Episode-1359- Why Practical Preparedness Wins the Race

The Winner isn't Always the Fastest!

The Winner isn’t Always the Fastest!

When I first began doing TSP I told the story of The Ant and the Grasshopper many times.  Today I want to remind you of another story, the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.  Like the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper, this story is a well known fable of Aesop.

The basics are the tortoise and hare race, eh hare is obviously favored to win.  He gets cocky, he takes a nap, the tortoise plods along and wins.  Don’t worry I will tell the full story on the air, but that is the basics.

While there is a lesson in not trying to do too much too fast in this story for us, I see a second one.  That being that the flashy “zombie apocalypse preps” can be quite impractical until you actually complete the basics of “the race”.  Where as the practical preps we teach, seem to pay off for our audience members on a daily basis.

While many people want to always focus on trading 22LR for biltong during the Zombie Apocalypse the simple preparedness ethic we once had as Americans in general seems to be what we are most lacking and most in need of.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Some stories by listeners about practical prepping
  • The Aesop fables of the Ant and Grasshopper and The Tortoise and Hare
  • My view of the 16 most overlooked (boring) preps
    • Documentation Kits
    • Insurance
    • Basic Savings
    • Basic Food Storage (very basic)
    • Reading and learning about anything valuable
    • Spending Time Talking to Neighbors and Local Leadership
    • Simply making time for “family time” (turn off the electronics)
    • Learning to be a great cook
    • Basic first aid (conventional and herbal)
    • Planting basic perennials (herbs, berries, a few trees) —-
    • Learning to preserve food (canning, smoking, jerking, dehydrating, etc.)
    • Teaching hard skills to our children
    • The basic black out kit
    • Basic car care, maintenance and repair knowledge
    • Building a small business or being a great investor
    • Networking and staying marketable
  • My thoughts on why this always wins the race

Resources for today’s show…

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19 Responses to Episode-1359- Why Practical Preparedness Wins the Race

  1. You mentioned basic first aid to avoid a trip to the ER. I would also say know where your urgent care’s are and their schedules. My daughter fell out of our trampoline on a Sunday afternoon. While terrifying because she got up and her forearm was bent the wrong way. I got her in the car and knew that the Urgent Care was open for another hour. Got right in, they were able to give us a brace and XRays. Our Urgent Care is the same price as a doctor’s visit on insurance. This saved us a $250 copay at the ER, where she probably would have had longer wait times.

  2. Love the grasshopper & the ant. For many years I was the grasshopper in a family of ants. My parents were raised by depression-era parents & you worked . I look back now at things my parents & grandmothers told me then & I guess it’s true that the older you get the smarter your parents get. Mine sure did. I now tell this story to my kids and I hope they learn faster than I did.

  3. Hey, I’m half way through “Inferno”! (Loved the DaVinci Code too.) I’ve been sitting in front of Google Earth while I read and zooming in on the locations he’s describing, like the Boboli Gardens. Cool stuff.

  4. Hey Jack here are the emergency lights that I bought for my house and for other family members. I’ve had them for six months and they work great. Very inexpensive, $7.50 each on eBay, I made and offer to buy several at that price and the seller agreed. I’m sure there are much better ones but I just wanted to share.


    Emergency Automatic Power Failure Outage Rechargeable 16 LED Light lamp Plug In

  5. DanielBoone

    Kim Kardashian….Please…She is a such lightweight compared to Aggripina the Younger.


    If you want really juicy gossip and shocking scandal put down People Magazine and pick up a history book.

    Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and their ilk are so lame and boring in comparison to so many of lives of many of histories great figures.

  6. Homer Simpson

    Great show! This is why I listen to long explanations of swail depth, I still don’t know what a swail is, just to hear a show like this. Amazing.
    Keep it up!

  7. The day I had to help my boyfriend change a tire was confirmation he wasn’t the right one for me.

  8. For me Crossfit also exemplifies the competition and co-operation ideal. If anybody checks out the crossfit games, you will see each athlete compete their brains out, but you will also see many competitors circle around the athlete(s) who are trying to finish and encouraging them and pushing them to finish.

  9. Jamie that is one thing my boys will not have to worry about. Lol They will know how to change a tire and much more! Heck they watched me field dress a deer last year, I taught them how to filet fish last week, and I’ve been teaching them gun safety and how to shoot. They helped me prepare our raised beds this year and started our plants from seed. They even learned how to care for chicks. By the way they are twin 5 year old boys. I’m not raising any damn china plate or tea cup kids! There are a lot of parents that think My wife and I are crazy for teaching them this stuff and I just shake my head in amazement. If just 25% of parents would teach their children these types of skills and life lessons we would be much better off. Sadly I think only 5% of parents teach their children life skills.

  10. Max we get the same reaction from people because we want our girls to be able to do stuff for themselves. Like John Wayne said ” life is hard & it’s harder if your stupid”
    We teach them how get their hands dirty for what they want & need. A lot of parents today teach how to get a hand out. My generation is failing their children and don’t even realize it.

    • I have that John Wayne quote framed and hung over my computer desk.

      Technically, it should read “ignorant”, because that condition is fixable. Sadly, stupid is forever.

  11. LJH I agree! The ignorant can be taught but you can’t fix stupid.

  12. Good episode as always but I’m confused at the all the options to make a couple of hundred dollars a month or more with a small part time business while holding a full time job. I may not be switched on enough or still brainwashed but I still can’t think of anything besides cutting grass afterwork for a few hours to make extra money…. Admittedly this is my own fault since I don’t think I have any skills I could sell. Just felt disconnected here and I’m probably not the only one scratching my head. figured it would be a great topic for a show.

  13. I have used my jumper cable more for other people’s dead cars than on my own. One time this teen age china plate, asked me for a jump at the drive-in. I told him no problem and grabbed my cables and walked around to the front of the car. I said, “Pop the hood.” He said in reply he didn’t know how and I told him usually there is a lever under the dash board. So he has his cell phone out for a light trying to find it. I hopped back in the truck and grabbed the flashlight from the armrest and showed him where the lever was and how to get the cables hooked up properly.

    I just hope he takes the lesson to heart. It takes so little to be prepared for a lot of circumstances. Great show Jack.

  14. Dave I think you answered your own question. Build some skills that could earn you money. For example I could butcher deer for side income. I’m not a professional butcher but I know how from doing my own deer over the years. There are countless things you could do. Find something that peaks your intrest and master the skill.

  15. I loved this episode. It felt like we’re hanging out in my living room having a chat about life.

  16. Chris DeJoe

    Great show! One of my all time favorites!

  17. Jack another spot on podcast!
    About jumper cables, yup have them. And like SocalM2, I’ve used them more on others than on my vehicles.
    On a recent trip to a drive-in with the family, had 2 people come up an ask if I had jumper cables. Yup, got ’em jumped.

  18. MichiganNimrod

    Playing catch up on the newer shows…. but wanted to take a moment and acknowledge another great show.