel” shirts are amazing and we have tons of cool stickers, great low cost gifts for the TSP fan in your life.  Check out some of the great gear in this picture from Kelly at the Gear Shop.

Stop by the new Gear Shop and Get Your Official TSP Gear today and hold on to your hats because we have some major awesome products and new designs coming your way very soon.  Including a new version of the old TSP French Press Coffee Mugs with hidden compartment in the base that will blow you away.

Visit the TSP Gear Shop


MSB Lifetime Membership Closing

Last Monday I announced a MSB Life Time Membership opportunity and asked if there would be any interest.  We got a pretty good response and so rolled it out and started accepting lifetime members.

I ran the program for about a week and a half and the response has been just awesome.  We met our funding goals and are closing down the program today.  I don’t know if or when we will run it again.  So I am making the post to announce that the opportunity will close at 12 midnight today.

The cost is to be 300 dollars and will provide you with lifetime membership in the MSB.  No dues ever again. YOU DO NOT have to pay today but you must either request an invoice or how to pay by mail today.  If you pay within 30 days we will set you up, after that we will have to return your money and fully close it down.

There are some things you need to know about this if you want to become a lifetime member.

1.   All of these will have to be manual and PayPal gets their panties a wad over the term “lifetime membership” so if you want to pay with PayPal that is great but we will need to invoice you for it directly, instructions on how to join are below PLEASE follow them.

2.  There will be no discounts on this nor will we be applying prior membership payments to the lifetime membership.  With one exception if your current membership renewed in the last 60 days I will credit it to your lifetime membership if you request it.  Again the cost is 300 dollars one time with no dues or fees ever again.

How to Apply for Lifetime Membership – PLEASE READ FULLY

1.  DO NOT just send money at this time, send me an email at jack @ thesurvivalpodcast.com with “MSB Lifetime” in the subject telling me you want to join and how you prefer to pay.  Follow the format at the end of this blog post when you do.

2.  If you want to pay by PayPal we need your PayPal email address so we can send you an invoice, please note the invoice will call the Membership “Individual Premium Sponsorship of The Survival Podcast”, again PayPal gets in a wad over the term lifetime membership.  Once you pay the invoice we will convert your membership to lifetime status.

3.  If you want to pay by mail you will receive instructions for how to do so in response to your email.

4.  If you are an existing member, we need your MSB Username, for two reasons.  First to set up your membership with your existing account or your own convenience.  Second to make sure we cancel your auto renewal if you pay via PayPal.  I don’t want lifetime members charged for their subscription ever again, that defeats the entire point.

Please use the following format when you email me about the lifetime membership

Subject MSB Lifetime
Existing MSB Member –  Yes or No
MSB Username – if you are a current member
Preferred Payment Method – PayPal or By Mail (Check/Cash/Money Order)
PayPal Email Address – If you want to pay by PayPal

11 Responses to 13Skills.com is Live and Two Announcemetns

  1. Jack,
    One of the last to sign up for Lifetime MSB, one of the first to sign up for “13 in 13”. It’s always about timing. Life is good.

  2. Jack – Site looks awesome. I will be joining soon!

  3. Is there any chance of getting larger t-shirt sizes?
    I’m a big boy and I know I’m not the only on. Who’d I’d have to email on this?

  4. How far off are we from the AK and hoe/shovel patches/stickers? Can’t let those black rifle boys have all the cool gear. 😉

  5. Cranberryrose

    13 in 13-
    Better than a New Years resolution, this is extremely positive and encouraging–just what I needed.

  6. Signed up. I have about 6 skills picked so far. It occurred to me that if one is going to take this seriously one must work on this list weekly. 13 skills is a lot to take on in one year’s time.

  7. I have been over to new site, it looks awesome. I have my skills set up. I also wanted to let you know that I love the new shirts and hat. Will be placing my order soon.


  8. – Signed up for 13.
    – Looked at the stores website and the new stuff looks good. Maybe I can convince my wife to spend some Christmas money there.

  9. I’m impressed the number of people who have signed up already. This came out this morning and 324 already. Great job Jack!

  10. I know us non-US citizens probably only make up a few percent of the audience, but it’d be great if the next TSP shirt design had a ‘global’ message. I love the “Nation full of ants” design, but it looks a little odd walking around wearing a US flag in Australia. Anyway, you’ve gotta serve your market I suppose, but we can dare to dream 🙂