Episode-484- 12 Plants for the Fall Garden

Well I am on the road today on my way to Norther Tennessee for some vacation and RV time.  Let’s face it, it is HOT right now, it is 4 days until the dog days of August begin but that actually means fall is bearing down on us all like a freight train.  Only about 40 days from now many of us will be standing in the dove fields with shot guns in hand, kids will be back in school and archers will be scouting for the coming deer season.  The days will shorten, the leaves will turn and summer will become a memory.  The ants will be going made getting prepped for winter and many gardens will “shut down” until next spring.

There is no reason to shut down garden operations in fall, it can be and often is the best time of the year for many crops.  While the peppers may die in the first freeze and even a mild frost will take out the green beans there are a lot of things that can tolerate frost or can be container grown and sheltered at least from the first few frosts.  Add a bit of frost protecting and you can have garden free salad on Thanksgiving day.

Join me today as we discuss my favorite fall crops an how to get them going before the cold air they loves is available.

  • Starting seeds indoors isn’t just for spring
  • My favorite 12 fall garden veggies
    • Lettuce, red, green, speckled and more
    • Spinach
    • Broccoli
    • Cabbage
    • Beets
    • Kale
    • Orach
    • Vegetable Amaranth
    • Carrots
    • Garlic
    • Fava Beans – YUM!
    • Turnips
  • Why even hardy plants need a start in the warm periods
  • The mini green house tricks that cost little money and tiny effort
  • Break out the containers
  • Time for a green house?
  • Spring is a long way off – too long for me

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7 Responses to Episode-484- 12 Plants for the Fall Garden

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. I went ahead and ordered my seeds for fall from High Mowing.

  3. OOh I live in TN. I’ll be looking for RV’s better have you challenge coin cause I’d love a free beer lol

  4. Beets, my mom does something cool with them. She cooks up baby beet greens. Baby beets with the greens still attached. My kids looked at them funny first time they saw them, nor were they in a hurry to try them. They were delicious, and my kids were looking for seconds. I’ll have to try beets this fall and grab her recipe.

  5. Jack, you talked about turnip roots, to the exclusion of the greens! I’ll try cooking up some of the roots like you described…but man, turnip greens are the best!

    Loved the show…thanks for getting my mind pointed in the right direction for the Fall garden! Keep up the great work, but enjoy your vacation while you’re on it. Hopefully, you’re missing some of this Gore we’re having in TX where you are!

  6. Hey Jack,
    I just listened to this show today and I wanted to let you know that I really liked it. The intro you did about why fall gardening is important and how quickly winter is coming despite the dog days of summer was especially good. It reminded me of the Rachel Field poem “Something Told the Wild Geese”.

    I hope your fall garden is great. I’m going to be on the lookout for fish tanks!

  7. Foxy Huntress

    Thanks for the heads up to get my mind re-set for the fall garden. Going to a garlc fest this week-end & will buy some to plant in Sept.
    Jack, you too are a part of my day, if I miss it I play up to three programs while I work in the house doing some of my crafts (soap making & quilts.) Thanks for all you do for us!